Sunday, July 8, 2012

Summer Journal, part 1

It's been a busy week around here. Mostly just so I won't forget, I am hoping to do a weekly "summer journal" post with pictures and a brief description of what we did to avoid going insane in the heat.

Sunday, July 1

Freedom Sunday at our church, with a barbecue after the service

boys made bean mosaics

Monday, July 2

taught the boys how to set off tea bag rockets

finished sewing Becky's panda bear mask

went swimming with the kids after dark, and threw a couple dozen glow sticks in the pool for a cool effect

Tuesday, July 3

started on pop bottle jet pack for John

Wednesday, July 4

slept in and read Robinson Crusoe out loud with all kids in our bed

Solomon found and killed a scorpion - our second one in the last couple of weeks. This one was a baby, the last one was about 3 inches long.

finished John's jet pack - he was THRILLED!

went swimming and playing in the rain - such a rare treat!!

made giant bubbles

glued down crayons for crayon art

set off fireworks at night

Thursday, July 5

bought 20 lbs of cherries, 24 lbs of strawberries, and 36 clam shells of raspberries on sale

had dinner at St. Francis

Friday, July 6

went to early morning dental appointments for all of us (minus Anna) - oh joy! (not...)

froze/canned raspberries, pitted and canned cherries, froze strawberries - the kids helped majorly!

kids went swimming with dad for a couple of hours

Pizza night!

Saturday, July 7

put together weekly produce co-op baskets: for $22, we each got (all organic) 5 ears of corn, cauliflower, cantaloupe, 1 lb strawberries, 5 baby bok choy, box of mushrooms, mango, 1 lb on-the-vine tomatoes, 2 lbs cherries, 3 lbs apples

melted crayon art

Sunday, July 8


sewed all afternoon while kids built K'nex amusement park rides in the same room and listened to "White Fang" on audio book

It's been fun, though exhausting. I am hoping to do a bunch more fun stuff before baby makes his debut.


  1. It is totally, absolutely off topic but I would like to know your thoughts on ***Obamacare***... I have read a few really "interesting" things about it on the Internet... infowars kind of things. I wonder what you and your husband think about it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, if so.


  2. that sounds like so much fun! I honestly dont know how you find time to do all that with so many kids while still keeping a clean house and making all your meals from scratch! I can barely do it all with just 2 and we dont get nearly as many crafts done ;)

  3. Why don't your children attend any type of Parks and Rec programs that City of Tempe offers, outside of the library programs? They have some great indoor physicial activity programs for different age groups. I am sure the biys would enjoy them.

  4. Is Becky's shirt on backwards? Too stinkin' cute! She always makes me smile :-)

  5. How does the crayon/melt/art thing work? I'd like to try that one.

  6. I don't have children, but I will make these book corners anyway. Perhaps with bible verses on them. Also a cute gift idea.

  7. I love those book corners, too! (I'm guilty of dog-earing pages--only my own, not the libraries, of course!)

    I can see that you had some ideas from pinning! I'm on there but can't seem to find you (maybe because I'm attached at Twitter?) I'll keep trying, I have some things I think you and the kiddos will enjoy.

    John looks like he loved his jetpack--I miss his Daniel Boone hat, I keep waiting for Anna to be dressed up as Annie Oakley to match!

    I haven't a clue how you do it either! I love the image of you and the children reading in bed--hold onto those memories with all your might!

    God bless you, Dad, and the seven,


    P.S. That scorpion is just...I have no words!

  8. I am always looking for craft ideas thanks for this post ...

  9. Wow! Loads of fun!! Thanks for sharing :)

  10. On Facebook, there is a page titled Homestead Survival, where you'll find many great ideas. Today they had a link to directions on how to use a bleach pen to draw designs on t shirts. I bet that would be a fun project for the kids.


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