Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Another day with Becky

Sweet little Becky is a darling of a child. We love her dearly, just as we love all the children. She can be a perfect angel most of the time, but she also has her moments. Which remind me a lot of myself, so in raising her, I feel like I am challenged to also grow myself. If God ever sent us a child to teach us more than the child, she is that one. 

Sunday night the kids got to bed on the late side, as they often do after a church day. Since my husband is the pastor, we don't usually get home from the evening service until about 9 pm. Around 10, the six oldest were finally tucked in for the night, in jammies, teeth brushed and all. Yes, it is a logistical challenge! :)

Anyway, I had gone to bed with Stephen to nurse him to sleep. My pattern is to get him down, then do my chores. He was just starting to fall asleep when Becky started screaming/crying from her room. She tends to be very dramatic, so I wasn't overly alarmed, just waiting for my husband to go see what she needed. He didn't come, though (I didn't know he was taking a shower), so I left the baby to check on Becky. Stephen promptly woke up protesting loudly. 

Becky told me her ear was hurting - as it turned out, she had shoved something into the ear canal! It was a little plastic stick-on jewel from a craft kit. ARGH!!!! Thankfully, my husband was out of the shower at this point, as I was majorly upset by this. We could see the little jewel in Becky's ear, but when I had her lie down with her head on the bed, and tried to grab it with tweezers, she screamed and writhed in fear. All this, while Stephen is loudly screaming in the background. Solomon had come back out of bed to hold and comfort him, but baby was tired and having none of it. 

We did the only logical thing we could think of, and called the pediatric urgent care to see if this was something they dealt with. Thankfully, they said they could try. So off I went with Becky, at 11 pm on a Sunday night. She was calm and happy - as long as she didn't touch her ear, the jewel didn't bother her. Stephen had calmed down, so I left him home with my husband, who promptly got him back to sleep by pushing him in the stroller in the driveway. 

For some reason, Becky thought that everyone at the urgent care was there for the same reason as us. We were the only people in the waiting room, but a couple walked out with their baby while I was filling out the paperwork. The Dad had HUGE black gauges in his ears. Exclaims Becky: "Mom, I think he fell asleep laying on those, and they got stuck in his ears!" Nice! :)

The doctor tried grabbing the jewel as I had, and got the same reaction from Becky. She then sent the nurse to wash the jewel out by squirting warm water down her ear with a syringe, which successfully removed the jewel on the second try, without any discomfort on Becky's part. I know this because she would have let me know otherwise by screaming! We were offered to keep the jewel as a souvenir, but I declined. No, thanks! Who knows what Becky would dream up next! 

On our way out, yet another child walked in. Says Becky: "Wow, Mom! I didn't know so many kids shove things in their ears!" HA! We got home sometime after midnight, and all was well. 

Anyhow - seven kids and 11 years of parenting later, this was a first. As a child, I remember my older brother shoving a candy wrapper up his nose. My mom ended up having to take him to an ENT specialist. I don't remember much besides my brother screaming, and the kidney dish under his nose filling with blood after the doctor successfully removed the wrapper. That incident more than cured me of ever wanting to shove anything up my nose, ever!

I asked Becky if she remembered me telling her and her siblings not to put anything into their noses or ears. She told me she didn't, except just sometimes. How many times did she think I should have said it?? Ah - little kids! I have to remind myself she is only FOUR. 

I can laugh about it now, but my heart must have stopped for a second when it happened. Moms don't need aerobic exercise, just kids to make their pulse change erratically!!


P.S. On a side note, for my local readers, I would like to recommend Goodnight Pediatrics in Gilbert. That is where we take any of our children if they have a medical need after hours, and we have only ever had good experiences with them. All the pediatricians are very professional and courteous, they have never made an issue about our children not being vaccinated, and there is hardly ever any wait time. They have a branch closer to our house, which is always overrun, so it's worth making the drive out east to go to that particular branch. 


  1. Would have scared me to death, glad she is okay! Loved her thought on the guy with gauged ears. People purposely putting huge holes in their ears and we are the weird one lol.

  2. I'm impressed you managed to get that far without a "small object jammed into head" incident. When my dad was three years old, his mother told him "Don't put macaroni up your nose", which of course he promptly did, necessitating a house call by the doctor.

    The sad thing was, he did it again when he was forty, and this time his wife had to take him to the doctor.

    So...keep an eye on Andersons of all ages, I guess? :)

  3. I think every family has at least one challenging child like that.

  4. My son Gregory shoved a cotton ball up his nose and never told me. I had no idea, so 2 weeks later, his nose smelled like it was rotting off his face. We ended up at the ENT, and he dug that putrid, festering cotton ball out of nose. We all have ONE. Ha ha. Glad it turned out well. My ENT kept a jar, in med school, with all the stuff he pulled out of kids' noses and ears.

  5. My husband is a nurse (I know you and your husband think male nurses are homos and/or perverts but he is neither and a great nurse and has been for 20 years) and for many years we kept surgical clamps at our house for this very reason. When my second son was about 3 he shoved a broken crayon up his nose so far I couldn't get it out with tweezers. He thought it was funny for a little while. The hospital where my husband was working was a 5 minute walk from our house so I just called my husband and he came home and pulled them out with the surgical clamp. We kept a pair at the house from then on because the crayon tip wasn't the last time something went into the nose or an ear and got stuck :-D

    1. Thank you for sharing your story. Just to clarify, I do NOT think there is anything wrong with male nurses.

      Numbers 11:12 Have I conceived all this people? have I begotten them, that thou shouldest say unto me, Carry them in thy bosom, as a nursing father beareth the sucking child, unto the land which thou swarest unto their fathers?

  6. I spent much of my childhood in airports and managed, at the age of two or so to stick a red M&M up my nose. Turns out they melt in your mouth...and in other places as well! My parents are such spendthrifts they still have the tweezers they bought (mercy me, imagine!) at the airport. Perhaps my mother is keeping them in wait for one of her grandchildren to stick something in a nose or ear! I'm glad that Becky is back to herself again and no permanent damage was caused--what will our children think of next?!
    One of the things to be particularly worried about in swallowing objects are the small batteries that are in children's toys, small lights, etc. Once one is found to be swallowed an ER visit is in order, the quicker the better!

    God Bless You, Dad, the seven,


  7. Please make a post about this!! When it comes out he is even more disgusting and depraved than ever.

  8. I'm chuckling at your story (but I know it wasn't funny at the time!). In the 80's there was a breakfast cereal on the market called "Waffelos" and the father in a family down the street worked in product marketing so they always had all the new stuff before it hit the stores. The pieces of cereal were small -- little waffle squares -- and their 4yo ended up putting a piece up his nose! And go figure -- no amount of shooting water up his nose was going to get that thing out so off to the ER they went and it was finally retrieved. ETA: I just found the original TV commercial on You Tube for the cereal and one of their claims to fame was that the cereal stayed crispy in milk. No wonder flooding the nose didn't break that Waffelo down!

    AND, my sister (at age 7, so old enough to know better) painted her eyelids with glitter nail polish once. Now THAT was a good ER visit -- she's lucky she's not blind!

    Oh, the things kids will do...thanks for sharing your story. That made my day.


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