Friday, July 5, 2013

Irish radio interview

Oh my goodness, I didn't even realize how sadly abused I am, until a bunch of angry Irish pointed it out.

Caution: there are a couple of profanities in the clip - if you can make them out over the thick Irish brogue.


  1. It is not very surprising that your family's lifestyle would be scrutinized by this wicked world we live in, but what does surprise me is their inability to understand that nobody is forcing you to live this way. Is it that hard of an idea to grasp that a woman would actually WANT to dress like one, and stay home and care for her husband and the children she carried in her own body for nine months? And why is it that just because your married and not a fornicator, you suddenly must be forced to have sex by your flash, married women desire sex too!

  2. Well done, and well said, pastor.

  3. As you may know, I am not a christian, and I actually identify as a feminist. Let me clarify a common misconception about feminism : it's not about making women be men, it's just that we think that women can be whatever they want. If for you, the ideal lifestyle is being a homemaker stay-at-home mother, then I have absolutely nothing to say about it. I think it's great that you find something that works for you and your husband. There is nothing wrong with embracing the lifestyle that you want if it doesn't hurt anyone.

  4. This interviewer is weak: remind me of Piers Morgan, all sputter and opinions, with almost no ability to have factual arguments.

    The Pastor pigeonholes himself by subscribing to the belief that the earth is only 6000 years old. You can still believe in god and the bible while believing the earth is billions of years old. Hundreds of years of scientific research, like studying how rock is formed and how long it takes and carbon dating, make it obvious that the earth is more than 6000 years old. Why couldn't it have been god who created the earth billions of years ago? Maybe when the bible was written, people had no concept of millions or billions and god used a unit that they could understand. I do believe in the banking conspiracy and the NWO the pastor describes, but I don't believe hat everything is a conspiracy and I don't believe that every single scientist who has studies carbon dating and the age of the earth has lied or been misled.

  5. Pastor handled the crazy so well! Thanks for posting, did you get a lot more visitors on this site? It would be great for them to see what this so called shocking lifestyle looks like :)

  6. Sadly, I think the Irish have lost a lot of respect for the Church due to the 50+ years of covering up priest child sex abuse, while they preached from the pulpit everyday about doing the right thing. I think religious vocations that allow marriage is a good idea.

  7. I don't always agree with what your husband preaches, however there is clearly no denying how much respect your husband has for you. Every time I hear him speak about you there is no question about that. I think people who want to make him out to be an abusive dictator of your home really should listen more closely to the way he speaks of you.

  8. I absolutely loved your husband's video. We truly live in a world where good is called evil and evil is called good. The video proves that without any doubt.
    Keep the faith and keep standing for God. You and your family will stay in my families prayers.
    Carl McPherson
    Gilbert, Arizona

  9. Pastor Anderson continues to be the only guiding light for my wife and I. She is in Holland awaiting my return there. We were married in June of this year and we actually live the way the Pastor has outlined in this interview. And it is wonderful. The word "submissive" does not mean my wife cowers every time I walk by her. We have a wonderful relationship based on the Word of God. With Christ as the head of our household, everything else falls into place. And I do love her as Christ loves the Church. And that love for her is rewarded by the way we are together. Bless you both as you continue to stand true to the word of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

  10. There is nothing too wrong with how you live per say, but there is something wrong with you husband and how he pretends to control you and overall is a control freak. It obviously was your choice to be a stay at home mom and have lots of children, which is fine... that's a full time job in and of itself, but the fact that if you wanted to do something else you wouldn't be allowed to.... that's awful. What if you had other talents? What happens when the children are all grown up and not living in the house? What will you do then? What if your husband can no longer work? You can't just start working because you won't have skills. You won't be able to make ends meet. Life is expensive.

    Where would the world be today if no women were allowed to do anything because of men holding them down? Just because it somehow worked out for you, this lifestyle... doesn't mean it's the right and only way. You probably work harder than your husband without a doubt, yet if you don't make him dinner every night he rebukes you? That's very illogical and rude... not to mention... yes, kinda abusive.

    I'm curious about each of your upbringings... were you both raised Baptist?

  11. Dear Zsuzsanna:

    My favourite quote from Pastor Anderson in this particular interview: "I don't believe that men are superior to women. I don't believe that boys are superior to girls. I believe that men and women are equal in value, they just have different roles." Way to go, Pastor Anderson! You hit the nail on the head!

    I'm good friends with a family in which both the father and son are PhDs in neuroscience and study the human brain. The family is Christian and they espouse a similar view, not only from a Biblical perspective, but also from a scientific one as well. They believe that God created the male and female brain to be suited to different tasks. Both the male and female brain are equally capable, but the male brain is more proficient at some things, the female more proficient at others. A favourite example is female brains ability to multitask--I found this one to most particularly true after I had my first child! So there, from the mouths of scientists as well! (There are God-fearing ones out there!)

    I simply cannot understand why so many think you are so 'upset' and 'abused'. You and Pastor Anderson have a lovely, functioning marriage, as thirteen years and seven beautiful little ones can attest! You have a marriage that is based on the laws of God and are prospering and living a happy life for it, and may He continue to bless and keep you both.

    Another note on one of Pastor Anderson's last points regarding Noah's Ark. Here in 'my neck of the woods' there is excitement because a project has recently been approved to create a replica of Noah's Ark to prove that he could, indeed, have made it work even though it's a '*expletive* number of animals.' I cannot speak on all animals, but as you know my passion is horses, and breeding and testing has told us that all horses, whether they be wee little ones or giant work horses, are all derived from a single breed: The Arabian. So Noah could have very well taken an Arabian stallion and Arabian mare and all the horse breeds that we now know could have been produced from just these two stabled together in that ark!

    I feel compelled to say that you mustn't let these maniacs turn you off of the country of Ireland, there are many, many Irish that are just wonderful people and would be happy to have all nine (or ten, or eleven...and on and on!) as guests in their country.

    May God bless you, Dad, and the seven,


  12. Hello Mrs.Anderson and Family

    I finally finished watching this video and have to say that there many people out there in this world who are so blind and followers of society. They need people like your Husband to open their eyes!
    My Husband and I are new Christians and we are as young as 25 yrs old with 2 children and have lived and participated in this evil modern day world together for 6 yrs. We still cannot believe that we have been so blind by everything and just thank God for helping us open our eyes! We totally believe on the Bible (KJV) and have been studying it for months now, and its obvious that it makes total sense. Your Husbands sermons are the best out there (we went through listening to a lot and gladly came across his). We are from the Northwest Territories, Canada where my Husband runs our electrical family business and Iam a stay at home mother to a 5 yr old and 2 yr old. We will continue to download all of these wonderful and truthful sermons provided and I will continue to follow and support your lifestyle (which I agree is the very best).
    Thank you so much!

  13. I love all the truth was preached in the video. The world needs to know it. I found it amazing about how the bible is right about we are a stench to the unbeliever (2 Corinthians 2:16).

  14. Amazing , everything the WORD of GOD said is True. He knows the hearts of all true. All the attitudes of all spoken on this video of your sir is exactly what is written in the Book of Proverbs; totally all. You know better than me, that all these people you spoken to have not read, studied the WORD of GOD. And all of their voices come from their own ways, how they were raised in this world, which completely blinds all of us. And how when every time you spoken you were cut off, or the subject would immediately be changed. Sad to hear of such of people's reactions of hatred of the Truth, of a love that all could have. We all want it our own way, and man's way is destruction. And all know this from living in this world of ours. God says, those whom do not believe their is a GOD is a 'fool'. ..Book of Proverbs. More could be said. I am privileged to listen on this, it shows me more of the True God of the BIBLE. Blessings in His love, (also this shows me that GOD is in control). Thank you sir for being a man of GOD that stands on the firm foundation of HIS WORD no matter what/. Rosita (in the some future time may understand how to use the profile selection-)

  15. Hi

    I live in Northern Ireland and listened to the video today. I would like to say well done to pastor Stephen. I thought he spoke very well and that he present his biblical values very clearly.
    My husband and I download his sermons.

    God Bless

  16. Lots of Irish people agree with you and your husband.

    God bless your lovely family.

  17. Hmm.. well, I admire your strength. I respect you for being committed to your beautiful children and husband. I agree that men and women have different gifts that are equally beautiful and necessary. At the same time, the Lord created us all uniquely and it seems one of the things He focused on whilst on earth was breaking down some of the barriers that had been levied on people. Paul shared some of his own thoughts in his letters to particular congregations, and certainly he was very earnest and sincere. However, Paul was not the Lord. Yes, he spoke several times about wives submitting to their husbands, which can be a beautiful thing when taken in the proper context. At the same time, he also shared that the general consensus of believers should be a heart of submission to one another. This language of control and dictatorship seems to be born from a place of insecurity. From my heart, I don't know how you stand in this place. I don't understand how some branches of believers feel that every jot and tittle of the bible should be taken literally, when the writers themselves wouldn't have done so.. I believe that we are in an unfolding story that our Lord is leading us through, much like raising children, which in a spiritual sense, we all are. Just as you wouldn't try and potty-train a sixteen year old, I don't believe the Lord would have us continue to learn lessons from our spiritual toddler-hood. However, that's what happens when mankind tries to etch the Holy Spirit on tablets of immovable stone. I think Jesus said something about that. There's a time for that, but then there's a time to grow into what He has next for us. I'm sure this comment will be deleted, but I am sharing from a place of utter honesty and respect for someone who stands in the gap this way. What you are doing raising your children and loving your husband is a glorious thing. It's the spirit of this movement that gives me a "check in my spirit." Peace be with you. <3


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