Sunday, October 21, 2012

Becky's 4th Birthday

Sweet little Becky turned 4 this year. Seems that time just keeps flying by faster and faster!

It is hard to remember a time when we did not have Becky. In fact, it's hard to remember a time when we did not have a 4-year old, talking, mischievous, and incredibly cute Becky. She is such a sweet little creature, and sure knows how to keep us ever on our toes. Smart as a whip, she will never accept an easy answer to any of her many questions. She is a real math whiz, and about two years ahead of her level even at this young age.

 She had been wanting a ring sling for her doll for a long time

Dress-up clothes are always a favorite gift

 Strawberry shortcakes for breakfast

A baby carrier I sewed her for her dolly
Typically, when one of the children has a birthday, we don't do any school work. We try to do a special outing or field trip instead, and the birthday child gets to choose what they would like to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Additionally, we usually do a party for every child, every year, although siblings whose birthdays are within days of one another may share a party (John and Anna, Isaac and Miriam). 

For Becky's birthday, we visited the Phoenix Zoo, and did all the "extras" they offer, such as feeding the giraffes and riding a camel.

For her birthday dinner, she asked to eat at Chick-Fil-A. Not my first choice, but then, it wasn't my birthday.

For the party a few days later, we had a "cookie decorating" theme, and decorated all kinds of animal-shaped sugar cookies.

Lots of toppings to choose from

Becky is a sweet little muffin, and we are so grateful for her!!


  1. Precious!! I love the dress up clothes too. I only had one girl, but she was a dress up one for sure.

    Memories of family together!

  2. What fun! I do remember wondering where your October birthday girl was, as I'm an October myself! Happy soon-to-be-half birthday, Rebecca!


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