Sunday, December 9, 2012

Fake Kent Hovind Messages

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The facebook page called "Kent Hovind - public figure" claims to be "the OFFICIAL KENT HOVIND page." However, Dr. Hovind has no control over the contents of this page. He constantly sends out messages that he says should be posted to facebook, but they never get posted. Instead things are posted that he never actually said or approved. Here is an example:

Someone seeing this post would obviously assume that this is something that Dr. Kent Hovind is sharing, approves of, and wants everyone to watch. However, that is NOT the case. Dr. Hovind has REPEATEDLY demanded that he be in control of the contents of his facebook page and blog. Here is what Dr. Kent Hovind actually says about people posting things in his name.

Kent Hovind:

One more thot on the face book page issue you sent me this morning- I can already predict the response, "Dad! You love Ray Comfort and sell his stuff and recommend him all the time! You have stayed at his house and preached with him! You sold his books. What is the issue? I never dreamed that would be a problem!!"

Eric, and some in the family, will NOT see, recognize or admit the real issue in all this. The above will be the 'cover story' for why it was done as was. They REALLY don't see it brother and they REALLY will have (feigned) indignation over my statements on this. I thot I'd wait a few hours to add this so my prediction will get there AFTER he responds (if he does) or at least has the above internal reaction in his heart. Paul made it PUBLIC in II Thes 2:1-3 that he did NOT send that letter about the Day of Christ being past already. There are BILLIONS of copies of his proclamation in print today!

All this sort of goes along with those who feel complete freedom to change God's Words with new 'bible' versions and still call them "God's Words" or "Holy Bible" right on the cover. It's just I Tim. 6:10 again! Neh. 8:8 gives the three clear steps we should take with God's Words- 1. Read the Word as is, 2. Explain the Word, 3. Cause the people to understand. We are NOT authorized to change God's Words but we ARE authorized and encouraged to read them as is and explain them and teach them (#2-3)! No one is authorized to put words in my mouth, alter my words or sign my name under things I did not write of make it appear that it came from me if it didn't. No one is authorized to claim to speak for me or claim to have "The Official Kent Hovind page" etc. without my permission. I hold little hope this message will be understood or acted upon. :((

I'm NOT trying to cause trouble or make people mad! I'm just trying to point out what I see and some others don't. :) I'm the innocent victim here. I'm really a very nice guy! Actually, I'm the nicest guy I have ever met in my HUMBLE totally unbiased opinion! :)) We will see what God thinks about that one day soon! I HOPE He agrees and says, "Well done..."

I'm Kent Hovind and I approve this message! This message may be shared if unaltered.
Here is what the "Kent Hovind - public figure" page says:
This is the OFFICIAL KENT HOVIND PAGE, under the operation of CSE & God Quest Ministries.

Well, there you have it. It is under the operation of GQ, and NOT Kent Hovind.


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  2. Just an FYI:

    "Kent Hovind - Public Figure" just posted a video called "Genius" by
    Ray Comfort that is all about John Lennon. Basically, Ray Comfort is
    an apologist for John Lennon that he wasn't so bad and that he was
    really sorry when he said the Beatles were more popular than Jesus
    Christ, and that's not what he meant, and the lyrics to Imagine
    actually aren't that bad, etc, etc.

    This video is the worst thing I've ever seen out of Ray Comfort, and
    that is saying a lot. The Gospel that this video promotes is NOT EVEN
    CLOSE to being the truth. This video does not even begin to teach that
    salvation is by "faith" or "believing on the Lord Jesus Christ." This
    video is teaching that if you still sin, you are false convert. This
    video borders on teaching sinless perfection. It is one of the most
    HARDCORE presentations of WORKS SALVATION ever. Also, not one shred of
    KJV scripture.

    So my question is, why are you posting this crap? (I'm kidding, of
    course, since you have no control over what "you" are posting on
    facebook). However, I'm sure MANY people assume that you are the one
    who posted this video. Also, here is what "you" said about the video:

    "If you call yourself a Christian, you have to watch this film."

    Your last 2 blog posts have not shown up on this page. Instead "you"
    have posted a video about John Lennon and an advertisement for
    Christmas shopping at the Creation Today online store.

    Here are some scriptures that Ray Comfort has failed to read/believe:

  3. Dr. Kent Hovind is amazing! His seminars have thoroughly enriched our homeschool. His "Kneemail" is a great encouragement as well. What a blessing from God...

    As for "Genius:"
    Our family saw the film & didn't like it at all. Instead of a finding a clear presentation of the gospel message, we left with an odd sympathy for John Lennon-completely misplaced & unbiblical. That is probably why the film is not doing as well as they hoped.

    *We're actually first-time listeners to FWBC WONDERFUL online sermons (we ironically found through Dr. Hovind's blog re. "After the Tribulation"). I tried to email church today but message came back instead. Is there another way to submit a specific prayer/soul-winning request? Thanks

  4. Newtown, Connecticut . . . one more reason to home school.

  5. I something to add about Connecticut Janet.
    Connecticut was another inside job, planned by the same people that have pulled all the little pranks on the population so far.
    I'll cut it short: they want to disarm the people then ... all hells will break lose. It's gonna happen sometime soon now, since their problem-reaction-solution trikey never tumbles over. I'm too tired to explain further... I think most people here know what I mean. Welcome to the end of days.


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