Friday, August 24, 2012

One month birthday

Baby Stephen is one month old today - wow, time sure flies! He has been a very easy and mellow baby, and is taking our busy household in stride. If only he will start liking the car seat, the last major hurdle, the adjustment from six to seven kids will be complete.

While he still enjoys being carried in my arms much of the time, he has taken to napping nicely on his own, too. Which comes in handy on days like today, when I will be canning 50 lbs of tomatoes into sauce...

"only" two of these boxes are for us

... and preparing and freezing a 20-lb box of yellow peppers.

I don't get to choose when great deals on produce come up, so when they do, I have to make it work somehow.

Of course, my pesky family still expects to eat three times a day even on busy days like this, which is extremely inconvenient. I suppose I shouldn't get so carried away with putting up healthy food that I no longer have time to then feed it to them.


  1. Mix up a bit of whole wheat pizza dough. Spice up a ladle of that new sauce, slice an onion, and one of those peppers, add a bit of cheese. Bake off the pizza and call the kids. Dinner is done. Don't sweat it.

  2. really enjoy the super cute pics! the kiddos are just too adorable. you are very blessed. we have been blessed with 3 and it is so totally worth it all.

  3. Zsuzsanna, can you tell me how toy freeze the peppers and what they can be used in after they are frozen? Thank you so much and God bless your family!


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