Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summertime Madness, and a Q & A

Our kids have gone certifiably insane from cabin fever (seeing as it is too hot to go outside for most of the day). This morning's activity of "running in the sprinklers" quickly descended into a mud fight that involved their neighbor friend. 

Wow, is this what Solomon will look like with a beard??

 That was a white shirt on Isaac

Miriam, in the thick of it, long hair and all.

Please help me preserve my sanity by sending me your intelligent questions for another Q & A later this week (hopefully). If you have asked me a question in the past, and it never got answered, I apologize. I am hopelessly disorganized like that. : /

And to the person who wrote this morning and asked: 

I was wondering if you could do a post on how you get such clear skin.

My answer is: mud baths. Lots and lots of mud baths. 

Now I'm off to hose off kids and mop muddy floors. 


  1. Are your kids able to speak and read German?

  2. Hello! I'm so excited for another Q&A...I was thinking of emailing you anyway with a few questions.

    1. I'd love to know more about how to have eliminated teflon from your kitchen. I'd love to do this too, but I use my electric skillet and griddle all the time because I can fit more food for my family on these items (thereby saving time). So, how do you make pancakes (or something similar) in a timely fashion for such a large family?
    2. I think you mentioned once that you have purchased organic mattresses. This is also something we are considering. I'd love more information!
    3. Do you do something natural in place of food coloring (for birthday cake icing or easter eggs)?
    4. We live in Germany temporarily and I'm looking for German toys or games for our kids that can also be souvenirs. (We have several games already - Sagaland, Tempo Klein Fische, Nanu and Obstgarten.) Any ideas?

    I always love your posts and look forward to reading more.

  3. What I'm wondering is that your husband talks a lot about how he is the boss in his own home, and how you as his wife havw to submit to him. I do get that in theory, but how exacatly does this work in your every day life? I'm also asking this, because you seem to be pretty "independent" when it comes to managing your household (like putting the family on a organic only diet an so on). So a few questions, to get a better idea: who decides on homeschooling things, like which book to use, you? your husband? What if you, during the day, forbid/allowed a child to do something, and your husband doesn't agree with your decision? I mean, sure with the big things, you could call him, but with the thousands of small decisions every housewife and mother has to do every day? How does it work with the finances, do you get an amount of money and can decide yourself how to use it? and with general big decisions, like chosing where to live, which house to buy, your childrens names and so on, do you get to say anything, or does your husband decides everything, without considering your opinion? Like would he give a child a name he knows you don't like?
    I'm sorry for asking so many questions, but while it is commmon to hear that the husband is the head of the home, it's sometimes tricky in everyday life.

    1. I also wonder about this? Exactly how a wife should submit to her husband in everyday life but still be a strong mother and woman in charge of her household.

    2. I get this same question a lot. I explain it like this:

      Think of a property owner who owns an apartment complex. The property owner has an apartment manager that lives on the property and manages the property. The property owner has given the manager full reign to run and operate the property following the guidelines and standards set up by the owner. The manger makes all daily decisions on their own while considering what would be pleasing to the owner. If something unusual or serious comes up and the manager is unsure how the owner would like that situation handled then the manager consults with the owner for guidance.

      My husband is very much the leader over the home. As the leader of our home he understands that the Lord has called me to be the keeper of the home. My husband has given me full authority to “keep” our home under the principles set by the Bible and the preferences set by my husband. I make all day to day decisions in our home on my own with keeping in mind what would be pleasing to my husband. If something major comes up and I am unsure how he would want that situation handled, then I call him for guidance. This rarely happens because my husband and I are like minded and I as the keeper of the home have learned what is pleasing to God and what is pleasing to my husband that that is how I proceed.

      Being submissive doesn’t mean you are a doormat, have no opinion or can’t make a decision on your own. That is a great misconception. Submissive women are very capable women. Their goal is to make daily decisions in the home that reflect the standards set by their husband, which is not hard to do if you and your husband are like minded, have the same goals and most importantly serve the same God.

      On big things like where we live and which house to buy my husband prays and seeks God’s leading. He will talk to me about what I think about the decision, bue he has the final word. Typically we are on the same page because his heart is to follow God and my heart is to follow my husband. There are times that we disagree such as naming children. He likes the name Uriah. I can’t stand that name it reminds me of Urine. We do not have a child named Uriah. I would prefer that each of our children’s names don’t start with the same letter, but he felt that the Lord gave him a particular name for a youngest that happened to start with the same letter as our oldest. It meant a lot to him, so our youngest got that name. So like with every couple there is compromise. But my husband is the final authority. My husband loves me like Christ loves the church and he treats me accordingly. He is not going to give our child a name that I hate because he wants to consider me and please me….just as I do him.

      I am interested in hearing how Zsu answers this question. I felt so compelled to share because I find people misconstrue the principal of submission.

    3. http://www.titus2.com/loving-your-husband-session-download.html

      For those struggling with submission, the Maxwells have a great resource on this! You can get the $4 download or the $5 cd and it's worth it! It's called "Loving Your Husband."

  4. Zsu,

    What advice do you have for a girl who is expecting her first son after three girls? Is this a good opportunity to teach my daughters how to be a mother? How do I quell my son's rambunctious spirit as he gets older?

    I'm sorry, girls are so easy. I have never had a boy. I feel quite incapable right now.

  5. -Would you let any of your children (daughters included) go to college?

    -How do you pick your children's names?

  6. I have a question about the Trim Healthy Mama diet. I was wondering if you consider Stevia a form of birth control? I'd love to try the diet, but I've seen many women saying the sweetener messed up or stopped their cycle all together.I know you would never do use anything that would harm your fertility. I was thinking it might be that a woman would need very high doses, it's a myth, or you do without the sweetener all together. Thanks so much!

  7. How do you fulfill the Biblical commandment to help orphans?

  8. What has happened to your church's website? We listen to his sermons all the time! I tried to get on the site and it said the website had been suspended.

  9. Why is the website faithfulwordbaptist.org suspended?

  10. Hi Zsuzsanna,

    In case you are not aware, your church website looks like it is down or suspended :(


  11. I have always been wondering how and how often your church celebrates the Lord's Supper. I don't believe I have ever heard a sermon or seen a video on it from your church. Do the little children who are not saved yet able to partake in the juice and bread or it's ONLY for believers. I grew up drinking booze every Sunday at catholic church and since my pastor never says anything either way, I don't know what is truly proper.

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  13. Hi, Zsuzsanna.

    Since you are against hormonal birth control, I was wondering how you felt about Natural Family Planning? My husband and I are trying for our first baby together (I have two from a previous marriage), and we're charting and watching fertility signs to know the best times for conception. My second child was born by an emergency C-section when his umbilical cord prolapsed, and most likely I'll have to have a repeat, due to the incision I had to have, so more children might not be in the cards for me. I'm not willing to go on hormonal birth control, but at the same time, I want the option for more children to be there, just in case.

  14. I took German in school and now since we homeschool our children I would like to start teaching them German this year. Do you have any curricula you would recommend?

  15. What colour eyes do your children have?

  16. 1. Growing up, I was taught the pre-trib rapture. After looking at scripture with my husband, I've come to realize how false it is. I can see why people want to believe in in because knowing my children may live through terrible persecution scares me when I allow myself to think about it. How do you deal with this? Just not think about it?

  17. Do you own firearms? If so, how do you keep them out of the hands of seven little people while still having them accessible for use? And, at what age should kids start learning how to handle a firearm?

    What made you guys choose Phoenix as a home?

    Do you still follow the Duggars' reality show? Have you ever met any of them in person?

    Does your family believe in/plan to practice courtship(your kids, not the already married ones :)

    How many families are currently in your church? How is membership changing/growing?

    Thank you,


  18. I've always wondered about children getting saved. I've heard many stories about people who thought they were saved when they were young, only to find out they were wrong. But, at the same time, I wouldn't want a child to grow up doubting his salvation just because he was young. How do you know a child has grasped the gospel?

  19. Wow, it looks like those kids are having FUN!! Awesome.

    Thanks for doing a Q&A! I need to starting writing down my questions, because I always have a bunch which I promptly forget when you announce one.

    How do you deal with (1) whining/complaining, (2) arguing with parental directions, (3) poor attiudes (sulking, etc.) in response to chores, food, parental decisions, etc., (4) tantrums.

    If that's too many, just axe a few. :)

    Love all your blog entries, especially the ones about home education, child training, and homemaking. Keep up the good work!

  20. Thanks for the chance for Q & A.
    I love having my children with me in church services. Do you or your congregants do anything to help new families whose children may be a little rambunctious? Like, do you have coloring books or anything for toddlers? I am very opposed to any church that makes children go to junior church or the nursery but have seen some parents so embarrassed by their children in the service, I doubt they would ever come back. I have my hands full with my own little ones but would love to help and just wondering what you do. Thanks!

    1. I agree with you! I used to have small toys and such that were quiet for my young ones, but even then, I felt a little bad about it. The older ones are often distracted by the toys too. So from birth, children are taught to learn to sit still. We practice during our daily Bible time. I can't believe how well the children have done. They are to sit still, with no toys, and be quiet. So when we go to church, they view it as "Bible Time" and know what to expect. We had to start doing Bible time 10 minutes, and then move it up to 45 minutes (this allowed the children to get comfortable with sitting there a long time). If a child begins to misbehave, they are to be removed and must go and sit quietly with you somewhere else. I recommend a few articles on this:


      Hope this helps!

  21. My question is, what DVDs (if any) do you allow your children to watch?

  22. My question is, how do you modestly put your daughter in a 5-point harness carseat. We have all boys, but if we have girls they will wear only long skirts and long dresses. I have often wondered how you buckle the 5-point harness carseat without showing the little girls undergarments and without completely wrinkling her dress.

  23. A question about Galloping the Globe! (Also applies to Cantering the Country)

    - I notice that GTG says "K-4th grade," and CTC says "K-6th grade" - however, I know that you guys have managed to use it successfully for older students. What would you say the workable age range is for those programs, and how did you stretch it for older students?

    - Also, now that you are going to have students in an older age range, how will you work that logistically? Will you have to have GTG/CTC going for the younger students while you do a more advanced history program for the older students, or will the older students work independently on their history while you keep doing GTG/CTC with the younger set? (I am confused by the logistics of multi-level teaching!)

  24. Love your entries about your kids. They looked like they were having a ball!

  25. I hope I'm not too late to ask a question.

    I saw that your family attended a conference presented by the Maxwell family earlier in the year. If love to hear your (and your husband and kids) impressions of the conference.

    Do you use any Maxwell materials such as chore packs and scheduling kits? Do you find them useful?

    Did Steve attend Steve Maxwell's men's session? I'd love to hear how that went, both Steves have such strong views about family and theology.

    I know you are putting together some homeschooling materials for sale, an area in which the Maxwells have a lot of experience. Did they advise you in this area?

    1. I can tell you that for me, I used the chorepacks and scheduling kits and LOVE them!!! My favorite book though is "Keeping Your Children's Hearts." It's a book I didn't think I needed, but I sure did!

  26. Do you have any kids who just won't stop talking? How do you deal with the noise?

  27. My question is...I found out very young that I am infertile. How would you deal with that knowledge?

  28. Do you use a pattern for making your girls' swim suits? Would you be willing to share it?? :) also do you make your own? Or what do you swim in?

    I'm not very good with routines and now that my daughters are 1 & 3 I'm really starting to regret that I didnt establish a bedtime for them. it seems like they're only sleeping when I do so I'm not able to get as much done as I know I should be doing. any suggestions on getting them to be earlier?

    Also I'm going to be starting to homeschool my 3 year old this fall and was wondering if you could suggest any books that would help me as far as planning and being organized with homeschooling.

    Thanks!! Love your blog!!

  29. I was a bit down today, but this post has totally lifted me up!

  30. I know this is a bit late, but I noticed you haven't done a 'Q&A' yet and perhaps you and/or Pastor Anderson could discuss this question for us, as it has become an issue that my husband and I have recently had to consider with the writing of our wills, etc.

    I am aware that is a very sensitive subject, but if I may ask, how have you (or have you) prepared for the possibility of, God forbid, you or your husband's death? It is a sensitive subject to me personally, because my grandfather died at the age of 39, leaving my 29-year-old foreign-born grandmother to raise their three boys. She was forced to take a job, as they had no insurance. It was against her beliefs and her tradition, but as I said, she had utterly no choice in the matter, as the boys were far too young to work, so I grew up hearing the hardships that my father and his brothers endured in this sad situation. We've researched the topic of life insurance, and found that some churches feel that it is a sin, whereas others do not. Should, God-forbid, something happen to Pastor Anderson, how would you support your brood? I realise that the surviving spouse would have the opportunity to remarry, but this surely doesn't happen immediately. There would be family to step in, but supporting a large family wouldn't be easy on even the best prepared of family members. I would love to hear your response to what I realise is a macabre, but necessary, part of being a responsible parent.

    God bless you, Dad, and the seven,


  31. How do you keep your household up and running while recovering after birth?


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