Friday, June 15, 2012

Redneck Nascar

John has been reading all he can about stock cars, racing, Nascar, and the like. Not sure how he got all into that, but the subject fascinates him. 

His older brothers also just recently started noticing different brands of "cool" cars, and call them out to each other whenever we see one in public. Must be a boy thing? 

 Waiting to get a ride

Anna LOVES this race car that John made by decorating a banana box. The image is not mirror reverse, John just doesn't always get his numbers facing the right way. Several months ago, I started really "cracking down" on him about this, and making him re-write every letter or number in his school work that is facing the wrong way. He has mostly corrected his liberal interpretation of how to write, but evidently, there's still lots of room for improvement. :) I blame it on his creative personality.

 Pit crew

 It was John's idea to make her wear his (kickboxing? not sure) head gear.

 Happy baby :)

 I love how he puts his arm around her to make sure she doesn't tip over with the box. Such a sweet big brother!

Of course, Becky wasn't about to miss the action!

 This picture has nothing to do with the post, but I love the girls' smiles in it. 


  1. Sweet, sweet, sweet!!! I love how he is treating them to rides! And thinking of the helmet and putting his arm behind her so she wouldn't I hope that someday my children will be like that. They are 3 and 1 now, so sharing has not really been easy lately. Do you have any tips? Do you "force" your children to share, or do you think that might make them even more reluctant to share? I just want to do the right things...I try very hard but I doubt myself and what will work.

  2. Looks like fun. Cardboard boxes are the best toys ever.

  3. We just had a soap box derby here in town, so much fun! Maybe your boys could find something like that in your area?

  4. Are you sure it isn't dyslexia rather than being artistic?

  5. Aaaaaand the bored and socially misfit ladies from freejinger have arrived! Thank heavens, how could us readers survive without you... Can you fine ladies posting from here before taking your anxiety pills and collecting your food stamps? Maybe that would calm you down. Blessyouverymuch :) PS Zsuzsanna, your children are beautiful!

  6. ^^Anonymous,

    at his age it is not always an issue with dyslexia but age, ability and still learning! I was terribly concerned with my oldest and them my twins who are 2 but my Aunt who teaches this age and all my kids teachers assured me that they were fine, still learning and there were other signs they would look for to confirm dyslexia not just this handwriting issue!

  7. Dear Anonymous at 4:31 p.m.

    John is 7, 7 year old write their letters and numbers backwards sometimes. It's not something to stress about, especially if he writes them correctly when his mom asks him too.

    I have volunteered in schools for years and all kids learn at their own speed, even in public schools. Some kids can write well at 5, some don't write well until 10. Some like my 20 year old son, should always use a computer.

  8. Oh how cute , I love watching kids playing and getting along . Riley has had trouble learning to read the first time around so we are trying again and she is doing better , I think some kids take longer to learn than others to .

  9. I've just retired after 34 years of teaching, most of those years in kindergarten and first grade. I have degrees in Early Childhood Education and Special Education with an emphasis on Learning Disabilities. Dyslexia is a language disorder which affects the ability to read, write and spell. Reversing some letters when he writes does not mean that John has dyslexia. It is a developmental thing and very normal for his age. If he can read, spell, and express himself in writing, it is unlikely that he has a problem that he won't outgrow eventually.

  10. Oh I love the DuPont and he's even got the Chevrolet symbol--that got such a big laugh from my husband.

    When I was John's age, I also reversed my numbers and some letters/numbers ('7' and 'b/d' amongst the favourites--my mother even kept a worksheet where I write two sevens--one the correct way, one the backwards way--side by side.) I conquered it and can even spell my name and balance the chequebook--most of the time ;). If it seems to YOU, as his mum/teacher to get it checked out, then it's your decision to make!

    God bless you, Dad, and the seven,


  11. (Feel free to combined this with my other post here, I 'lost my religion' (Southern for got a bit angry) about what turned into the prevailing subject matter...however...)

    I remember the first time my family visited from Europe (where Formula 1 Grand Prix style racing is really the only sort, the sort where the courses have twists and turns), my brother turned on the television and was so excited to see that there was auto racing on, but then expressed his disappointment by saying "if I wanted to watch something go 'round and 'round in a circle I'd do the laundry! (As I recall, his wife suggested he do just that!)

  12. Your children are BEAUTIFUL!!!! They look like they're having so much fun!!!

    And the number thing....I, too, am a teacher (as I've mentioned before here) and it is SO NORMAL for kids (boys especially) to write incorrectly. I know you are not worried, but I thought I would toss you my two cents.. HAPPY SUMMER!


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