Monday, September 2, 2013

Camping Trip

Our church had its annual camping trip a couple of weeks ago. We went to a new camp site this year, Crook Campground on the Mogollon Rim, near Woods Canyon Lake. It was gorgeous! We had discovered this camp site during a family hiking trip in May.

Arizona is a beautiful state, filled with countless canyons and impressive geological formations, the most famous of which is of course the Grand Canyon. These places are not amusement parks, but I think many visitors lack the necessary respect, as evidenced by their lighthearted insistence on walking right up to the steep drop-offs. In fact, one person died less than one mile from our camp by falling over the edge of the Rim the Saturday that our church was camping up there.

We had brought our bikes on the trip, because there were paved paths everywhere up on the rim top, including one right along the rim's edge. Of course, I would not let the kids go anywhere near that one. The trail has some twists and turns, which could easily be missed, in which case one would go flying over the rim. 

Day 1

 First day: yellow

 We rented a big trailer so we could bring kayaks and bikes. I am so thankful we got the dealer to throw in the tow package when we bought our van. It can haul up to 8,700 lbs with the factory hitch. Even gaining almost 6,000 ft elevation in less than 2 hours, thanks to the V8 engine, we didn't even feel like we were towing anything. I cannot recommend this van enough!!

 Stephen with his buddy, a sweet lady from our church who helped me cook and care for the whole family during our trip. 

 Thanks to the bright colors, I was able to spot these monkeys right away.

 Stephen in the seat, Becky and Anna in the trailer. Not sure why I had the rain cover down for the picture :(

 Stephen really liked this little doggie, and wanted to catch it. 

 Becky took care of dinner that night - yum!

 As you can tell by the dirt on her face, her little sidekick Anna helped, too.

Day 2

Morning preaching service

 Color of the day: neon green. In spite of searching several stores, I was not able to find a shirt for Stephen in a matching color

 We spent much of the day at the lake, kayaking

Day 3

Color of the day: orange

We spent the day at the lake again, but it was raining quite a bit, so I didn't get any pictures. In the afternoon, we packed up, and headed home. It was 55 degrees and rainy where we left, and 115 degrees when we arrived home two hours later, at 8 pm!!

Large family tip: we will be using the matching shirts for field trips all year. Makes keeping track of them so much easier!


  1. Looks like a lot of fun. Stephen looks so big walking around!

  2. What a fun camping trip. The bright matching shirts are a great idea. I got spoiled with my son as he had red hair and was so easy to pick out of a crowd. My daughter on the other hand, had brown hair the exact color of every little girl it seemed. I learned to dress her in bright colors when we went some where with lots of kids.


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