Monday, November 19, 2012

Solomon's 11th birthday

Solomon turned 11 at the end of September. I just realized I never had a chance to upload pictures from his big day.

I had closed the boys' bedroom door, taped over it from the outside, and filled the space in between with about 5 dozen balloons that came cascading into the bedroom when they opened the door. The boys all loved it. I was slightly bleary-eyed from having to get up at 4 am to pull this one off in time.

 Solomon had seen this picture frame at the Capitol Museum on a field trip. I talked him out of buying it, just so I could get it for him as a gift, complete with a photo of us all.

 Can you tell how dark it is in all these pictures? The kids seriously get up at about 5 am whenever one of them has a birthday.

 Birthday hugs

The requested birthday breakfast consisted of bacon, pancakes, eggs, bacon, toast, smoothies, and of course, bacon. I don't remember what we had for his special dinner, but it probably involved bacon. :)

Our main gift was an r/c helicopter. After a few crashes, Solomon has become an expert pilot. Except when he gets it stuck up high in a tree at the park...

For the special outing, my husband took the three boys to a local roller-coaster park. They had so much fun they forgot to take any pictures!!! Which practically means it never even happened at all.

Solomon is such a special blessing, and a wonderful first child to have. He is a great helper to me, and a good older brother to his siblings.

Happy Birthday, Big Boy! We love you!!!


  1. Happy birthday, Soli, from Egypt :)

  2. You can't beat bacon on your birthday or any other day. Looks like Solomon had a great birthday.

  3. Random question. I spotted a 'this is Anfield' sticker on the mirror in the first picture, Liverpool fans? Or is this something random?

    1. Keen eye! I was wondering if anyone was going to spot that and comment on it.

      A reader from the UK sent it to us in a package with other wonderful things as part of our "Galloping the Globe" studies. It's been stuck there ever since, although we do not follow any particular soccer team.

      If you are that observant, I take it you didn't miss how dirty the mirror looks with that flash on it?!? :)

    2. Oh wow, I never spotted that sticker, Natalie did have a keen eye! My family are from Liverpool and lots of them still live there! :)

    3. I am a huge Liverpool fan, I made a 400 mile round trip yesterday to go watch a game (I live near London) getting back at gone 3am, before having to get up very early anyway.
      So I tend to spot Liverpool things very quickly, and I may seem observant, but I missed the dirty mirror, I was too pleasantly surprised by the sticker :)

  4. Happy Birthday! He HAS gotten big! What a sweet boy. Glad he had a special day. Rollercoasters would be a blast!


  5. Happy belated birthday! So grown-up!

  6. Happy 11th Birthday Solomon! He looked so happy to be enjoying his special day! :)


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