Thursday, September 27, 2012

Field Trip Fridays

With the school year in full swing, we are back to our weekly field trips. Thankfully, the weather outside is starting to become somewhat bearable.
The pictures below are from a couple of weeks ago, when we visited the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix. This is a wonderful place to go for strolls in the winter, just as long as nobody gets attacked by any jumping cholla. 

Don't these look like tiny pineapples?

There are always lizards aplenty.

John, dressed up as a sheriff. 

Becky was like: "Oh, look, there are strawberries growing on the cactus!"

For this Friday's special outing, the guys are going to a local roller-coaster park in honor of Solomon's 11th (gasp!) birthday in the evening. The girls and I will just have some fun at home.


  1. Great pictures! I agree about the little pineapples - they totally like that. Hope your little ones didn't try to eat them :-) (I am sure they are too smart for that...)

    And a happy early birthday to Solomon!!

  2. Are the girls to small to go to the roller coaster park, is that why they don't get to go?

  3. They are too small for most rides, plus the guys are going in the evening and might be out late. They will have some "man" time instead of dragging the little girls along.

  4. Your poor deprived children who are home schooled. They get to go on field trips and outings more than 2-3 times a year and are not stuck sitting at a desk for 8 hours inside, where there is 1 teacher per 30-40 kids.

  5. What a wonderful family. Thank you for sharing the picture of your "blessings" sitting all together. Precious. Every face smiling!

  6. Your kids just get more cute all the time , I wish we had as many places to go on field trips as you do . Dawn.

  7. Oh for goodness sake "Unknown at 12:45", let's not be ridiculous. There are advantages and disadvantages to both home schooling and out-of-home schooling, but I can assure you that my children, both of whom attend an out-of-home school, are not "stuck sitting at a desk for 8 hours inside". I can assure you, if that were the case, then I too would be a homeschooler. I'm not going to list the advantages and benefits of out-of-home schooling because I don't feel the need to justify my decision. Suffice to say that public school works perfectly for my children, and they are very happy, content and active there.



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