Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wow, what a shock - NOT!

The big news in independent fundamental Baptist (IFB) circles this week is the dismissal of Jack Schaap, pastor of the First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana, for an alleged affair with a 16-year old. Church leaders contacted authorities after finding images of Schaap and the victim in compromising situations on a cell phone he left lying around. The FBI and sherriff's department are also investigating, since this case involves a minor, as well as crossing state lines with the underage victim for the alleged interludes. 

All I can say, is: How is anyone surprised by this?

My husband left Hyles-Anderson College in November of 2005, just months short of graduating, after it became evident that Schaap was a false teacher, and worse yet, a pervert. He has been pointing him out as such ever since. Only a complete freak would (in graphic detail, no less) compare the Lord's supper to having s** with God. I have blogged about him myself a few times. Yesterday, I found excerpts from a recent sermon by Schaap that were shocking, even after having heard so much smut out of the man's mouth already. Who in their right mind sits under that sort of "preaching", much less allows their children to be exposed to his dirty ramblings?

Schaap getting busted was not a question of "if", but "when." Personally, I would be shocked if we do not learn of many more horrific and sordid details involving him. 

I agree that we should mourn and pray for all those hurt and negatively affected by this man's egregious sins. At the same time, it is not wrong to rejoice that a perpetrator has been caught, exposed, and will hopefully face criminal charges. We should wish the same upon all wolves in sheep's clothing. And believe me, there are many of them - take a look at this list for just a few of them.  

It is true that scandals such as this are not unique to IFB churches - the Catholic church and other denominations have had their fair share and more. Yet, no doubt, there will be those who will attack God, the Bible, churches, and Baptists in general over this. 

The truth is, most IFB churches, or any churches for that matter, operate in a way that is conducive to perpetrators. Their infrastructure makes access to potential victims easy. Whether or not the church is good or bad, perverts will infiltrate it simply because they can, and can do so with relative ease.

Ministries such as nurseries and Christian schools, summer camps, counseling, etc. all  become inherently dangerous when church leaders and/or workers are allowed unsupervised access to easy targets such as children or disabled people. It is impossible to tell who is and who isn't a bad person. Background checks are worthless - Jack Schaap for one had a clean past record. 

Our church never has offered any such ministries, nor will it ever. The preaching service is for everyone - no kids get ushered off to a separate class, away from their parents. We do not have nurseries. If you want to counsel with the pastor, you can ask him a question before or after the service - in the open church building, not behind some office door somewhere. Our camps are for the entire family. I could go on.

Furthermore, any structure that unduly idolizes a single leader is bound to fail. If you are making molten images of your deceased leaders, you can be sure you have a personality cult on your hands. All you need to complete your recipe for disaster is to then place a wolf in sheep's clothing in that position of leadership - and voila! - another pervert succeeds.

Of course, the devil loves to use scandals such as this to turn Christianity in general into a laughing stock. The problem is not with God, or the Bible, or a literal interpretation of the latter. The problem is with unbiblical church structure, unbiblical ministries, a lack of discernment, and an overabundance of wrongly placed trust.

I've said it before, I'll keep saying it: Don't let your kids out of your sight. ESPECIALLY not at church. 


  1. Excellent post. Your advice is powerful and I pray everyone heeds this. I am deeply saddened as you are correct that once again Satan will use this.

  2. That book excerpt was disgusting! Yikes!

  3. Thank you for this post and God bless pastor Anderson for preaching against this pervert! It takes great faith and courage to do the right thing. This reminds me of the story of Noah!

    I have a question that is on a slightly different note, although related. God has led me to homeschool my future children. I live in the UK and there are quite some differences between Amercian and British spelling. There are more obvious differences between the two cultures as well. It is sad, but there are hardly any UK based KJV only Bible curricula out there! I come across the American ones and the one you mention in your previous blogs (thank you!!!).

    Although my children are unborn, it is extremely important for me to make serious considerations about homeschooling now especially with no clarity on what the future holds. Who knows if these books will be available or not for example!

    God bless you and your family! Congrats on your newborn (such a beautiful testimony).

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  5. Wow! On most topics you and I NEVER agree but this one is 100% on target! Thanks for exposing abusers! Pray for the victims' healing, absolutely! I hope she doesn't become a target of abuse and gossip from her family or larger community. Some people love to blame the victim. Hopefully his congregation leaves a little wiser. I totally agree with the idolatry segment. Awesome post!
    You may not feel comfortable answering, but what exactly did your husband see Schaap do that made him walk away from his degree? Hopefully, he can one day finish it or just start over. It's difficult to do while caring for small children, but not impossible. Never be afraid to expose people like Schaap! Again, Fab post!

  6. Well said!

    I read a transcript of one of his recent sermons online just two days ago...I was DISGUSTED!!! What a vulgar man!! I have no idea how many people actually attend that church (but it seems like a lot) and like you, I wondered who on EARTH would sit there and listen to such explicit language and clear false teaching.

  7. SO very true, I never liked him either and am glad he is caught. As far as calling the 16 year old a victim is silly. It is stated she gave consent, she was not raped. You can't tell me a 16 year old didn't know what she was doing, unless she has something very wrong with her. She is guilty also.
    Everyone thought he was such a good guy to the point where people worshiped him. It was creepy. I would never send my kids off to any class or camp with out me. Why do people blindly trust "church people"? My children have never been in a nursery or class without me and they never will.

  8. This is a honest, kind post. Thank you for composing it! I, too, wrote a blog about it ( God bless!

  9. you know there are IFB churches out there that do not have nurseries, camps for kids etc.

  10. Great post. That guy is disgusting. I was wondering when they were going to give him the boot. And seriously is that a graven image of The Hyles'? Uhh that's just crazy.

    Hey Heidi! Welcome to blogging. Just try and ignore the freejinger chicks. I'm sure their bark is worse than their bite anyway. The anonymity of the internet makes people say things they normally wouldn't. Don't visit their page, it will most likely leave you feeling bad.

  11. Hi, Congrats on your new blessing! He is beautiful or handsome, I should say.:)
    Our pastor mentioned this in his sermon last night, then I came to your blog and saw who it was.
    I am thinking about homeschooling and have my oldest getting ready to turn 5 soon. We have a school at our church, classes at every service with the exception of Sunday nights. We also have a nursery where the mothers rotate as workers.
    Thank you and your husband for teaching Bible principles and standards. I am so thankful to be a part of an Independent Baptist Church that believes in the King James Bible.
    Thank you,

  12. Oh no, not the freefoodstams I mean freejinger parasites again!

    Dear Heidi!
    Avoid those miserable women!
    What they do is they team up and harass religious bloggers all day everyday.
    Do not allow their comments to appear. Try to learn to sniff them out - it's easy. They are often stupid enough to leave the same exact comments on their stinking forum.
    I'm so sorry that you had to meet these Godless ticks and leeches.

    Don't worry, most of them are miserable, full of meds and alcohol to endure their lives. They cry in several topics about their misery.

    Just learn to block them, never give them any attention, you won't be able to get rid of them anyway. At least spare your readers of their liberal, parasitic nonsense and tolerant hatred.

  13. This post was like an illumination to me. We just left a church that had a Hyles-Anderson educated Pastor. Not growing up in a Christian home ( and the brief church raising I had having been Charismatic...) I had never heard of Hyles-Anderson until attending this church. At first everything was wonderful. We prayerfull joined the church, officially, after a prayer 3 months. Our family became very involved, and we were convicted to be more sacrificing of our time for other people....but soon, my husband kept finding he was having to defend the Pastor...first against other church members, then former church members, then against people in the community at large.During the first several months of this, it never even crossed our minds that the Pastor was really even guilty of any of the things that he was accused of, but rather he was possibly guilty of not being careful enough in his communications and business actions to avoid such accusations.My husband believed these were just attacks to hurt the church's ministry ( the same argument the Pastor would use against him later, even when he had solid evidence that t was the pastor...)and talked to the Pastor about what could be done to keep these kind of accusations from causing harm(maybe notmixing church business and business-business..? writing more clear business contracts..making them public if needed ?) Long story short, at one point our very tiny church ( attendance goes up, attendance goes down) was paying tithing to the tune of $9,000 dollars a month, with only 11 or so members that have actual money salaries ( and yes, almost all of that was for the Pastor, not the ministry...) and he still needed more. More accusations were made, all surrounding dealings with money. My husband tried to deal with it biblically...then my husband caught him in several outright lies, about finances, members of the church, etc. He He actually accused the 10 year old child of a former member family of rape...but of course when my husband confronted him about it with the deacons, he denied it. Anyhow, as far as we can tell, it all goes back to money (the family that lie was told about, the father works in the exact same, competitive field as the Pastor, and was obviously aware of some of the business practices...).
    We didn't know much about Hyles-Anderson, but like you said, we are suspecting BIBLICAL institute that takes its name from men; we thought it seemed like there was idolization going on that went beyond admiration....and as far as the money seems that Hyles-Anderson places a big emphasis on showing the success of ministry by how much money is coming in. The controlling nature seems to have been extended there as well. It was always polished over by saying that "obviously," people weren't mature enough to understandthe truth; in terms of the concern over the Pastor's control and over money matters. The whole situation has been heartbreaking,but we are grateful for what we have learned being there (including that we want our children to be in worship WITH us).We are just praying for the few families that remain at the church...and now, knowing what you have shared,I suppose we should extend that to all of these churches affected by the Hyles-Anderson school. Thank you for sharing; it just feels like i understand a little bit better exactly what went so, so wrong with our former pastor.

  14. I'm very glad this criminal got caught!
    And to the anon who said that the girl was not a victim: Just because he didn't drag her into the woods and raped her there, doesn't mean he didn't use force! If it wasn't physical then surely mental. This girl, according to the newspapers, was going to him for counseling, and given the horrible things this criminal preached and surely also told people in counseling, she was probalby either brainwashed by him, or blackmailed (wouldn't be the first time that a church leader used his power to force children to participate in such things).

  15. At least it seems that FBC got rid of him when they found out what he had done.

    The church I had left before driving out to FWBC got rid of their pastor for adultery about a year ago (well after I was gone). But I found out it took TWO offenses before they got rid of him.
    They just HUSH HUSHED the first adultery, which was with a church employee. They fired her and retained him.

    Yuck. I think I may have been going there during that affair.

    I look back now and could never to go a church like that again.
    It was really just a Social Club.

  16. I like that you manage to avoid even the slightest rumours by not offering private counseling, but I do have a question. I've talked about some very private things with my pastor, things I'm not sure I'd be comfortable talking about if others could hear. How do you handle such situations?

  17. To whomever said the 16 year old is not a victim just because she gave consent. The is blatantly WRONG! This man is an adult, and in a position of authority over her and therefore could have easily manipulated this girl. She is very much a victim. Saying yes does not make her less of one any less than not screaming makes a rape victim less of a victim. To blame her in any way is sick and wrong.

  18. wow anon, saying that girl isn't a victim is just like saying a woman deserves to be raped. That nasty pervert was in a place of authority over and she trusted him and confided him and he used that power to seduce that child and that's just what she is, a child. She might have given consent but she is a victim just the same. If she had been a 40 year old women she would still be a victim of this sick piece of filth. It was probably very easy for a man of that age in that position to manipulate that young woman into the affair and now that poor girl will have that damage for the rest of her life. You are a sick person to come on here and put any kind of blame on that girl.

  19. Oh my that man is gross!! I feel dirty and disgusted reading what I just read. How in the world has he kept his church membership preaching and teaching such filth? As sex obsessed as he is this is certainly not a surprise.
    I do have a question? How does your husband fulfill his duties as a councilor if he never sees anyone privately? I would think that he could not keep the confidence of people in a crowded building?

  20. I read that Schaap is in seclusion with his wife trying to reconcile with her. Once again his priorities are out of order. He needs to be prostrate -- flat on his face -- before God Almighty reconciling with Him! He can't be reconciled with anyone until he's reconciled with God. And that's true for all of us.

    Amd "making molten images of your deceased leaders..." is disgusting. Who paid for that?!

    I read a text of a rant he gave on July 8, and almost became ill. With what has come to light this week, what he has published, I cannot help but question if he's been given over to a reprobate mind.

    "Lord, didn't I preach soul winning, didn't I pastor a mega church, didn't I preach hard against sin? Didn't I....

  21. Oh hahaha... Have you seen any 16-y-olds recently? I totally agree that this man is an abhorrent pervert. But a 16yo is not a child anymore. They love to feel "sexy" and appreciated, especially the stupider ones. And for the attention of an influential, older male they'd throw in anything, then they go weeping to whomever they believes them or hates men or christians enough to defend her COUGH*feminists*COUGH
    So let's stop fooling each other because it's not going to work. A healthy young woman would have run screaming, asking for help, and not giving in to an older male's lulling words for self-reassurance. It takes two to tango. Claiming that a 16 yo cannot offer consent mostly came from teen mothers here, isn't it right oh darling ladies? How many of you have fallen pregnant at 15? I have seen you talk about it, you poor "victims". :) Now quit lying. You can lie as much as you please among yourselves but it's a vain endeavour trying to pull this card here. Now buzz off. Maybe if you teach your daughters to behave themselves they won't make the same mistakes.

  22. I don't understand why everyone seems so happy that Bro. Schaap has fallen from the ministry. This blog post and most of the comments seem to be proud that THEY have not committed such a terrible sin, and rubbing Bro. Schaap's nose in his sin. Personally, I pray for him and am burdened for him. Remember in 1 Cor. 13, "Rejoiceth not in iniquity but rejoiceth in the truth." If we are truly Christ-like, we will love as Christ loves. Love the sinner! (as well as hate the sin). I love Bro. Schaap, and pray God will bring him back into fellowship with Him, and will see fit to bless him again, just as He did with David after HIS sin!

  23. Thank you so much for addressing this sensitive issue. It truly is a weel kept secret i the church as well as being the big elephant in the room. I was sexually molested by a Baptist preacher, our church senior pastor in the church I was born and raised, when I was a young teen seeking pastoral counseling. I can still remember that day as if it were yesterday. A few years after I had left home for college I learned he was asked to resign after church leaders learned of sexual misconduct. I rolled my eyes and went on with my life and turned my back on organized religion. Thank you again for opening the door on this topic, and I would appreciate any thing else you and your husband can do to bring to light what does happen in the church.

    --Mrs. Mari

  24. Just an answer to those asking about speaking with the pastor... my husband is a pastor and he NEVER meets alone with a woman. If she needs to meet with him about a sensitive topic, he tells her that either I will be there or she needs to have a friend, mother, relative, etc with her. Even if nothing happens, you open yourself up to the appearance of evil if a man and a woman are behind a closed door together. And, if she is talking about her marriage, she very well could see her pastor as the kind, considerate man that she always wanted, needed.

  25. Just remember that this is the one he has been caught with. There is no telling how many more he has violated.

    Unfortunately I think this is going to get worse and worse. Satan wants to make churches look bad in order to get them shut down or something like that. What better way than to use corrupt leadership?

  26. Dear friend, I think it is awful that another man in the limelight has fallen. Whether or not I agree with him on many issues ~he was a man whom even the world had to pay some respect. They wouldn't know or think twice about those things which you call disgusting. Look at Mark Driscoll ~ google him and see what he's been preaching and you will see what I mean. Whether right or wrong such things are being spoken of more and more in public. So the world sees him as linked with us and no matter how hard you bash (Mr Schaap) The world doesn't understand. Let me say I don't really know Mr Schaap and am not trying to cover him up. If the news reports are right, he sinned. He will suffer those awful consequences.

    Before you stop reading right now, please hear me out. I think maybe you are trying to help other Christians and that is fine. But I BEG you, BE CAREFUL! I have seen many families bash others for their wrongs ~ instead of praying and weeping for that person to repent, and do you know what?? They either have fallen into the same sins or MUCH worse! You are not that old yet. You haven't even had teens yet. Your husband hasn't yet passed through the very-difficult-waters that the age of 50 or there about brings. That is the age that most believe David sinned. And his situation wasn't much different than Mr Schaap. David still was the man after God's own heart even though what he did wreaked havoc in the kingdom. Let me underline, I am not condoning Mr. Schaap. I am only BEGGING you to at least forget him (if you can't weep and pray for him in true Christian humility) but STOP reacting to him and his ministry. IT will only hurt YOU. You have not tasted life yet and what it really means. You don't know what kind of physical stress someone can be under. You don't know what it feels like to lose a child to the world. To be sooo bombarded by Satan that you can hardly stand up on your own two feet. I hope you succeed to bring up a family who loves the Lord with all their hearts. A family who no matter what will walk with God. I hope you and your husband grow old together in much love and have a wonderfully sweet relationship with each other. That the closeness you enjoy will be beyond sweet. That he will not find those tough years (50-??? maybe 60) but that you are able to stand by him guarding him and meeting his DEEP needs of that time. That he will turn to God for refuge when those storms hit and you will be an understanding helpmeet at that time fully ready to give him what he needs. But please don't be too harsh on anyone until you have passed through those waters yourself. Then and only then do you have the right to speak with such force.I wouldn't actually be able to go to your church with peace right now (except maybe for some visits if I was near you) for I have known too many people who had the attitudes that you and your husband have. Only they are now 20 or 30 years ahead of you and the beatings they have had in life..... the failures they feel that they have made. Stop looking and looking at Hyles-Anderson or Mr Schaap. Because you WILL become what you are keep focusing on. By beholding you will become changed. Turn your eyes upon Jesus. Look full in His wonderful face. And the things of earth will grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace.
    Please think about my warnings. No you don't know me or where I am from or how I have the right to say what I say ~ I know. But I beg you, THINK about what I have said. Open your eyes to families who have gone before you, homeschooling, healthy eating, children sitting in church with them, everything right families. See how many of them have #1 a lovely marriage #2 children who are in love with Jesus Christ and not compromising with the world...Look and ponder them well!

    Thanks for reading.

  27. What is did was very wrong and he should NOT be able to serve as a pastor or anything else again! I personally never cared for him much, but,it's sad anyone would be happy about this and gloat saying "told you so." David also committed adultery and murder on top of that! Paul also murdered, and God forgave and used both of them to do a lot of His work. We should pray for him. I hope his friends don't turn their back on him. When we act like this no wonder people hate Christian's for acting better than "sinners". Don't forget we all deserve hell! The Bible talks about it is most dangerous when a fellow believe falls alone with no one to help them. God does not just cast us off whenever we sin he wants us to come back to him.

  28. For all who would like to compare Schaap to David: David REPENTED Of his sin when Nathan came to him. He also suffered the consequences of his sin. We should all be ready to forgive but until it's asked for its not given. Just as salvation is a free gift but not given until we confess our sins and ask for it.

  29. David didn't molest a teenage girl.

  30. We don't know if he has confessed his sin to God. I hope he has though! I know all you are perfect and are gloating in this, but really he should be prayed for not gossiped about.

  31. I predict that a thorough investigation into the life of this man will turn up a web of hidden sexual sins, possibly known and covered up by the men in leadership at the church. When you have a church engaged in man-worship eventually it will self-destruct.

  32. Anonymous Agust 2nd, 9:25

    Your lack of compassion astounds me to the point that I come to comment where I usually just read and take in the "discussion." At what age would you consider a girl a victim? 12? 10? When a child is old enough to use the word "NO."

    Nope. I wasn't a teen mother. I kept myself "pure" until my marriage. (Does that make me worthy of making a comment on here?) I have taught my daughter modesty and purity.

    I have also taught her to show compassion to those who are mistreated. Is that something you are choosing to forego in your parenting?

    AND I am not afraid to sign my name.


  33. I'd never heard of this man before but I am SHOCKED..I agree 100% that no Christian, no matter what denomination, should want to sit under that kind of pastor. Wow.

    As for the girl being a victim, sure she might be 16 but that's a CHILD and what makes it especially heinous is because it was a complete abuse of power by the preacher. She is most definitely a victim in this.

    How sad..I pray that he does repent, and that the people he's been preaching hear the Word as it should be taught and not as he's been teaching it.

  34. Emily Campbell, and others,
    The sin was forgiven at the cross of Christ. It's already forgiven. If we do not forgive, we are saying that we know better than God does.
    We do not know Mr. Schaap's heart. So let us forgive him, give the situation to God, and not gossip about it.
    Love in Christ,

  35. Mrs. Mari/DowagerDuchess/Queenmother
    please go troll someone else's blog.

  36. Grace is a wonderful thing. But I am tired of hearing about pastors that abuse like this man and getting away with it for example: Schaap, Mark Chappell, Larry Chappell,and numerous more claiming they are under Grace. Grace does not give you a license to sin and go unpunished. You are not above the LAW...I hope this gets all resolved and brought to light and not covered up. Gibbs is good at doing that!! He did in the the Bob Gray case, Phelps, Mark Chappells case and now he is working this case....I don't trust him as far as I can throw him!

  37. The Bible talks a lot about grace but the Bible also speaks of the penalty for sin. Yes he is deserving of forgiveness just like anyone else who sincerely asks for it but he still must pay the consequences of his actions. Sin has consequences always and just saying "I'm sorry please forgive me" doesn't get someone out of paying the price for sin and if the sin involves a crime then they must pay the consequences of that crime as well.

  38. A video I thought you should see

  39. Your freejinger stalkers should take a look at the video that last person posted, they might learn a thing or two.

  40. good post! II Tim 2:3, Andy (aoc)

  41. God's judgement will start with the house of God. The wickedness going on behind close doors is vile. Pray God will cleanse the pulpit of these evil wolves in sheep clothing. Remember prayer without action is like a soldier who trains yet will not fight the battle. Onward Christians soldiers, take up the Word of God and the Sword of the Spirit. Part of the problem is the lack of truth in some IFB circles. To deny or cover up this wickedness is promoting the lies of Satan. Pray Mark Chappell of Freeway Baptist Church, Phoenix, AZ will be brought to justice. If this man will not heed God's Words that he is unqualified then he must be made to answer for his sexual trangressions by the worldly authorities. Google his name and you will see what he has done. His brother Steve Chappell personally told me about the ongoings at First Baptist Long Beach, Ca in 1999. Steve is the pastor of Coastline B.C. Oceanside, Ca. He has never been accussed of this kind of wickedness. Steve is a gentleman and I would not blame him for his brother's and father Larry Chappell's immorality. It is a shame he has family ties to this which make it difficult to stand against this sin even though the bible is clear where his first allegiance belongs. This is a dark cloud that hangs over Paul and Steve's ministries and damages believers faith with myself included. Mark however is rotten fruit and hopefully he will be brought to answer before the criminal/civil legal system as he has refuted Godly counsel. I wish no personal ill to any of the Chappells but for the sake of the Gospel the reprobate and unqualified Mark Chappell must not lead God's people. Mark's first wife left him over his immorality and he now has a second wife which alone disqualifies him from being in the pulpit. Remember it is the Christian men who must protect the faith from this heresy. Ladies you too must pray, support and encourage your husbands to do right in the sight of the Lord. If you a member of Freeway B.C. get out of it as the men there have signed on as co-conspirators against God. Be ye separate. Do not allow you or your families to be spiritually abused there and be guilty of supporting wickedness in the eyes of the Lord.


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