Wednesday, June 5, 2013

We don't need no stinkin' ObamaCare...

... our kids are smart enough to be their own surgeons.

I am not sure what Miriam's ailment was, or how the cure worked out for her. I do know they had lots of fun playing together. Isaac is a super big brother, always patient with the younger ones, and willing to pretend with them at their whim.

I also love how Becky almost always has a baby doll in her arms. Such a little Mommy!

What if you were going in for surgery, and this is who walked through the door and introduced herself as your doctor. Scary, no?? :)

I just love those leather cowboy gloves Isaac is wearing!

Siblings are a special blessing. Our kids are not just a source of joy to us, but also to each other.


  1. There should be a Like button for this post. I LOVE THE HEADLINE FOR THIS POST! And, I agree with it.

  2. I'm curious: Has your stance on Obamacare, insurance and government assistance changed given your recent medical expenses?


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