Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Fun with the girls

Last week, my husband and all the boys went to Sacramento, CA for a couple of days, where he was a guest preacher at our friend Pastor Jimenez' church

Most all of my husband's family lives in the Greater Sacramento area, so the boys were thrilled to go along and get to hang out with their cousins and other relatives.

The girls were equally thrilled about being home with just Mom, no boys. They do enjoy traveling with Dad, of course, but it was the boys turn this time. Baby Stephen doesn't really count in their mind, because he is younger than they are, too young to stop them from doing girly stuff, plus they love mothering him. 

We had a quiet three days. My oldest kids all help a lot around the house, but even with almost half our family gone, my days were actually easier, in spite of having to do a lot of chores I am no longer used to doing (such as taking care of chickens, hauling out trash, etc.). 

That gave me extra time to do things with the girls we don't normally have time for. The first thing they wanted to do, of course, was to play "beauty salon." I painted all their finger and toe nails and then curled their hair. They loved it! In fact, early the next morning, Becky snuck out of bed silently and put her hair in curlers by the time I got up. 

 Anna - if you can believe it, her behavior is every bit as angelic as she looks. In this particular picture, she reminds me of my husband's mom.

Becky - this little girl could be my exact clone! She looks and acts just like I did at her age. It's like I am raising myself.

 Miriam - I cannot get over how quickly she is growing into a young lady! She has my color hair and complexion, but is her Dad's spitting image in all other aspects, including his big brown eyes.

The next day, we spent some time planning meals to make for after the baby comes, and then precooking and freezing some of them. With the guys gone, I was making quick, simple foods for the girls and myself at every meal, which gave me extra time to prepare some freezer meals.

Peanut butter, bananas, and raisins on toast - gotta love Pinterest!!!

I can't remember the other fun things we did during those days, and since I didn't take more photos, I don't even have those to bail out my pregnant brain. But I do remember that we had a great time together! :)


  1. Oh look at those curls! My daughters all inherited silk straight hair from their dad, although I'm secretly holding out hope for Emily, at 4 months, she's not got hair to speak of! Naturally it's two of my boys that inherited the to-die-for curls from my side, and all 4 boys have the longest eyelashes you've ever seen, while only 2 of the girls got them. Genetics are so funny!

  2. I know what it's like, to have a few days without the boys and just sit around, do girly stuff, have minor spa days, watch girly movies.
    I hope your pregnancy is going... well, as well as possible. We're hoping for you to encounter a safe delivery, really.
    Do you mind if I send a message here to one of your stalkers who won't shut up about you ever since the tragedy happened, and she is splashing around in your tears, and she's still always the one whom I see commenting on topics on your family. I mean it, and I need it.
    Hey you. You have told us you like drinking, which, you obviously practice on a more than regular basis; you're now proudly single forever, you consider yourself old, which, you are, and you have no social life whatsoever so you just hang around on the worst forums literally all day, everyday. You enjoy licking off people's tears, so do some people when it comes to you. You have a petty life, and you have no intentions to change it for the better, or change yourself for the better. Karma has once bitten you, what makes you think it won't happen again? Because it will. Because if you call what had happened to this family, the karma, I would not be in your stead when YOURs is coming for that booty again!
    Thx for letting me do this. She'll be reading it. And you, Zsuzsanna, just stay strong, hold on, enjoy every moment of your life so the challenges, as the good days. Many hugs. We cannot wait to see the littlest Anderson!

  3. So cute! We only have 1 girl so far and 4 boys but are expecting another little one in September =). Miriam does look just like your husband! My daughter looks like my husband too =). Glad you had a good time =). I am just wondering if you guys are planning to get a passenger van with the newest addition? We are going to but the 8th seat for our Honda Odyssey with number 6 on the way =)

    1. I wish I could be your face book friend. I can't have face book cause it causes problems for my marriage. I was thinking we could be pin pals

  4. I want to say thank you for sending me out the song books and we love the CDs also. After hearing the one on fags we loved that it was good preaching. I didn't realize intell after we sent off your package that it was wraped in rainbow oopps!! I just liked the paper hope you didn't think it was from some fag and throw it away. Sorry the stupor card I also saw that it was a dumb bible scrip on the front probly niv or something oops we are a KJV only family I do have to say those piano books are awasome my son and I are loving them. My husband loved the virtuous woman cd hahaha it is because I have some work to do to be more like God wants. I needed to hear that one. I need a cd for my husband to be a better leader now hahaha!!!

    1. Thank you SOOO much for your package!!! The kids absolutely loved seeing all the goodies. We have been using them as a sort of "treasure trove" where they each get to pick one thing as a reward on days when they do all their chores and school work. The little outfits for the new baby are simply adorable! :) Miriam was especially excited about those because she has it in her head that she will be the one in charge of dressing him every time, and she loves having cute outfits to pick from.

      Your comment about the rainbow paper and card made me laugh - I didn't notice either! :) It's about time we take the rainbow back - after all, it's originally God's sign of promise.

      I wanted to send you all a thank you card, but the package did not contain your address. I have looked high and low through the piano book orders, and there is not one there that matches your name, so I can't get your address or email address that way, either. Maybe you mailed a check instead? I haven't looked at the check images on the banking statements yet, but will do so next.

      In the meantime, THANK YOU again for being so kind and thoughtful. Many blessings to you and your family!

    2. P.s. I hope everything goes well with your new baby!

  5. The curls are so cute ! They grow up so fast.

    1. Your SOOO very welcome I'm happy kids are enjoying The little toys. We pray for your new arrival that all goes well. Can't wait to see some pictures of new little baby :) you have a very handsome family.


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