Saturday, October 19, 2013

Solomon's 12th Birthday

Seeing as it is Becky's birthday tomorrow, I think it is high time to put up the pictures from Solomon's birthday last month. He turned 12 at the end of September.
As is usual on birthdays around here, the excited kids were all up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed shortly after 5 a.m. FIVE A.M.!!! In the future, I am seriously considering opening birthday gifts the night before their big day, just as we do for Christmas. It might afford us all more sleep.
Isaac picked up this gift for Solomon on a recent field trip to a new attraction in our area, "Butterfly Wonderland"
 It is a wind-up butterfly that really flies. Very cool!
Becky with her gift for big brother
 She gave him her favorite bear!
I once read somewhere, "When a child gives you something, always take and be thankful. It was the best they could give, and they chose to give it to you." This is so true. Often, when the little kids surprise one of us parents or their older siblings with a "gift," it would be easy to dismiss it as childish, worthless junk. But in truth, little children don't have the money or resources to buy or make expensive and elaborate gifts. The little love note and picture, their favorite toy gift-wrapped in an old blanket, or a pretty rock they found truly are the treasures that money can never buy.
We didn't do a big party this year, but rather just had cake after the evening service in honor of his birthday, plus Dad and the three oldest boys went on a day of "man hiking" 2 hours up north. It had actually snowed a lot there the night before, and temps were in the 20s, so their plans for what trail to take changed when they realized they were not equipped for snow and cold. It was still about 100 degrees every day down here at that time. The weather in Arizona is so crazy and diverse! The guys had a blast and all came home alive and in one piece, which is pretty much all I hope for when the boys go off playing like that.
My nickname for Solomon is "Big Boy," though sometimes I call him "Baby" and he still answers to that, too. He will often come up and put his arm around me or squeeze me "as much as he loves me." I still have an inch or two on him height-wise, and can beat him at arm wrestling, but I can tell it won't last much longer.
Solomon is truly growing into a wonderful young man. He is responsible, smart, resourceful, affectionate, considerate, and mature for his age. He loves church and preaching, reads his Bible every morning, and just generally far exceeds both my husband or myself when we were his age. God takes our feeble efforts, and by His grace uses them to send our children out as mighty arrows one day, far beyond our human capabilities. It is very bittersweet seeing my little baby grow up into an adult little by little. I still so vividly remember holding him for the first time, I can almost feel it. I remember when he was a little newborn, and I would just stare a him in amazement as he would be asleep on my bed, atop a little quilt I made for him while I was pregnant. He still has the quilt, but has long outgrown it!
Having children has been one of God's greatest blessings, second only to eternal life, and a godly husband.


  1. Beautiful post Zsuzanna! Children definitely are a blessing and they grow so fast. Happy Belated Birthday to Solomon and Happy Birthday to Becky :)

  2. Happy Birthday to Solomon, and congrats to you and Pastor Anderson on raising such a great young man!

    1. Thank you! :) We give all the glory to God.

  3. You know what I found weird? You never wrote again about the "IVF Monster". You referred to her as being an "infertile" woman and then never took up on the opportunity to prove your point when she did indeed get pregnant naturally. Can it be that this is the first person that actually intimidated you? Sorry but that tickles me pink. Just saying it like it is.

    1. Why would a nut job in South Africa intimidate me???? The fact that she got pregnant naturally proves my case that she was never infertile to begin with, but had rather messed up her body through years of hormonal birth control, and then starting fertility treatments after just months of trying to conceive.

      No, I don't have time to follow every freak of nature the world over for the rest of their lives, and blog about them. Sheesh! I don't even have time to blog about my own family as much as I would like to.

  4. Thank you, Zsuzsanna for your and your husband's devotion to God in every area of life and your willingness to share with all of us! Pastor Anderson's sermons and your blogs have been a huge inspiration to my whole family. (There are many days our 5 year old just wants to listen to sermon after sermon. Her favorite one is "Jesus Christ As Man")
    We live on the east coast right now but we all hope of being able to attend some of your husband's sermons and get to meet your wonderful family one day.

    1. Thank you. We'd love to meet you all some day! :)


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