Saturday, April 20, 2013

My cute little window washer

When Solomon was a baby and toddler, and probably until he was about 4 years old or so, he was deathly afraid of the windshield wipers. If it was raining while we were driving, and we turned the wipers on, he would cover his eyes, cry, and repeat "Solomon scared! Solomon scared!" while pointing at the windshield. Yeah, he's come a long way... :)

Stephen, on the other hand, absolutely loves playing with the wipers, turning them on, and squirting window cleaner at the windshield. I think he enjoys the feeling of power he must derive from orchestrating this marvelous chaos, all with the flip of a switch.


  1. He's so adorable! What a darling!! (I think if I gave G. the chance, he would do the same!) :)


  2. I wanted to leave a comment to thank you for sharing about Azure. The last time you had shared about it there weren't any drops nearby, but recently El Paso Tx was added which is about 65 miles from me. I made my initial order and picked it up today~ thank you!! I already contacted Azure to see what we can do about arranging a drop in my area as I am totally on board!

    By the way, I love the videos and how you share your cute family and even you. Thanks so much.


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  4. Oh what a cutie! I love it when they learn something new and do it over and over again. Steven is ADORABLE! :)


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