Tuesday, November 13, 2012

You can leave your headdress on

Reading the news is always very entertaining. Such as today, when one of the top headlines on the Yahoo News page was about a Victoria's Secret fashion show. Evidently, the model representing "November" wore a "floor-length feathered headdress, fringed bikini and turquoise accessories."

Image: Getty; Black dress courtesy of Yours Truly

Turns out, "Native American leaders and women rose up to say that Kloss had misrepresented them and their culture." No wonder - who would want to be represented as a floozie by someone whose body is for sale (which it is).

So that was not the funny part. 

I laughed out loud when I read how the model, Karlie Kloss, tweeted the following regarding the headdress: "I am deeply sorry if what I wore during the VS Show offended anyone. I support VS's decision to remove the outfit from the broadcast."

Karlie, that's very sweet of you. But just between the two of us, your floor-length headdress is not nearly as offensive as the rest of your clothing, or rather, lack thereof. You can leave your headdress on, but why not add an Indian dress of some sort? Your future husband and child(ren) will thank you.

P.S. I had never heard of Karlie Kloss before. When I googled her name, these were the  suggested auto-searches:

Looks like she is known for disordered eating and social media.

Karlie, are you still there? Maybe also add some Indian fry bread to your revised image.

P.P.S. Wikipedia says her hobby is baking cookies. This is getting funnier and funnier.


  1. I was in a fashion show this past week. No, I'm not some raving beauty, just a normal age 60+ woman. I wore one casual outfit and one dressy. It was a show representing the different businesses in town. There were lots of winter outfits, some great vintage outfits from antique stores, and two women did model swimsuits. They were actually quite modest but I said no way would I ever model a swimsuit! And underwear, forget it.

    That headdress is beautiful. The shoes are ugly. And I'm pretty sure the black dress is better than the underwear.

  2. Lady, what the heck are you doing complaining over some models outfit? Go do something useful in your life. And they're Native Americans or First Nation people, not Indians. Get a life.

    1. So let me get this straight... It is NOT okay for me to "complain" about a model's outfit, but it is okay for Native Americans to do so?

      And it is okay for you to complain about my complaining, just so long as I don't complain? Aha, that makes sense!

      And "First People" - I didn't know Adam and Eve were Cherokee. We have lots of Indians in our church. We love them dearly as brothers and sisters in Christ, as they very well know.

  3. Good job on drawing a dress on her, I like how you even made the bottom all flowy (not really a word I know).

  4. She was modeling for a lingerie company, what do you expect her to wear?

  5. I agree that the underwear are completely inappropriate but, you really shouldn't make fun of an eating disorder. If she is anorexic I feel sorry for her and will pray for her. It's a lot of pain for a girl to go through.

  6. Native American culture should be respected. No, she should NOT leave the headdress on.

  7. Love love LOVE the black dress!! Very nice...probably the most modest any Victoria's Secret model will ever look. And yes, she can keep that headdress on...better yet, turn it around to cover the immodesty. Then, wear a second to cover the back! Yep...unique she will be! :)

  8. Spot on as usual :)
    PS the dress is way better than the original outfit

  9. Before coming to Christ I used to be a model and I wish someone had told me to put some clothes on and shield my body for my husband. Sadly, we live in a world that not only accepts nakedness and immodesty, but seems to praise it. A woman is somehow considered more confident and "strong" if she takes her clothes off and struts around. I get why they wanted to take the outfit out of the show, but I don't see how emulating another culture is worse than strutting around naked and making young girls (like me when I was young) think that is what beauty is.

  10. I had anorexia nervosa as a young woman. She chooses to have this eating disorder. I chose it for years. I do not have sympathy for someone who purposely starves themselves and I can judge because I did it myself.

  11. Hilarious! Loved her new black dress too!

  12. I love that dress you drew! I'd wear it in red :P

  13. I was Looking for your Husband's "Border Patrol Incident & saw the "Indian headdress" post ...

    I have had a LOSING BATTLE with a Young "CHRISTIAN" woman about her "MODELING PIC'S" on her "FB PAGE" ... I eventually unfriended her ...

    Maybe you can "PERSUADE" her?
    Sara Castillo (on FB)

    Good job MOM ... Protect your Daughters (and Sons) !!!

    PPS can you sen me the Address to the RST of the Legal stuff that happened to your husband?

  14. Our country is the land of the easily offended and the easily offended seem to force their wishes upon everyone else. She should have told those people to get over themselves! I do like the dress you put on the woman. Who would even buy that ugly underwear anyway??

  15. The Indian head-dress is/was worn by Native Americans during sacred rituals. For anyone else to wear a head-dress is offensive to the Native American people. I read an essay by a Native American lady. She compared it to someone paining their face back and wearing an afro wig to celebrate Black Histoty month.

  16. She should eat a few dozen Navajo tacos then she wouldn't be so darned skinny.

  17. A bit unrelated, but I have some questions about what you wear. I committed myself to skirts only over the summer and now that colder weather is here I find it harder. Do you think you could do a blog post on what you wear in a week with photos of yourself and your girls? I would also like to know what you wear to jog, hike, and ride a bike. How to stay warm in cold weather, and what shoes you wear? I have a very limited wardrobe right now and would love ideas of what to look for.

  18. Judge not, that ye be not judged...............

  19. I think that some of y'all may be missing the point of this post. While Ms. Kloss wearing a "sacred" and pagan Indian, eh, excuse me, Native American head dress may be offensive to some folks, the real issue should be, she's NAKED (certainly by Biblical standards, if not by your own) ON A STAGE, IN FRONT OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE!!! I don't want to over-step and put words in Mrs. Anderson's mouth, but I'm pretty sure her point is that there is far greater offense and sin being committed against God Almighty by her lewdness, and that her head dress is just fine by comparison.

    And for Anon up there, the verse that follows the one you quoted is:

    For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.

    It doesn't say not to call sin sin.

  20. I must chime in and agree with the others. Whilst I agree that the Victoria Secret Fashion Show is inappropriate for television (as women, we know what we must wear under our clothes to be appropriate!) I have to also say that anorexia is a serious disease and one symptom is an increase in making food for others, thus explaining one of her favourite activities described as 'baking cookies.'

    Despite what someone's profession happens to be and whether or not I agree with her professions, views, etc., I pray for this young woman and other men and women in their strides to overcome this disease. (Which is not CHOSEN, Anonymous @ 12:16) Anorexia and bulimia has taken too many lives to poke fun at the sufferers.

    Amanda: Zsuzsanna and her family live in Arizona, a warm climate, but as someone who lives in a much cooler one, I suggest wool, plush stockings, long boots that go up past under my skirt, thick skirts (made of wool, canvas, denim, or other thick fabric) with petticoats or long underwear or 'cuddleduds' underneath, closed-toe shoes, and for the little ones, pants under their dresses. “Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the LORD, she shall be praised.”(Proverbs 31:30).

    The changes to the blog look fantastic and I'm amazed how much the kiddos have grown, especially young Master Stephen, what a little lovey!

    May God bless you, Dad, and the seven,


    P.S. I'm very flattered that you used the information I sent you when you "galloped" through Kentucky!

  21. To the last anon: y'all keep judging other people "for a living" per se, all the time, don't you. Since your meal ticket Obama has been re-elected, you can all continue spending all day online judging and bashing people you don't like. I hope you are all happy and haven't yet sobered out, that would be too early and a dishonor to your meal ticket. You know what most people tell their kids thanks to people like you? "Santa's not coming this year, he said Obama has given out enough free stuff already."

    To Zsuzsanna: I like it how you don't shy away from keeping up with "worldly" things. That makes you actually much more credible than over-sheltered housewives, esp. wives of pastors that say "Victoria who? What secret?" You can maintain balance between knowing about worldly stuff and living a dirtless life. I honor that. Keep your eyes peeled and keep spreading the word. Thank goodness most of your readers are useful members of society, and actually sober and free of prescription drugs. Lol. We'll stick around.

  22. I am a Muslim and conservative, too. I am against imodesty and nakedness, and I understand your point of view. But with the rise of radicals in my country and those who "religiously" judge and label others according to their "sins", I decided not to do the same. I dress modestly, but still I won't judge someone who does not, and I agree with the comment above that says "Judge not, that ye be not judged...............". Sorry if my first comment in your blog is not total praise; you are such a fantastic, faithful woman. I liked your blog very much. Regards from Egypt. Nada

  23. You're very judgemental. Everyone should respect other people's lifestyle! Yes, maybe there's an issue with the headpiece, but hey! She's gorgeous, has a killer body and decided to be a model? So what! Leave her alone. If you love being a housewife, breed an army of children, be modest, submissive to your husband... hey! No one's judging you! So stop doing that to other people... There's another world outside of yours...


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