Monday, August 12, 2013

Look who's walking

Stephen started taking a few steps here and there right around his first birthday last month, but has recently moved on to toddling across the room. Which I happen to think is just about the cutest thing ever! :)

Have a great week everyone! 


  1. Perhaps your husband should talk less about the delights of children, and actually watch his namesake take his first steps.

    1. Seriously, I don't even know where to start.

      1. This was not his first step. As it so happens, Stephen did happen to take his first step when we were both looking on one day, but that is incredibly unlikely to happen. SO WHAT???

      2. How do you know where Dad was when junior took his first step? It is clear from my wording above that this is a new development, not a one-time occurrence. He has been walking across the room all week before I filmed this yesterday.

      3. You said "first steps" - are you suggesting my husband take days off work just to be able to observe all those "steps?" Do you live off welfare, or have a government job? Because normal mortals have something called JOBS to pay what is known as BILLS.

      4. Does missing the first step make someone a bad dad? How is that compatible with normal life? "Hey, honey, come home from work real quick, I think junior is about to sneeze/yawn/smile/coo/roll/sit/crawl/walk/talk for the first time.

      5. Let's assume that my husband is a complete, selfish jerk who hates our kids, as you seem to think. What would be the point in telling me so? Wouldn't ignorance be bliss if such is the case? Never mind that he loves both me and the children so much that he is willing to provide, protect, and serve all of us 100% without any handouts, and hopes we can have many more - as we know all selfish people do who hate their own.

      Comments like this from people like you make me want to shut my blog down. Could there have been anything more friendly and benign about today's post?????!!!!???? I pity whoever had the misfortune of getting married to you.

  2. Okay-in spite of the anonymous comment...I will comment. YES...the video of your baby toddling off to another phase of his life is PRECIOUS. Crazy about people that actually take the time to be bold in their rudeness.

    I love to visit. I love seeing a young family that loves the Lord, loves eachother, and celebrates life. I enjoy my visits as I am allowed to look back to when my babies were small and smile.

    I would understand if you opt out, but would miss my visits here and the lovely window to a family that is an example of love.

    May you never forget that I am not a due diligent commenter but I am an absolute regular.


  3. Wow! Anonymous, you need the Lord. Why are you so angry?

  4. Wait...isn't he still a newborn?!?!? Wow...time sure flies. He is So cute. You are definitely blessed! :):)

  5. Hi Zsuzsanna,

    I love your blog and look forward to checking it everyday to see what new, interesting, and informative information you might have. You use your camera at every occasion for all your beautiful children. Pastor Anderson never misses a thing thanks to you. I do not know what that persons problem is? Please do not quit due to such an unrealistic person. You are my internet church. There is no KJV church here. Love you all, Carol-Ann (British Columbia Canada)

  6. Hi Zsuzsanna,

    I love your blog, your children, you, and Pastor Anderson. Please do not stop blogging due to some unrealistic person. Does she not see your blog and all the pictures you take of your beautiful children. I am sure Pastor Anderson really appreciates the fact you do not miss a thing. How many working husband's are blessed with the kind of wife and mother you are. You are my Internet church. There are no KJV churches period! God bless you all, Carol-Ann.
    (British Columbia, Canada)

  7. Ignore the trolls.

  8. Please don't quit! I just found you! You & your family are such wonderful examples. Bless you sister!

  9. Wow he's such a happy boy and looks just like your husband! I love how his face lights up with a huge grin whenever he sees you.

  10. Congratulations on another milestone! Were you at church? You will ALWAYS have haters. This is your blog, you didn't forced anyone to click on the site, nor read. I like the videos, they show a loving family and reaffirm how much your family cares for each other.


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