Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Summer Journal, part 3

Thursday, July19

Had a prenatal appointment early in the morning - baby is posterior - ugh!

The kids and I baked cookies and brownies to make the "Vermonster" as a birthday treat for a friend, plus also made corn dogs and fries for her birthday dinner, and went swimming in the afternoon.


 That's 20 scoops of ice-cream in five flavors!

Went for a chiropractic adjustment in the evening in hopes of making baby turn.

Friday, July 20

Went to the homeschool convention all day.

Saturday, July 21

Went to the homeschool convention again all day - my husband and the kids joined me in the morning.

My contractions start regularly at 5 pm.

Sunday, July 22

Stayed home from church all day with regular contractions.

My husband's mom comes to town to help.

Monday, July 23

We did more last minute errands and shopping.

Still having regular contractions all day.

Tuesday, July 24

Baby Stephen is born.

We had a double birthday dinner in honor of my husband and Stephen.

Wednesday, July 25

Midwife and her students come for 24-h checkup, serve dinner and cake.

Thursday, July 26

Kids made juice popsicles.

I sewed a lion mask for John while stuck on "bed rest."

Friday, July 27

My husband chops his finger open at work with a drill, requiring a trip to urgent care to get it all stitched back up. This renders him incapable of helping with anything that might make his hand wet, such as diaper changes, cooking, bathing kids, etc. - talk about bad timing!!!

Saturday, July 28

With my husband's help, I was able to do the weekly produce split again. Otherwise, an uneventful day, as my husband is feeling ill, and his injured finger is hurting a lot.

Sunday, July 29

I went to church for the first time since giving birth - morning service only.

In the afternoon, my husband and baby Stephen go to Ikea to pick out some additional storage solutions for the school room. 
Monday, July 30

My husband bought and installed a huge wardrobe system for our bedroom, giving us more much-needed storage. New, this particular combo would come out to about $1200. We bought it used on craigslist for $200. Besides a nice chunk of change, this also saved us hours and hours of building the whole thing from scratch.

 Enjoying a bath

Becky loving on Stephen

Tuesday, July 31

My mother-in-law went back home - eek! It was a bit scary not having another adult here 24/7. My husband was trying to take as much time off from work as he could, but he did have to work some.

Wednesday, August 1

Our entire family went to Chick-fil-A for the "appreciation day."

 The line wrapped around the outside of the building - in spite of bright sunshine and 107 degrees heat outside. We opted for the drive-through instead, which only took about 15 minutes.

This being a Wednesday, we had also ordered a catering order for church to be delivered after the evening service. However, this was cancelled after the restaurant ran out of food in the late afternoon.

 Miriam and Becky playing midwife with a jump rope and a white noise machine that makes gurgly sounds.

Thursday, August 2

My husband has to leave on a 2-day business trip. Things go surprisingly well without any help here. The kids are all adjusting well to the new family addition.
Solomon teaching Miriam to play his favorite board game

 Isaac holding Stephen

Friday, August 3

I sewed a dress for the American Girl doll is getting for Christmas. My goal is to make about 20 outfits for her, Becky's, and Anna's dolls. So far, I have made two dresses and one skirt.

Saturday, August 4

I sewed a nightgown for Miriam while Stephen slept in the sling in my arms. The sewing machine seems to keep him asleep really well.

Sunday, August 5

Went to both church services with all seven kids - given that I am the only adult taking care of all of them, it went pretty good.

In the afternoon, I sewed a new skirt for Becky. Usually, I never have this much time to sew, but I am still trying to take things easy after just having had the baby, and he is content to sleep in my arms as I sew.

Monday, August 6

I cut out matching aprons to sew as Christmas gifts for all the girls.

Tuesday, August 7

Stephen is two weeks old today.

Our new organic mattresses were finally delivered - these were ordered six weeks ago. They are not manufactured until after they are ordered, so it took a while to get all the ones our family needed. Unlike conventional mattresses, these do not contain carcinogenic flame retardants, or any chemicals for that matter - only cotton, wool, and steel springs.

Did you know that the flammability requirements for mattresses in the US are something crazy like not igniting for 90 seconds after being exposed to the 1ft-wide open flame of a blowtorch???!? Don't quote me on the exact numbers, but it was something along those lines. 

Did you know that the off-gassing from conventional mattresses has been linked majorly to the occurrence of SIDS, which is why putting baby to sleep on his back, and having a fan on over the bed, help greatly reduce SIDS? Both the flame retardants, as well as chemicals used in the manufacture of these mattresses, have also been linked to cancer. You can find much more detailed information on this subject online.

Later, I went out by myself for first time with baby Stephen - Wal Mart and Costco - exciting, huh? :)

We are starting school four weeks from today. I am all done buying curriculum, and have finished cleaning out and organizing most of the school room. Pretty much all that's left to do now is to write the lesson plans for the year. Solomon is going to start 7th, Isaac 5th, John 3rd, and Miriam 1st grade. Becky will keep working on her kindergarten workbooks, and learning to read. 

Hope you are enjoying your summer!


  1. I am so impressed! You're definitely keeping busy!!

    If you would like to, I would LOVE to see pictures of the new cabinets! I've been thinking about doing the same thing in our house since you mentioned it a few months ago - we have excess space in our room, and the kids' clothing is chasing us out of the rest of the house - so this sounds like it would be ideal for us too.

    Jealous that you're done choosing curriculum while I'm still wading in confusion!!!! :) (Good job for you!)


  2. A few comments:

    (1) Wow - that's impressively busy
    (2) Ouch - hope your husband's finger is better
    (3) Guess the baby turned okay :-)
    (4) Where do you buy organic mattresses? I really, really want to get them also. My little guy is getting a new bed soon and would be great to get an organic mattress at a price that wasn't through the roof!

  3. Can you read french? Or is there a way to translate that mask website? My little girls saw them and want some.

  4. Hi Zsu, little Steven is a cutie. BTW, if your husband wears rubber gloves, he can help out with bathing the kids and with the dishes.

  5. Wow... Giving birth didnt exactly slow you down, did it? Sounds like a wonderful summer!! Ouchy looking finger! Beautiful and sweet kiddies!

  6. Hi I have not been online for a while , I have been busy and my aunt came and stayed for over a week to help me out , but I have been trying to catch up on reading your blog , I am glad your delivery went well and baby stephen is soooo cute and for him to be born on your husbands birthday wow . I love your summer journal post your summer has been full of activities , your kids are very lucky to a have a mom like you always spending time with them .

  7. Dear incredibly dumb Sola,
    Maybe Steven can wait a few weeks with bathing a newborn when his 2 dozen stiches are out and the slimey infection and inflammation and horrid pain is gone! Putting a tight rubber glove over an infected and pulsing wound? Stop drinking and typing! It's dangerous! :P

  8. While I was pregnant with my son, I sewed quite a bit ~ maternity clothes, burp rags, receiving blankets, bedding for the crib,etc.

    After he was born, he would get fussy every night around 7 p.m. I learned quickly that if I put him in the baby seat on the table while I was sewing he would immediately stop fussing and go to sleep. I guess he found the sound soothing since he had heard it in the womb since day one.


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