Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fall update

Note: Please excuse the quality of the photos. The lens of my camera had to go in for repairs, so these were taken on my phone. 
Is anyone else surprised by how quickly this year has gone by? Here we are, just one week away from Thanksgiving! The old saying "The days are long but the years fly by" is so true. 

The days and weeks around here have been a blur. I am just so thankful for all the time we get to spend with the children. As it is, we do not get around to doing half of the things we would like to do with them, let alone if I had to work outside the home, and they were off at school most of the day.

Each day, it is the little things that are the most precious. Like when Anna pushed the Learning Tower over to help me with the breakfast dishes, but instead discovered magnets for the first time. She has played with magnetic letters and animals before, but these magnets were much larger and stronger. 

Recently, my husband took Solomon and Isaac on a work trip with him. They left at 5 am, so I had some trouble waking them that early. Half-asleep as they were, Isaac's first words were "Thank you for letting us go with Dad!", and Solomon said "I love you so much!" It was so sweet. I think they will make wonderful husbands one day. John felt all big, what with being "the oldest man in the house". He did miss his brothers, though, and felt sad at bedtime, because he said having the boys' bedroom all to himself was very boring. Miriam was trying to cheer him up by offering to play with him, and it wasn't even pretending to get married, her favorite game. It was nice having some special time with just the younger ones while the two big boys were gone.

Week before last, we went hiking near Camp Verde. If you live in Arizona, enjoy hiking, and have small children, I highly recommend the "Creaky Knees Guide Arizona". It is packed with the best easy hikes our state has to offer. I found my copy at Sam's Club. Of course, what is rated "easy" for an adult, is still a challenge with a lot of littles. We hiked the "Bell Trail" which runs into a canyon along a creek. I had packed a fantastic picnic lunch to enjoy before heading out on the trail. The only problem was that I had accidentally left about half of it at home, something we didn't realize until we sat down to eat. The kids and I ate lettuce and tomato sandwiches while waiting for my husband to head back to the nearest little town and buy some more food. It was funny, and reminded me of the engine-cooked hot dogs last summer. The kids are still talking about how good they were, and we are always like, "Ew!!!"

The kids loved playing in the creek, and the crystal-clear pools of water.

Of course, trips like this are the exception, not the rule. Most days we stay home, and just do everyday things like school work, chores, and playing outside. 

And every single day, I get to look at this little sweet face. Stephen is such a happy baby, and beams whenever any of us plays and talks with him.

Miriam is forever asking to play with him, and is surprisingly competent at caring for him for a few minutes (under close supervision, of course). She loves to "read" to Stephen. Here he is, listening intently as she chatters on while he sucks on his fingers (a new favorite).

The girls are like three little hens forever clucking over this little chicken.

Stephen still loves baths. John snapped this picture of him.

Ready for bed, all snug and warm and sweet smelling.

Winter has finally started to make its appearance around here. We do not really have a change in seasons, we just go in one night from having to use air conditioning, to having to use the heater. No joke! Last week was still around 90 degrees during the day, but temperatures have suddenly dropped since then.

Most of my Christmas shopping, including for extended family, is done. We are taking next week off from homeschooling completely to give us some extra time for fall crafts and activities. The Christmas cards we ordered just came in today, so we might actually get those out on time this year!

Hope you are enjoying the season in your little corner of the world.


  1. Anna playing with the magnets is the cutest thing ever !

  2. When you are hiking do you ever encounter snakes? That would be my one fear in AZ. The park where you hiked looks beautiful.

  3. She is so sweet, she's lucky I'm not there or I'd be tempted to pinch her cheeks! I know that everyone says that your children take after your husband, but I really find that Anna takes after you! Miriam looks like she's enjoying playing 'little mother'. And what nice pictures you took on your hike--it must be nice to get them to expel all that energy!

    God bless you, Dad, and the seven,


  4. You sound really sweet when you're talking. Some people think you are too tough or something, but you have to keep 6 small to medium size children in line alone WHILE taking care of an infant. This is what most people don't get about you. You are unbelievably strong. You have to "wear the pants" in the absence of your husband, that's a tough job with so many little ones around. I would also happily "submit" and pass the "hat" or "pants" onto him once he's home, and have a little rest finally. Don't let anyone dull your shine. It takes a tough woman to raise children properly, not just let them grow like chickenweed while drinking and playing cityville... Anna is a doll : )

  5. Aw Zsuzsanna,
    these pictures and the video are so lovely.
    Looks like ye had a great time out hiking my children would love that too.
    you're a lovely mama to your lovely 7 children:-)))
    Enjoy a nice Thanksgiving together all 9 of you.
    lots of love nòra x
    ps the change in sudden temperature that you mentioned reminds me of the 'Long Winter' in the little house books ,we are reading this one at the moment together it was from one of your older posts that i found out about them,as i really wanted stories for my children to read that were wholesome and couldn't find them till now.We love them so much we are enjoying them immensely ,we asked our local library to reserve all the titles in that series for us which they are kindly doing..So thanks for your recommendation.My son pretends to be Almanzo and would love to have met him!!Thanks again..Enjoy a good day together..Nòra:-))))
    Ps my children think Stephen and Anna are so cute:-))


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