Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wordless Wednesday


  1. Whose baby is that? It can't be yours. How did he grow so much and so fast! Look at that grin!! So sweet :) Thank you for sharing.

  2. Zsuzsa, please, please tell me that Stephen had been unbuckled after the car had stopped and before this picture was taken. The chest clip needs to be at armpit height, and you shouldn't be able to grab the strap between 2 fingers on the shoulders. That's how snug the harness should be. Also - please buckle the crotch buckle!

    Truly not trying to be snarky. I'm sure you know all of this - this is your 7th afterall - but you might be surprised how many people do not.

  3. Your baby boy is so darling!!! My youngest is turning 1 in two weeks and seeing your precious little one makes me long for another. His grin makes me grin. Take care Anderson family.

  4. You may want to delete this comment since it does not refer to your post directly. I was wondering why you don't try to earn some money with your blog. You have a huge audience and some Amazon and Google Adsense ads would not hurt. You can chose yourself which ads you want to display. Give it a try! There are people with less visitors than you who earn $ 1,000 a month or even more. i don't think there is anything shameful with earning money from your hobby. Have a good day!

  5. Susan, they always grow too fast, don't they?

    Jessica, thank you. Can I share your big news on my blog? :)

    anon and Amanda, thank you!

    Lilly, I was in the process of buckling Stephen. Because I hate forcing his little arms through tight straps, I loosen them every single time before buckling him in, and then tighten them once all the buckles are snapped. I stopped in the middle of all that because he was really smiley, hoping to finally get a good shot.

    anon, I have thought about monetizing my blog, but I'm concerned about weird ads showing up. I'm still undecided on it.

  6. I have meant to ask for some time - are you still on your journey of study through the U.S. States? If so, what state are you on and how far do you hope to go this school year?


  7. Andrea (anon), yes, we are! So far this year, we have done Kentucky and North Carolina. Next week, SC then TN and going through all the Southern states east to west. It's been great fun! I have not updated the map in the side bar in ages, and really have to do that. We are planning to finish up with the states by the end of this school year.


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