Monday, July 29, 2013

Spot the difference

How many differences can you spot?

Yes, this is my snazzy new set of wheels. We are turning more heads than a Ferrari (though I can't really be sure because I have never owned one). When the doors open and the crew unloads, it's like a SWAT team jumping out.

I put my personalized plates on, removed the dealership decal, and added a stick family that a very sweet reader sent us as a surprise random act of kindness. 

My husband in suit and tie with his Bible, me in an apron, baking up a treat, Solomon playing the piano, Isaac riding a horse (he is the only one who takes riding lessons), John our artist with a palette, Miriam holding her dolly (though she likes to think it's baby Stephen), Becky in her apron helping me in the kitchen, Annie with pigtails, and last but not least Stephen in cute little overalls, just starting to walk.

Am I thrilled? You bet! This baby seats 12, though we removed 2 seats in the back row to make more room for cargo and hauling goods. We got the dealership to throw in the tow package, so the hitch mount and all are being installed sometime this week.
Last ride in the Sienna - so many great family memories!

We are not the type to get excited about cars. Nor are we the type to go overly large on them - our family vehicle was a Ford Escort (5 seats) with three car seats in the back until our fourth child was about to be born. Then, for almost 7 years, we had our much loved Toyota Sienna (8 seats). With a family of 9, we were over capacity, but it was not too bad having four kids in the back share the 3-seat row when all of us were riding together. So this is a big step up, with room to grow, and years of heavy duty use ahead. I am especially excited about the V8 engine and the tow package, as it will allow us to pull a trailer or one day possibly even a camper. We will be taking a trailer to the camping trip later this summer, full with bikes, kayaks, and other gear. More than anything, I am thankful to a loving and hard-working husband, who against my protests insisted on buying me the nicest, safest, and most comfortable vehicle option currently available to large families.

Since this type of vehicle is relatively new on the market, I will do a review on it here on the blog once I have driven it for a few thousand miles. In the meantime, you can check out this, this, and this.  

Now please excuse me as I drive off into the sunset... :)


  1. YAY! I am SO happy for you! You deserve it!

  2. Nice van. Is there something you're trying to tell us? Will you be requiring ten seats in a few months or so?

  3. I love this! I have never seen a car like this before. Do you find it harder to drive than you Sienna? Is is difficult to park?
    I love that you proudly display your large family. What an inspiration you are.

  4. What a neat looking van! I haven't seen one of these on the road, but I'm sure I'll notice it when I do see it! Enjoy!!!

  5. Congratulations on your new van! I love the happy smiles it produces in the little ones--I remember seat room was one precious commodity when I was a child, so they're sure to enjoy the extra room! (My brother would draw an invisible line in the backseat and tell me not to cross it!)

    I'm so happy you enjoyed the decals and I hope the children do too! I couldn't have done it without your wonderful descriptions and photographs of them that always makes my day.

    All I can think of is: New van smell!! Woohoo!

    God bless you, Dad, and the seven,


  6. Your new van is so COOL!

    I love the stick family too - I've never seen them here. :)

  7. If you have more kids, won't you have to change the license plate? ;)

    1. Yes, if we have more, we will change it. That can be done anytime.

  8. I was so excited when I saw the picture! My friend has one and it's funny watching people try to figure out what kind of vehicle it is. It will be really easy to spot in parking lots! ;o)

  9. Pretty funny coincidence that our family purchased the same vehicle just last week! It drives so nicely. It handles well and feels secure. Ours is the same color and looks like the same trip package. And you're right about it turning heads. We've heard, "Is that a Hummer (or Land Rover)" and "Wow, that looks nice. Can I see inside?" I would have never thought that a passenger van would turn so many heads!

    Enjoy it; I know we're enjoying ours!

  10. Oh! I really like the looks of that vehicle! Such a nicer look than those big vans and what a sweet man of yours--I'm excited for y'all!

  11. Great looking Van! Wish they had made some of these for a family of 16. My Dad ended up buying a bus for our family vehicle. It wasn't orange and black either so people would think we were school kids. Nope! It was black and white, so everyone thought we were juvenile detention kids. Then many years later we painted it maroon and champagne (which really looked pink). We girls didn't mind the pink but the boys sure weren't happy. :)

  12. It's GORGEOUS. And you look good behind that wheel, Mama!

  13. 12 passenger seating, that works! Perhaps by the time that car is too small, Solomon will have his driver's license and can help haul everyone around :)

  14. Lovely new van! We have been looking at the same one. I have a question. Do you think it could it fit in your garage? My husband wonders if it is too tall to fit in a standard size garage. Online measurements aren't always accurate and we live too far out in the country to bring it by home to check on a test drive. Thanks for any thoughts.


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