Thursday, April 11, 2013

Miriam's 6th birthday

First off, when I sat down to blog Miriam's birthday, I realized I had never put up a post about Becky's 4th birthday all the way back in October 2012. Since the primary purpose of this blog is to be an online scrapbook of sorts for our family, I went back and posted about the birthday, and then set that date to publish when it was supposed to have, almost 6 months ago. Because chances are, years from now when I want to look up pictures of Becky's birthday, I won't know to look in the archives of April the following year... ;) 

So please hop over here first, and read that post. I'll wait for you - promise! 
Miriam is our first, and thus oldest, daughter. It is hard to put into words just what a special little girl she is. She has a true heart of gold, and is extremely loving and caring. Even at the young age of 6, she loves nothing more than to help me out around the house, whether that be folding the laundry, loading the dishwasher, or playing with her much-loved baby brother. I never even have to ask her to do any of these things - she'll just do them of her own accord. She always shocks me with her wonderful sense of taste, and her eye for making everything pretty and special. She started piano lessons this year, which she very much enjoys.

  Miriam's favorite gift was this ironing board and iron I made for her (she's sweet like that)

 This tutu was also a huge hit

For the special activity on her birthday, our whole family went to a homeschool skating event at a local skate park.

 I'm guessing it must have been cold that day?

 For the special birthday dinner, we lit the fire pit, grilled hot dogs, made marshmallows, and rounded it all out with ice cream all around. 

The party a few days later had the theme "Ballerina Tea Party." The little girls got to decorate tiaras, and enjoy lots of fancy finger foods.


Daughters are a blessing unlike any other! 


  1. How lovely!! I love making a child joined the family a special day and you do that so well. I loved all the photos and esp like her expression when she was twirling.


  2. Happy Birthday little sweetie! She has grown so much. What a lovely little girl!!

  3. I have always thought that Miriam is a very beautiful, poised young lady that looks about 10 years old in photos because of the graceful way she carries herself!

  4. Love that tutu! I want to come to a birthday party at your house (and a tea party!). Thanks for sharing. BTW, did the ironing board and iron come as a kit or did you actually cut the wood yourself? I would have loved to have had something like that at her age.

  5. What a beautiful and intelligent young lady! You must have been so pleased to have her after having three little boys, I bet you thought that God would send you a little daughter, and now here you are with three of them! I also love her name (I may 'steal' it someday)! Happy Birthday, Miss Miriam!

    God bless you, Dad, and the seven,



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