Friday, October 11, 2013

Family Additions

Back in July, the kids cared for a stray cat for a couple of days. I think she must have gotten scared during one of the monsoon storms, and couldn't find her way back home. She was very sweet and playful, so it was a nice glimpse into having a cat.

 Solomon holding the stray

So naturally, after she left again, the kids were sad, and really hoping to get a kitten of their own. We found a really nice one through Craigslist (free - can't beat that!). She was only six weeks old when we got her, and already litter trained. The kids named her "Ninja" because she is blackish-grey, an astounding climber, and good at hiding.

All the kids love Ninja, but Becky is downright crazy about her. For the first several days that we had her, she was in a state whenever she was not able to hold her. Her little mind could focus on nothing but the kitty. She is still all over the poor animal, treating it like it's her human baby, but at least she can function and live her life, rather than just obsessing over a cat every waking moment. 

She is going to be a crazy old cat lady some day.

 At night, Ninja likes to sleep in Isaac's bed the best, though she also often sleeps in the girls' room. 

All set for nap time with her dolly and the kitten

Getting a cat has been a very fun and easy addition to our family.


Also several months ago, there was a bird that fell out of its nest in our backyard palm tree. I think it was just on the verge of learning to fly, but not quite there yet. Solomon took it in and kept it in the boys' room for several days before telling me about it, by which time he had already "taught" the bird how to fly in our school room (which is a fairly long room). He had named it Carmel and wanted to keep it, but I told him a wild bird would never be happy in captivity, and that he should set it free. 

Somewhat reluctantly and sad, he agreed, and let Carmel go in the same part of the yard where he had found her, which happens to be right by our chicken run. Lo and behold, while the bird was happy to be able to fly around, and often goes on long excursions, it has continued to live in the trees in our yard. Whenever we feed the chickens, it flies down and shares in their meal. So even though Carmel is "free as a bird," Solomon still gets to see her. Carmel is a bit shy, but will even let him hold her for a bit. 

That's it for animal additions for now! Thankfully, with the weather cooling down, we should soon be done with my least favorite of all critters for the season - scorpions! This year has been particularly bad for them. Hopefully, having a cat will help deter them in the future.


  1. Aww! so sweet! Cats are wonderful for rodents and even spiders! What do the dogs think of their new "sister"?

  2. Congratulations on your kitten adoption. I'll count myself as a crazy cat lady but rest assured I take no offense and wear it as a badge of honor.

  3. Oh, I thought this was a "people" announcement! You tease us so.

  4. What a beautiful pussy cat! I love grey kitties! :)

  5. Ninja is very cute. Kittens are so much fun. We currently have two 11 week old kittens terrorizing our house. What one doesn't discover the other one does. They are into everything. Is Ninja's collar a break away collar made for cats? We had a very bad experience with one of our cats growing up when her collar got caught on a fence.

  6. Best blog-post ever. Congratulations on your cat, she is lovely and obviously a good fit for your family.

  7. Gorgeous kitty!! I can't imagine being without my two cats.


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