Friday, March 22, 2013

Slacker Blogger

Seeing as I have been sadly MIA in the blogosphere, I thought you may enjoy reading on my husband's blog in my absence. 

He has discovered his interest in blogging as of late. And wouldn't you know it, he is in a rather popular, as well as lengthy retelling of how we met and got married. You can find my version here, but it's not nearly as cool and detailed as his. 

Alas, one day I shall attain unto the ranks of daily bloggers! :)


  1. I've read all the story so far, and I find it amazing that he still remembers it so well. I think that, without even liking him or his preaching, everybody can assert that he is a loving husband. This story is very cute.

  2. I confess that I have been reading his series on your early days together. It reminds me of the serial stories in the magazines.

    I have been a slacker blogger myself, but I wish you would post! Ironic aren't I?



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