Tuesday, October 1, 2013


One of my husband's Facebook friends (he has thousands) posted the following to his wall today:

Hey brother Steven Anderson I had a CEU class (Continuing Education Unit) class yesterday for my job ( as a police officer). We had yearly training and we were in a class discussing the 4th amendment & search and seizure. The instructor showed various videos of traffic stops, which are considered temporary seizures, and some clips of your videos showed up numerous times. We had about 15 officers/deputies in the class that day.

The instructor just let the officers & deputies watch the montage of videos of various people refusing to show their licenses "papers" and then afterwards asked them their opinions as to whether they were right or wrong. About a third were visibly aggravated that some dared question an officer's authority and except for me I was the only one to answer that what they did was perfectly legal.

The instructor confirmed my answer and some of the guys were shocked. Don't be weary in well doing! That instructor is using clips from your traffic stops teaching law enforcement officers about the 4th amendment. Who would have ever thought that would have resulted from your videos? 

Well look at that! - While various lame preachers and Christians attack my husband for standing up for our constitutional rights, claiming as God's people we need to collectively roll over dead and let an abusive government trample our hard-won freedoms, the police themselves agree that his actions are perfectly within the law. 


  1. Please help me understand a little better. What you are saying, and what this commenter are saying, is that you do not have to show your license when pulled over for a traffic stop and violation? I have never heard of this before and am interested in exactly how that is legal.

    1. No, I am not saying that anywhere in this post, at all.

      During legitimate traffic stops (such as for a moving violation), one must produce a license, registration, and proof of insurance.

      However, not all stops are legitimate or legal. Every clip of my husband refusing to answer questions such as "Where are you coming from?" "Where are you going?" "Where do you work?" etc. stems from such illegal stops. For example, a lunatic highway patrol officer pulled him over in Texas once, to randomly check if he was hauling anhydrous ammonia in his rented sedan, and on his way to blowing something up (a la official OKC story).

      What we are saying, is: beware the badge. Most likely, it's just a guy on a power trip who has forgotten that he is a public SERVANT, not a slave master or parent.

    2. I think you need to read Article III, Section 2 of the US Constitution and see what type of authority the US Supreme Court has, and then look up what they have ruled about how far from the border the US Border Patrol can set up a check point, and what they can ask and do. Then read Romans 13 and see how a Christian should act toward the authorities when they are not in direct conflict with the Bible.

  2. Ha! Those people criticizing your husband for standing up for himself are probably the rich, sheltered "I hate all illegal immigrants" type that voted for Bush twice. I know plenty of people like that here in Texas!

  3. If you've nothing to hide, why not just cooperate??

  4. Thank you for clarifying that. I was legitimately confused and appreciate the explanation.

  5. Ok, I think you answered my question (I sent the last 2 anon comments) with this reply. Thanks. You do not have to publish my other comments, or this one. I was not sure what was legal and what was not. Thanks.

  6. Quoting anonymous "If you have nothing to hide why not just cooperate?" Oh boy...do we really need to explain this? really? The fact that it is possible for Americans to even think like that is why we are where we are today. And the publicly educated (brainwashed) masses will continue to "cooperate" us right out of our God-given rights and freedom (what little remains anyway).

  7. This is not a comment for this post, but it reminded me of your lovely blog readers that are in denial about daycare and prefer to "think happy thoughts" about their own childcare center. How can anyone argue with what is involved in this video? It involves an infant, who is not capable of communicating the abuse. Parents never knew. Crime committed by a woman! The only reason she got caught was because the police were checking up on her boyfriend (who is a sex offender). Police confiscated a laptop from the residence, and found HER on there engaging in sexual conduct with an infant at the daycare she worked at. How can anyone say they "know" their child is safe after seeing this? I know you have previously posted about this topic, exposing it well, so I don't mean to beat a dead horse. But there are some key elements that "prove" the case.. like the age of child who is not old enough to communicate or give much clues about the abuse, it was committed by a woman (women are less suspected of sexual deviance), and we're talking about sexual abuse here! ...not just the indifferent, negligent daycare worker that has been discussed before among your readers. This woman got away with this- parents clueless until cops got lucky stumbling upon the evidence while checking up on the boyfriend (maybe divine intervention). Anyway, I don't like thinking about this evil, but I stumbled across it, and it reminded me of your posts. It is impossible to be sure. People just refuse to accept that they are playing daycare roulette with their kid.

  8. I enjoy your blog. Keep up the good work.


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