Thursday, May 3, 2012

The preferred parent

Anna, at just a few days short of being 17 months old, has a new preferred "parent." 

At first, when her only interests in life were food and comfort, that favorite parent was of course me. Then, when she figured out that her daddy is willing to carry her all day long, every day, while doting on her and  singing to her, and that there were other food sources in life besides me, she quickly transferred her affections to him. 

In the last few weeks, however, Anna would be happy with nobody but her big brother Solomon. She follows him around the house, whining "Mon-mon" (her name for him), and sticking her arms up in hopes he will pick her up. Lucky for her, he is very sweet and loving, and flattered by her affection for him. 

Solomon practicing for his piano recital this Saturday. Anna is grumpy because she is only sitting next to him. 

There, now she's happy!

Hopefully she won't ruin his recital by screaming to be held by him while he is up on stage playing! :)


  1. I have that with my 12 yo son and 2 yo daughter. They are 10 years and 1 week apart and she positively worships him, it is the cutest thing. It makes me so proud of the man my son is growing into!

    in His peace,

  2. She is adorbs. The amazing thing is, despite your Solomon being so young, he already knows how to be a responsible, caring big brother, and knows how to look after ladies. He's strong, yet gentle. He uses his strength to protect his little sister and make her comfortable. Injust a decade, he'll be an awesome husband material and a real patriarch. We raise kids for the future, it is our responsibility to build their character, and wow, your Solomon's future spouse will be lucky. It really does show early when a person has a good character. You did an awesome job raising your son. Cheers!

  3. I LOVE Anna's "I just got what I wanted!" cheeky smile in the last photo! ;)

  4. My 15 month old has no older siblings, but she has always had a special relationship with her daddy. Due to issues early on he actually did most of the hands-on care of her for the first three weeks, in fact for one of those weeks I could barely hold her at all, and he's much more willing to actually get down and play. It's so interesting to see how she acts differently between him and I, and my grandparents. I never expected a child so young to be capable of mastering different dynamics between relationships.

  5. Very sweet, so much more preferable to bickering and acting like a little sister is in the way. My sister is 11 1/2 years younger than me, we were like that too.

  6. LOVE her face in the second picture! Oh, she is just too cute. My daughter is like that with her much older male cousin. We think it is just adorable. Unfortunetly she doesn't have any siblings yet but I really hope if that day comes she will be close to them just like this.


  7. Very sweet. Solomon seems like a very special big brother.

  8. SO sweet!!!!! What a wonderful relationship!!! My two are 22 months apart and I wonder if I try too hard to get them to be friends...sometimes I don't know what to do!

  9. Cutest thing ever!! I'm guessing her adoration for her daddy is lavished upon Solomon, the "man" of the house while dad is away?!

    Sweet, sweet!

  10. I have a wonderful big brother and I'm proud to say I still adore him the way Solomon adores Anna. And both Solomon and Anna's spouses' are going to be very lucky to have such well-raised, caring, sweet, and lovely children.

    (I have to say it's so cute that you and your husband picked the name Solomon as long as you agreed to have no nicknames, yet your sixth has given him just such! Ha-ha!)


    P.S. I ADORE her dress--did you match Solomon and Anna on purpose?

  11. Also, I saw an article about men's trousers that are made to carry concealed weapons. (You may post this if you like, as I realise it's a controversial subject.)

    (Yes, they are expensive, but who can put a price on such a thing?)

  12. What cutie pies! Love her sweet smile!


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