Monday, August 26, 2013

'Twas the Day before Homeschool

... and all through the house... Mom has lots of lose ends to tie up!

Today, listed here in no particular order, I have the following goals on my to-do-list:

- pickle 20 lbs of cukes in a crock. This will be my third attempt. The first two failed due to my lack of knowledge and our tricky climate. Wish me good success!

- finish and print everyone's schedules, as well as the lesson plans for the next two weeks.

- receive this month's Azure delivery.

- cut the boys' hair.

- proofread an 18,000-word translation I have been working on in my spare time (hahaha!) for the last 10 days, and send it in. Whew!!!

- buy supplies and decorations for a wedding at our church this Saturday, as well as run a couple of other necessary errands for this week.

- bake bread

- plus the usual: cooking, laundry, etc.

That's just for today. So much more to do this week, as usual. I am thankful for my job as wife and mother, that never allows for a single moment of boredom. Thankful also for the ability to work, and most of all of course for people to care for.


  1. I have to ask you where you get your energy. Have you always been super energetic or did it change when you switched to organic foods? I can't imagine accomplishing all that you do in one day without completely collapsing by 7 pm.

  2. Wow. That's inspiring to read!!

    Please be sure to let us know how the pickles go!! :)




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