Thursday, November 8, 2012

Family Portraits

Did you notice the new pictures in the side bar? Only 3 months after his birth, I finally managed to add a little blurb about baby Stephen. :)

The fabulous Kris Steele, the lady who did all the murals at our church buildings, took these pictures of us at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix.

 Six kids out of seven - no babies on the wall!

 Love Stephen's face in this one...

 John is missing a few front teeth right now

 Lil' Man

 The only picture we got of Anna smiling - she was asserting her new-found independence by making a point not to cooperate. Human nature is a strange animal...

 Da Boss - multitasking

 Waiting to be "staged"

And, my favorite of the 120+ photos we took:

 The kids blowing off steam once we were done

Post-photo shoot dinner at Buon Gusto Gourmet Pizza in Tempe

Alright, we're good on the family photos front until we add a new family member. ;)


  1. I love 'em! Getting everyone to look pleasant is no small task!

  2. The picture of you holding your baby and looking down at him is so sweet. :)

  3. Beautiful pictures - she did a good job! Wow, Becky and Miriam's hair has gotten long - very pretty.

  4. They came out so great!!! What a lovely family.

  5. Zsuzsanna you look so pretty. All of the pictures are beautiful.

  6. hi Zsuzsanna
    my children loved smiling at your children and were amazed by the super tall cactus's they are not a common site here in Ireland!!
    This is probably a silly comment but you know the way people think 7 children is a huge number and are critical(not me though i think it's great it what god created us women to do birth and care for our children)
    but anyway on looking at your photos 7 looks tiny it doesn't look crowded or anything it looks small to me:-))They are lovely,I think big loving close families are great i'd love more and I love that my children are great friends..
    I'm enjoying your blog it's encouraging.and all your posts are great
    thanks God bless you all

  7. Beautiful family. I loved seeing the kiddos bouncing around in circles. That is how our kiddos are too. SO full of life! Stephen has grown!!! He looks like you. Adorable. WIshing we were closer, to fellowship.


  8. My fav. pic is of you and the baby. I love the love for him in your eyes.
    Your boys are getting more manly and handsome as time goes by. Ha... They have a very nice bone structure and a PERFECT hairline. Hairline has always been my weakness. I wonder how long before they'll receive love letters from the little girls : ) You'll wonder: wow, when did all this happen? Last time I checked, the boys were playing in the dirt!
    I was also amazed when I saw fine-haired Becky's thick ponytail. Then I realized: she had her hair in 2 tails and that was just half of the amount of her hair. Love Miriam's cheeks and oh, that pointy jaw, that's extremely charming. Makes her smile even cuter. The baby is adorable, and Annie is gorgeous. Love it all. I love the setting too. So exotic. You are one blessed lady.

  9. I love the pics because of the bootanical garden surrounding and the colours you chose for clothing. Very natural and pleasing to the eye. Also the sunlight creates depths and atmosphere. Lovely big family!

  10. Beautiful family!

  11. Great photos. The setting was a beautiful place to get them taken at. Baby Stephen sure is a cutie.

  12. You have such a beautiful family! You are so very blessed, but I think you already knew that. :) It is very obvious how much love there is in within your family.

  13. Beautiful family photos! I haven't been around much and therefore I haven't seen much of your newest sweet baby. He is adorable! What a sweetie pie!!


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