Monday, October 21, 2013

Some exciting changes

A couple of months ago, my husband made the decision to go full-time as pastor, and dissolve his very successful fire alarm business. As a result, he stopped traveling for business, something he had been doing every week for years. 

Initially, I was a bit apprehensive of such a major change, for a number of reasons. One of these was that I am very much a creature of habit, and had developed a fine-tuned routine to get all my work done each day. With my husband being home more, I figured there would need to be some major changes necessary to my schedule.

Home to eat with the family three times a day now

As it turns out, my husband being home every single night (as opposed to only four nights or sometimes even less per week), as well as being flexible with his working hours during the day, has only been an improvement to my quality of life. In fact, I have become so spoiled, I don't think I could ever go back to him being gone for days on end again. 

Homemade, naturally fermented root beer - one of the culinary experiments I have had time to learn how to make during my quiet daytime hours

For one, he takes the kids to many of their extracurricular activities each week. One of my favorite times is when he takes all 7 to the park on Tuesdays for P.E. The oldest five participate in a homeschool group that works out with a "real" coach, while the youngest two play at the playground. Even when his schedule is swamped, my husband can keep an eye on them while making phone calls and working on his laptop. This gives me a good 2 hours at home, all alone. Even though I typically spend the whole time getting caught up or ahead on chores, it is still a wonderfully refreshing time of not being interrupted, or having little kids undo my work behind my back while I am working in another part of the house. 

Also, since a large part of my husband's work is done on his computer, he can work on those things at the hours most convenient for me, which typically is during nap time. That way, I can leave the little kids home napping, while the older ones do school work, and I can go out shopping or on errands by myself, or with just one child along for some special one-on-one attention. Other times, he will go to his office at church with all the big kids. They do their school work there independently, and I have a quiet house because the only kids left at home are the ones that are napping.

Not to mention the countless little benefits, like having someone lug 5-gallon water bottles onto the cooler, open stubborn jar lids, squash bugs, and help diaper blow-outs while I am in the shower (our kids have impeccable timing like that). 

 My first quilting project - a small pillow for Becky

But one of the most exciting improvements of all has been that I have been able to attend several craft classes at Jo-Ann's recently. With my husband's erratic schedule, this has never been an option before. So far, I have taken a class on quilting, and am currently attending one on cake decorating. (It was a bit of a challenge at first coming up with alternative ingredients to the toxic Wilton ones required for the class.)

These are from the very first class of the most basic course they offer, so I am by no means a master cake decorator yet by a long shot

These classes have been so much fun! I typically go in the evenings, so by the time I get home, the house is picked up, the kids have had dinner, are bathed and ready for bed, with teeth brushed, the dinner dishes are done, and story time is in full swing. If that sounds like a dream come true - well, it is! :)

I don't expect my husband to do any of these things, as they are my responsibilities and not his, but I am very grateful that he has chosen to make this possible for me. Ladies, if you want your husband to help you more, be appreciative and genuinely thankful for what he does, little though it may be. In time, he may feel inspired to do more. Nagging and guilting on the other hand, will have the opposite effect. Just a little tip :)

Well, I could go on. Please excuse me as I sew a couple more squares for a quilt I am working on before heading to bed.

What is YOUR favorite thing to do in your spare time?


  1. Haha, I LOVE your bearded man cupcake! Glad that you are enjoying having your husband home more - what a blessing that must be!

    My husband's work schedule varies from week to week, so I don't often get out by myself. However, on the odd time that I am by myself (if he is working very late) I may listen to a sermon, craft or........catch up on chores!

    P.S We received our DVD's on Friday last week and we are ENJOYING them so much, and are learning lots too! :)

  2. What do you do for money now?

  3. I have watched many of your husband's sermons and especially liked the one on hard work and how men were made work every day. I've always admired pastors who have work outside of their ministry. I am surprised that Pastor Anderson has given up his business! What does he do to keep busy now? I guess I've never really understood what pastors do outside of writing and delivering sermons.

    1. This comment has us LOLing - and I know you were not trying to be snarky. I will answer it in a separate post, "What does a pastor do all day?"

    2. You'd be surprised at all the duties and responsibilities a pastor has. My friend's husband just retired as a Lutheran pastor. I have a cousin who's a Baptist minister, a cousin whose husband is a Lutheran pastor, and a cousin who's a Catholic priest. Believe me, they do more than write and deliver sermons. But Zsuzsanna will fill you in.

    3. Can't wait to read it!

  4. I am so happy for you! That is great for the church to have him full time and your family, what a blessing! I appreciate your comments about all he does as being 'extra' and how you appreciate it. For almost a year my husband has been working 4-5 days out of town and then when he is home doing massive reports and paperwork so I am constantly trying to fight the voice saying, "Where is my helper?" lol but I know that is the Holy Spirit only and my children as they get older do more and more. It is a much happier life when I don't expect anything and am grateful when he does help with the chores, spends time with us, and even goes soul winning with us when he could keep working. Next year he might work from home so it's nice to get a glimpse of what that might look like since I have a little fear it means I will never get anything done :) The cookies and quilt look great!

  5. Happy for you at being able to take some fun classes. The quilted pillow looks very nice. I've thought about quilting, I have 2 quilts that my mother didn't finish before she died that I'd like to finish.

    Everyone will need those PE classes with all those good looking baked goods you're making!

  6. Yay!! So glad you like the cake class. SOOO much fun! ;) What a great blessing to have your husband around! I too enjoy that luxury! It is so nice to run out during nap time! Also, Chad takes all kiddos to piano lessons most of time and I have two whole hours, too!!! It is WONDERFUL!!! Hahaha! Liked your new post, too. Anyone who hears Pastor A preaching knows that he spends LARGE amounts of time working! You guys are blessed. Email me sometime!!!


  7. Oh...well, that explains! I just commented on your post from today, saying that I did not know that Pastor Anderson went full time. I thought I missed something :) Then I scrolled down to read this. this is WONDERFUL!

  8. There was a possibility that my husband's schedule was going to change (to a more "normal people" schedule M-F 9-5) Currently he is off 7 out of 14 days (not in a row. He works 2 off 3 off 3). I enjoy having him home so don't think I didn't say a few prayers that it would remain as it was (thankfully those prayers were answered with a resounding "No Problem!"). He gets to spend time with our kids when he is home (versus just saying good night after seeing them for a whole 15 minutes). He was on a "normal people" schedule when I had my son. His schedule had changed by the time I had my daughter. He commented one time about how much stuff with my son he had missed because he was at work so much. So I know he enjoys being at home more too. Our kids enjoy having him home as well.

  9. Just a bit curious as to why your husband would be at home during the day as a full time pastor? Does your church building not have an office for him to work out of and take calls? My father was a full time pastor for over 30 years and was not home during the day (and many nights when he was calling on the sick and dying).

  10. Knowing what it says in Romans 13:1-5 about respect for authority, why is your husband wearing that t-shirt?

  11. Wow Zsuzsa, congratulations, this is so cool. Your husband truly understands how to rightly set priorities. And to Anonymous at 4:08 PM: Have you ever heard about the term "home office"? This has become pretty popular in the modern world with the arrival of cell phones and laptops, Indeed many people in the corporate world practice this, too. It definitely helps with the work/life balance.


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