Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Things that make me happy

A "family-integrated" church is one where children and babies are encouraged and welcome to stay with their family during the services, rather than be whisked off to a nursery or special children's program.

Our church would fit that label, though we don't really use it to refer to ourselves as that. To us, it's just the way things are, no label needed. 

The older kids love taking care of Stephen during the service so much, they keep close tabs on whose turn it is next. Which of course also helps me out tremendously, as Stephen is at that active age where he wants to be all over the place, and eventually has to be taken to the parent/baby room every time.

Stephen just of late has discovered his love of "singing" along with everyone else, which is really cute. So while it lasts, it is very fun to have him sit with us and sing along. His attention span will grow as he ages. In my experience, babies up until about 9 months are very easy to keep in the service. From then on up until about 2 years they are a challenge, but beyond that are old enough to get the concept of sitting still and listening. And more importantly, learning.

Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings hast thou ordained strength because of thine enemies, that thou mightest still the enemy and the avenger. - Psalm 8:2


  1. We do not have a church like that available where I live, but lately have been wanting to keep my 2 year old (just turned) with me in service. She doesn't like nursery anyway and I don't blame her. I'd rather her listen to the preacher and glean what she gleans and discuss it after service. You are right about the age thing, something has changed in the past month or so and she is able to sit through the service much easier. This Sunday she sat through the entire service except for one time I had to take her out to correct her. It was a service over 1.5 hrs so I was stoked. I have to keep telling myself some things are just a phase. Phew. She's my first so I'm hoping I don't forget that the next time around! :)

  2. Beautiful pics, beautiful kidlets! They do so well in church!

    I am teaching our little ones to sit in church, and it has just been in the last three or so months that it has started to get easier with the now-18mo.

    Two great books on the subject of keeping families whole (together) during worship: "Family-Driven Faith" by Voddie Baucham and "A Weed in the Church" by Scott Brown.


  3. Yes, a church that makes kids feel welcome in the service, makes me happy too! Though we are finding out that this sadly is a rarity. We love to keep all our kids in the service with us now and I LOVE it!

    Little Stephen is adorable! :)

  4. We tried this recently and it went great for about a month many people complimented us on how quiet and well behaved the kids were. Many said they didn't even notice the boys. The pastor approached us and told us if we didn't put the kids in nursery etc we could not sit in auditorium. What a shocker....now we have no choice

    1. Actually Anonymous, you DO have a choice. Don't let a pastor bully you into thinking that you need to dump your child in a nursery or Sunday Sccool. Take a stand (and deal with the consequences, whatever that might be) or find another church. This happened to us...and we found a new church that allowed children in the services...and actually, the church we found was amazing and far more family friendly than the one we left. If a pastor cannot preach over a fussing child, HE is the one with the problem, not you. Someone equated kicking children out of church to a shepherd who knocks the baby lambs away as the parents enter the sheepfold. You just DON'T do that and sadly, many churches do that when forcing parents to place their children in the "daycare" while church is happening. It isn't easy, but is a choice that is well worth the trouble. :)

      ZsuZsu, I LOVE the pictures of your children sitting together. It warms my heart to see that. My children sit well (Except for my 16 mo. old...he hasn't quite mastered the art of sitting still for longer than 2 minutes. LOL!) Always a work in progress...children are such a blessing and when they finally sit well in church, it is SO rewarding. :)

  5. Anonymous, you DO have a choice. I would not attend a church that did not welcome my children to sit in the service. You said your children were quiet and well behaved. There is no excuse for your pastor to give you that ultimatum. I wish you the best.


  6. Anon ~ How awful that you pastor said that to you! I would sit there anyway - kids and all! No one can "force" you to leave your children in the nursery against your will, you are the parents.


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