Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summer Journal, part 2

For Part 1, click here

We've been staying busy around here. A few highlights:

Monday, July 9

The kids and I worked on getting ready for baby - we washed, dried, and folded all the newborn diapers, worked on putting together the birth kit, etc.

For a special treat in the evening, we put glow sticks in balloons, and floated them on the pool for "night swimming."

NOT a picture of our pool, but the same idea.

Tuesday, July 10

Either we didn't do anything special that day, or I forgot to write it down. My brain is such that if I don't take a picture, it's like it never even  happened.

Wednesday, July 11

I made Nutella dip for fruit. You will not believe how much the kids ate: four oranges, four pounds of strawberries, and about 8 apples. Lacking any inspiration (or time) to cook a meal after such a feast, I told them that was their dinner that night.

Miriam made this face out of fruit

I gave the girls more cute hair styles. This is turning out to be a fun hobby for me, though they are not always willing victims volunteers.

Thursday, July 12

The kids and I went to see the "Doggies of the Wild West" show at the library.

I had three back-to-back prenatal appointments: checkup, massage, and chiropractic adjustment. Miraculously, the house was not trashed by the time I arrived back home in the evening.

Friday, July 13

We went to see "Worm Drive, the Musical" at the library - I think you have to be a child to truly appreciate earth worms.

Made caramel apples with the kids

Saturday, July 14

With the help of  a few ladies, I spent all day precooking and freezing meals, while the kids ran errands and played with Dad all day.

In the evening, I finished assembling my birth kit. 

Sunday, July 15

Did nothing besides going to church and relaxing in the afternoon between services.

Monday, July 16

I took all the kids to the homeschool day at the Arizona Science Center (i.e., free admission). The kids had not been in about a year, and were pretty excited/hyper.


Becky was scared something during the fire demonstration was going to explode

 Isaac on the Skycycle

Tuesday, July 17

We ran lots of errands and did more pre-baby shopping.

During nap time, the boys and I worked on birthday presents for Dad next week.

In the evening, we got the monthly Azure delivery, which included no less than  9 quarts of different flavors of ice-cream. It was late one night and I was hungry when I was putting the order in, if that explains it... Of course, we finished the evening off with ice cream cones.

Wednesday, July 18

Afraid that baby might show up soon, we went ahead and did all of our back-to-school shopping in the morning.

 Those are only 40 glue sticks. Can I just predict right now that we will run out before the end of the next school year? Same with scissors - no way is one pair per child going to last.

Solomon asked me why I was taking a picture of school supplies. I told him it's because one day, when Lord willing our family is twice its current size, I will look back at this stash, and laugh at how little I used to have to buy.

For dessert to go with lunch, I made a watemelon pirate ship.

During naptime, we worked on Dad's birthday presents a little more. By the end of the day, we had finished two of the three things we are giving him.

Today is another busy day - but more on that in the next part of our Summer Journal!


  1. I see you are "slowing down" before the baby comes. HA HA HA.

  2. How does a person get on that sky cycle? And does it actually move?

    Glow sticks in balloons floating in the pool sounds like fun. I really miss not having a pool.

    Good luck in the countdown to D day. Hope everything goes well and you'll be posting photos of the new baby.

  3. I've been meaning to ask, is your Dad still visiting?

  4. Loads of new things to try. Thanks or sharing yuur summer journals!Your kids are blessed to have you.


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