Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Recent happenings

We have been busy celebrating two birthdays in February (more on those in separate posts), as well as Stephen's one-and-a-half birthday in January. 18 months is the only half-birthday we celebrate with a special cake/cupcake, and even then only when I remember.

  I just adore his eyelashes - they are very long and curved


 Stephen really looks like my oldest brother in this one

The kids are all growing much too fast. It's hard to believe we will have a TEEN in our house this fall, when Solomon turns 13.

Isaac has had a particularly bad year with allergies this year because we have had no rain in months. I think Becky, too, may be suffering from the same, as she was our only other child coughing.Thankfully, we are slowly coming out of that time of the year, and the kids are over the night-time coughing.
We have been plugging away at school work, hoping to finish up by late April, but I don't think that's going to happen at this rate.With the weather so nice, and me feeling better, we have also made time for field trips and special outings just about every single week.

Paint-your-own pottery

 Lunch after going to the Arizona Science Center

 At a birthday party at McCormick Stillman Railroad Park

The little girls have been too busy playing hair salon and having tea parties to get much of their "school work" done.  Isaac is really good about helping them with brewing up the tea, and carefully washing and packing up their dishes when the party is over. He also enjoys having an "excuse" to whip up a batch of cookies for them (and of course, the rest of the kids including himself). I worry that they may never learn calculus, but I guess at least they will be good at fixing hair and having parties? JUST KIDDING! They are just enjoying being little and being able to learn through play.

Church is always exciting, but especially so recently. We have had a lot of out-of-town visitors, as well as new families joining our church. It is always wonderful to get to meet some of the many people who listen online, face to face. This time of year, they typically hail from cold places such as New England and Canada - hm, I wonder why? Maybe it's the wonderful weather we are currently enjoying? :)

This kids argue over who gets to sit next to this little dude each time

We broke our attendance records two Sunday mornings in a row in the last couple of weeks. Which means that just as the service dismisses, I ring a really loud, brass ship bell at the back of the auditorium, which is the signal to everyone that we have broken a new record, and there will be ice-cream for all after the service.
 I know you're wondering - no, I did not do the artwork! (bwahaha!)

As you may guess, this whole idea was my brain child. We started it about two years ago, and it's been fun. We keep the freezer stocked with ice cream at all times, to be prepared when it happens. One of the  upticks of being the pastor's wife: since I'm the one doing the shopping, we skip the gallon tubs on non-dairy nastiness known as Wal-Mart ice-cream so commonly used at large gatherings, and only serve the good stuff.

What are you doing this time of year to overcome the midyear homeschool slump?


  1. There are a TON of us Canadians down there in AZ (and other southern US states like Florida), so you probably run into a fair amount just being in town! Around home they're referred to as "snowbirds"!

  2. Wow, you've been busy. Your children are so precious. What a blessing! I'm so happy for your church's attendance record! The ice cream social is a wonderful idea. I continue lifting you and yours in prayer daily. Tiffany F

  3. Yay for the record breaking attendance! The kids say they want to go help you break another record, so they can have ice cream. A bit of a drive for ice cream, but sounds fun to me. If only I can think of a reason we need to go to the Phoenix area....:-)

  4. My husband and I dream of visiting your church it sounds exceeding tempting, as of this moment it is -20 here in central Michigan. Brrrr "0_O"


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