Friday, October 12, 2012

Urgent request for help!!!

We received the following email from Kent Hovind today:

October 12, 2012
From Dr. Kent Hovind:
Hey friends!  It's Friday morning at 7 am MST.  I packed my stuff yesterday so they will be moving me at any time.  It may be today or it may be days from now BUT, I was just asked by my case manager to sign a release form for the BOP to release info about my situation to Senator Marco Rubio's office in Florida.  Apparently he contacted them and is seeking to help me get closer to home!  BOP policy is that inmates be within 500 miles of home but, unless many step in NOW, I will probably end up in Berlin, New Hampshire to help fill their new camp.  The fact that it is further from home than here doesn't matter.  They need bodie$ to rai$e the budget.
  Anyway, I will most likely be in the Oklahoma transfer center for a day or two so they can STILL change and designate me to PENSACOLA or Maxwell in Montgomery, AL which is 170 miles away.  PLEASE contact Senator Rubio's office TODAY and ask that they designate me to inside my region according to BOP policy and as my sentencing judge recommended.
   I predict the form I just signed will be SLOWLY processed (ie-weeks) to attempt to prevent the Senator from interceding in time.  When you call his office mention that I did sign it and do want his help.  He can contact the camp here and my case manager Mrs. Beiker, who has the form, can fax it or verify it right away.  While I am en route they can still redesignate me IF they get enough pressure!  Like Esther, sometimes action must be taken before it is too late!  Please pray for this situation and make a call!
   If any of you that post this can add Senator Rubio's phone or email or address please do.  Thanks for your prayers and help!!
 Kent Hovind

To give you some background info, Dr. Hovind has been held in Colorado since last year, well outside the 500 mile radius recommended by the BOP (Bureau of Prisons), making it very difficult for his family to visit.

With this new camp opening in Berlin, NH, he would be even farther away from  home if transferred there, which is what it seems like they are trying to do. 

Please heed his call for help by contacting the office of Senator Marco Rubio from Florida TODAY by emailor by phone at  (407) 254-2573. Please ask to speak to Tom.

Please mention that: 

  • Kent Hovind received his request to release info about his case, has filled out and submitted the form, and would like Marco Rubio's help.
  • Please ask for Marco Rubio to contact Kent Hovind's case manager, Mrs. Beiker, to ask her to fax or verify the form right away. To contact Mrs. Beiker, please ask Marco Rubio / his office to call the prison at 719-784-9464. The switchboard will ask him for the name of the inmate (Kent Hovind) and his number (06452-017) before being able to transfer him to Mrs. Beiker. Please do NOT call Mrs. Beiker yourself - this information is on here only to make it easy to share with Senator Rubio. 
  • Please ask for Marco Rubio to intercede on Kent Hovind's behalf immediately, as he is already ready for transfer, so he can be rerouted closer to home (per BOP policy and the recommendation of the sentencing judge), rather than being moved further away from home. Dr. Hovind's first choice would be to be transferred to Pensacola, FL; his second choice is the Maxwell facility in Montgomery, AL. 

Please also share this post on Facebook, your blog, via email, or any other outlet you choose.

Thank you all so much!


  1. Thank you for posting this. I emailed and called and the receptionist has said he's been receiving calls about this today so Praise the Lord!

  2. I sent Sen. Marco Rubio a e-mail. I hope it helps.

  3. I live on border of Oklahoma. I'd be interested in and willing to visit him if he goes to transfer center in Oklahoma, if I knew the address and if that facility allows him visitors. God bless and go with, Dr. Bovine.

  4. My opinion may differ from yours Mrs. Anderson, but prison is prison and for what it is worth I think when you are put in prison you should actually be put as far away from your loved ones as possible! How nice it must be for him, a convicted criminal, to have the tax payers (me and my husband) paying for his computer time, meals, heat and a/c!

  5. Mrs. Anderson: The Bureau of Prisons will try to place an inmate at a facility within 500 miles of his home if they're able to do, but there may be other reasons why it cannot do so. For example, if the local federal prisons are already at or exceeding capacity, obviously he can't be moved there.

    Other factors taken into consideration (which may or may not apply here) include: nature of the crime committed, whether the offender is a member of a gang and needs to be housed separately, whether there's a special need involved. But, to be blunt, there's no REQUIREMENT that Kent Hovind be housed within 500 miles of home.

    1. We emailed Senator Rubio on Friday evening. I do pray he will consider the hardship on this dear man of God. The whole thing is just horrible. Many crowns await Dr. Hovind. Thanks for the information.
      For Jesus,

  6. It's unfortunate but as they say.."If you do the crime..." He really should have thought about the convenience of his family before engaging in illegal activities. I feel badly for his family but he didn't put them first and unfortunately everyone else involved with this case cannot do it for him. :(

    1. He DIDN'T put his family first. It's really sad.

  7. Paula:
    Men of God are just as capable of making bad decisions as anyone else is. And they must also suffer the consiquences. David had a heart for God but made some bad decisions and suffered for them as well.

  8. I'm sorry and with all due respect, Mrs. Anderson...I have to disagree, also. If you do the crime you should pay the price and the time. As an Air Force family...who chooses to obey the rules set forth........we do not get to choose the Air Force Base we get stationed at to be near family. Why should there be an option for someone who has committed a crime to be near there family?

  9. I emailed hope that helps . Dawn.


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