Saturday, March 23, 2013

Another nail in the coffin of "head-covering"

The sermon starts out talking about something else, but the other 90% of it deal with the subject of "head-covering." The original guest post on this topic continues to be one of my most popular blog posts. 


  1. So you do not believe in a works based salvation or that once saved a person can ever lose salvation, correct? So if a person is saved and this is a permanent condition why do all of these rules about hair, clothes, coverings, submission matter? This is a sincere question. It's something I've always wondered about.

  2. We had a family visit that did the head-covering thing. As the husband talked to my husband (the Pastor), he said that they liked the church but they didn't want him to preach against head coverings.

    My husband kindly told them what the Bible says, and told them that he never preaches against any one person in the congregation, but when he gets to that passage in his preaching, then he would preach the Bible!

    Don't you love it when people come in and try to tell the preacher what to preach?! And not surprisingly, the man also said that if anyone asked him about his wife, then he would make his beliefs known.

    I sometimes wonder if he realized that he flat out said he would not do what he was asking my husband to do...

    Needless to say, they didn't stick around. A real blessing as it turns out from what we've heard about the problems they've caused in another church.

  3. I went to a church where I was approached by members and told I was offending people by the way I dressed. The skirts, hats issue was held up like a god. I wear trousers and didn't wear a hat. I am not into fashion but I am certainly covered up. I was not a member.

    Some members wore silly feathers and others wore replica UFO's on their heads. Some had hats on with a mini skirt and low tops. Confused, I did my own thing.

    Dress and headcovering were not preached from the pulpit. It was left to the lady members to approach offenders. I found this cowardly on behalf of the elders and felt totally singled out from the 'mini skirt set,' who never got, 'the visit.' Apparently I was worse than them and this did me a lot of harm.

    Thank you for explaining this to me from a pulpit using God Word without victimising individuals. I can accept the teaching about trousers and hair length too, when it is explained properly. It has helped me so much to get over this 'wound.'
    I no longer attend this church.

  4. But why is Head covering only mentioned in the New where in the Old Testament is made mentioned of a Head covering for women,


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