Friday, May 25, 2012

Overheard at the Breakfast Table

Every morning, the school bus drives down our street at half past seven. When it does, the light reflecting off of it makes my entire living room light up bright yellow, like a strange sort of sunrise. Could this be proof that without our government intervening, the sun would not even come up in the morning?

Every morning, as the rumbling sunrise on wheels goes by, I am in the kitchen cooking breakfast for the family.

And every morning, I thank God for another day in the company of our children. 

 Yes, Becky dressed herself. Why do you ask?

They are just so funny. When we sat down to eat, Solomon prayed: "Dear God, thank you for this good food. Thank you for the wonderful Mom who cooked it, and the great Dad who paid for it. Amen!" Well, true that!

We had eggs (home raised), sausage (raised and made by a local rancher), biscuits (whole grain, homemade) and gravy (made from scratch using the drippings). Oh, and whole milk (raw) on the side. The cholesterol/fat Nazis probably just died of a coronary after reading that

After a few moments of silence while everyone crammed their mouths full, John (7) pipes up.

"When I was little, I actually used to think that the USDA was just a normal organization to make sure the food sold at the store was safe. I had no clue they just raid farmers with their guns drawn."

The conversation took lots of interesting turns from there, as his older brothers piped up. It ended somewhere with Isaac saying "The most questionable food on the market is then bought up by the government, and used in school lunches.

Who needs TV, anyway? 

Happy weekend, everyone! :)


  1. Becky is so adorable! And your boys sound very intelligent! We just found a source for raw milk/cream, soooo excited to try it out and make some butter too. Yum! Bring on the fat ;o)

  2. You guys must love Obama, given that he's made the biggest dent in government spending in the last 50 years :)

  3. To add to the other anon, we had a budget surplus under Clinton (a democrat) and then ran into a deficit under Bush. It's pretty clear who's really doing the big spending when you look at the facts

  4. Seriously? What does the budget deficit or surplus have to do with biscuits and gravy?

  5. First things first, delicious delicious natural fat and cholesterol. I am positively jealous of your natural hearty breakfasts.

    Second, ahh the old mythical Clinton surplus. There was never a such thing. It was a numbers game that they used to make it look like we had a surplus.

    But then again, in Clinton's case, I suppose it depends on what the meaning of the word "is" is.

  6. No other off-topic comments will be published.

    I never said I am a supporter of Bush. The American two-party system is a sad joke. We basically have two names for one and the same politics.

    This post had nothing to do with either. It was a funny anecdote.

  7. That is great I would love that conversation at my breakfast table , that made my day ...Dawn.

  8. Your post is sooooo charming yet thought-provoking. Your children are brilliant. Good for you for raising them to be critically thinking, open eyed, wise people!
    Don't pay any attention to jealous readers. Book them as a form of compliment even if it's not the most pleasant form of complimenting.
    Have another good day with your family.

  9. PS. It isn't the cholesterol from the eggyolk that triggers high blood pressure and such, it's the HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) which is a lethal poison and unevitable because it's found in most foods that people consume. HFCS is much cheaper than sugar and they derive it mostly from genetically modified corn, they add it to burgers in fast food restaurants, meat products, ketchup, sauces, bread, condiments, etc and of course to sweets. I hope this wasn't off topic. Anyone can google the cholesterol fraud adding HFCS as search word and see.
    PS without natural fats our skin would loose it's ability to re-grease itself, would lose color, dry out and we looked like living mummies. It's not natural fats to be afraid of.

  10. Becky is just so cute! She looks very mature in the photo above.

    This post was a hoot; kids say the funniest (and often the most accurate) things! ;)

  11. We raise our own chickens in our backyard too and we just love how beautiful the dark orange yolks are and how delicious the eggs are. I haven't had to buy eggs since February when all my hens became old enough to lay and it's been wonderful as well as a great learning experience for my children. After the article I just read about the 9 nastiest things in your supermarket I am so glad I raise chickens and grow my own garden and I am even more determined to find a place where I can get meat that is healthy and a place where I can purchase affordable raw milk and cheese.
    Your sons are absolutely correct about the USDA btw.

  12. In reference to the comment by "Anonymous:"

    The only way the Democrats can defend Obama is to say, "the Republicans are worse.

    The only way the Republicans can defend Bush, Romney, etc, is to say, "the democrats are worse."

    What a stupid argument. I'll settle it. Both parties are destroying our country. Just because Bush was bad, that does NOT make Obama good. Just because Obama is bad, that does NOT make Romney good. Both parties are for big, bloated, invasive government. That is why we support neither.

    The only Republican candidate that actually came out for small government was Ron Paul, and the Republican party fought him every step of the way. What does that tell you about the party?


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