Friday, January 25, 2013

Why They Sank the Titanic

Fascinating! Please watch! 


  1. That theory has been around for quite a long time.

    I'm sorry to burst anyone's theory bubble but during a documentry they were able to find the numbers on the propellers. The numbers matched up to Titanic's number so it was indeed the Titanic that sank.

  2. I saw this the other day. Very interesting.

  3. Since your husband has not uploaded any new sermons yet *ahem ahem* ;) I watched this tonight with my husband and WHOA! Truly the love of money is the root of all evil!

  4. I haven't watched this titanic thing yet, but I agree with Karen's "ahem ahem." I look forward to my three sermons a week and have been missing them! But since there aren't recent ones, maybe my husband will watch this with me instead as we wait patiently (or not so patiently..haha) for a sermon.

  5. Karen and Jen,

    you are funny! I went to the church website to see how long it had been since the last update, and all that's missing is the last 8 days. LOL!! I guess sometimes you just have to be here!

    We had a preaching class for the guys last week that had some really great sermons. You should watch those clips if they show up online (YouTube?).

    Also, Pastor A has been busy this week preaching a complete, one-sermon-per-chapter series on the book of Revelation. He has preached through it before, but without video. This time, Paul Wittenberger (director of the "After the Tribulation" docu) recorded the audio and video professionally, and he is turning it into a "boxed set" (also free on YouTube).

    Whatever did we do without the internet??!?

  6. My husband and I watched the this the other day (via your blog). To be honest we were very skeptical at first...but after we watched it we were both convinced that this explanation is every bit as possible as the commonly accepted version.

    Also my husband and I spotted the preaching class sermons online, we hope to watch them soon. My husband has said he would like to "learn" how to preach, so hopes that those sermons, plus the regular ones we listen to of your husbands will be a help to him! :)

    Thanks for sharing.

  7. I know right? I often think on that and thank God that your husband did not become a missionary like I heard him preach once he wanted to do. Myself, along with I am sure many many others, might have never heard a clear presentation of the Gospel and gotten saved! For sure my husband and I would not have made all the changes we made in our lives if all we got was the local namby-pamby preaching :) 8 days can feel like an eternity lol Thank you for making everything free by the way.our pastor charges for everything..CD's and MP3's. I know it takes a lot of time to do all that so really thank you!

  8. I heard one of the smokestacks on the Titanic wasn't even real. It was just tacked on to make the ship look bigger than it really was.

  9. I watched this and was convinced but then i watched this: "Conspiracies- Titanic:The Ship That Never Sank" which is on the same youtube channel and it presents a pretty good case against the switch theory. Nevertheless it is very fascinating to investigate such things. It's sad that most people will call you a kook for even looking into this kind of stuff. If it is true it is still not the biggest case of fraud compared to 9/11 and Obama's birth certificate.


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