Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring "Break"

Wow, it has been one busy day around here! Before we even left the house at 9 am, there were 8 chores that had to be done first, such as getting the bread dough going and starting dinner in the slow cooker. 

Then off to piano lessons with all 7 kids (my husband met me there and took a couple off my hands). Stopped at two stores on the way home.

Fixed lunch, cleaned up, laid the little ones down, got my bread ready for the second rise. Researched a list of 50+ library kids for the kids to check out, and then ran to the library during nap time with "only" five kids, as well as to one other store. 

Came home to continue working on decluttering and reorganizing the shed and yard (about half done as of right now). Made fresh biscuits with dinner (chicken and dumplings), baked the bread, cut hair on hubby and all three boys, showers, baths, etc.

Once the kids were all down, spent time reading the Bible with my husband. Then straightened up the house, did the dishes, got a 6-qt batch of yogurt going, mixed up batter for sourdough pancakes for breakfast, and finally sat down to relax for a minute before getting off the hamster wheel for the night. Whew! Who knew spring break could be this exhausting. 

Tomorrow: finish cleaning the shed, buy, assemble, and install new shelving in it, take stuff from the house out there to store, switch out girls' closets to summer clothes, and a million other things I probably won't get to. 

Saturday: Piano recital for Solomon and Isaac, and finish up whatever I don't get done tomorrow. Prep as much of the food for Sunday as possible. 

Sunday: My day of rest. Hopefully, I'll be able to start sewing on the girls' swim suits (the fabric has been cut out). Easter dinner of ham baked in puff pastry and the typical sides.

Are you tired after reading this? I know I am! :) I am thankful for work to keep me busy, and even more thankful for seven children to work alongside me. Family time does not have to be spent on what we typically would consider "fun" - even cleaning out a dusty shed can be quality time. 

What you do tomorrow is important - because you are exchanging one day of your life for it. Hug those babies while you can!! 


  1. Your list of activities makes me dizzy, as always!

    However, as I progress in the parenting journey, I see that I am learning this business step by step. Each week, month, year, I am adding more chores, more things to my to-do lists, and God is teaching me how to handle each step up! Thus, hopefully I will some day arrive where you are - eventually, if not soon!! :)

    Glad to hear all is well!!!

    p.s. "What you do tomorrow is important - because you are exchanging one day of your life for it. Hug those babies while you can!!" - LOVE THAT!

  2. You are such a happy busy mom! You are the heart of your family, they must be very proud of you.


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