Thursday, June 13, 2013

Mother's Day photos

Only a month late, here are the pictures we took on Mother's Day this year.

I was inspired by seeing many of my Facebook friends posting pictures of themselves with their mother. It dawned on me that while I have many photos of the kids, I do not know how many there are that just show one child at a time, with me. 

With that, a new yearly tradition was born. 

(Warning - picture bomb coming your way!)

 Solomon (11)

 Isaac (10)

  John (8)

 Miriam (6)

 Becky (typical)

 Becky (4)

 Anna (2)

 My sons (minus baby Stephen)

My daughters

Anna wasn't going to smile for any of the photos... sigh...

All the children (minus baby Stephen)

No picture of me and baby Stephen that day, as he was teething, crabby, and finally asleep. We weren't going to wake him just to have him crying in each photo.

Last but not least... Da Man and I - baby daddy to the above treasures

We may or may not repeat this process for Father's Day this Sunday. What special thing are you doing that day?


  1. BEAUTIFUL! You are eternally rich!

    Baby Daddy.....hahaha!

  2. Lovely photos, thanks for sharing!

    Ha, loved the first photo of you and Becky - she reminds me some of Meg...spunky! Anna looks so sweet - even when determined *not* to smile!

  3. What a wonderful tradition for both you and your children. I am the 4th child, and by the time I came along photos were few and far between. I only have 1 photo of me with my mom and 1 with my dad from when I was a child, and I cherish them so much! I'm sure your children will too.

  4. These pictures are all so beautiful! God bless you super abundantly in everything forever!

  5. My goodness, Isaac has changed so much! He already has that grown up kind of look on him. And he hasn't even hit puberty yet! You will have to keep your shotgun ready Mrs Anderson to keep girls away from these young men in a few years. And by that I mean 3 years tops. Because there will be a flutter of them, I can already picture that. I loved the "babydaddy" bit. Yeah, that's right, you're rich and creamy. "Babydaddy", lmao. You are definitely not a Jerry Springer show attraction, because that is what when hearing the word "babydaddy" comes to mind. This is what a family is supposed to look like. We need husbands and fathers, not babydaddies... Good to see class instead of trash. I love your sense of humor.

  6. I must agree! Issac has matured and changed so much, some woman will be very lucky to someday call him her husband! I adore the picture of your sweet girls with their flowers, what lovely little flowers they are themselves! Happy Mother's Day to you and I wish Pastor Anderson a Happy Father's Day as well! Enjoy these special days and moments! P.S. You two looks as in love as you did in your first photograph together!

    May God continue to bless you, Dad, and the seven,


  7. I believe you said that picture at the top of your site is of you as a child? Anna is your spitting image!

    Beautiful children and parents! You are blessed.

  8. My favorite has to be the picture of you with Anna. She's so sweet cuddling against you.


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