Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My current daily schedule

My daily schedule varies some with the different seasons of life, as well as the actual seasons. For example, when I am pregnant, I need a full 8 hours of sleep at night (minimum), as well as a short nap in the afternoon. Also, we tend to sleep in later in the winter when it is dark out, than in the summer when it gets light as early as 5 am.

With being pregnant this summer, I still cannot drag myself out of bed before 7 am, unless I absolutely must, , even if I go to bed early the night before. Not what I prefer, but this, too, shall pass. Yesterday, I finally resigned myself to this reality, and typed up our current daily schedule accordingly. I am the type that really needs written reminders of everything. Also, the more children we have, the more necessary it has become for me to stick to a structure for our daily lives that I try hard not to deviate from.


7:00 am            Mom: briefly read Bible and pray, get up, get ready, start cooking breakfast, go over plans for the day, update to-do and grocery lists, etc.
Kids: get up, do morning chores (make beds, get dressed, empty dishwasher, care for animals, switch laundry, personal Bible and prayer time, etc.)
8:00 am            Breakfast
                       cleanup (clear dishes, sweep, pick up living room)
                        brush teeth
8:30 am            family Bible time (read Bible, work on memory verses)
9:00 am            start school work (boys: math, spelling, handwriting, English, composition, take turns on piano practice; girls: reading, math, workbooks, learning games)
11:00 am         Mom: get started on lunch, respond to important emails and phone calls, work on to-do list
                       kids that are done with their school work can play
12:00 pm         lunch
                       cleanup (clear dishes, sweep, pick up living room)


1:00 pm           girls: nap
                       boys: silent time (other school subjects: social studies, science, history, geography, art, typing, etc; read; play quietly)
                       Mom: do dishes, clean kitchen, 20-min nap, teach boys
4:00 pm           get started on dinner
                       kids: swim, play, practice piano if not done earlier
                       errands, if needed


5:30 pm           dinner
                       cleanup (clear dishes, sweep, pick up living room)
6:30 pm           evening chores (pick up bedrooms, empty dishwasher, switch laundry, care for animals, etc.)
                       Mom: do dishes, clean kitchen, keep kids busy working
7:00 pm           get ready for bed (shower/bathe, brush teeth, final picking-up of house)
8:00 pm           story time, special games, family fun, etc.
8:30 pm           kids in bed, lights out for girls
9:00 pm           lights out for boys

The times are, of course, not set in stone to the minute, but they are pretty accurate. On church nights, the evening schedule is slightly different, because we do not even get home before 8:30 pm. I make sure the kids have dinner, do their chores and clean-up, and brush their teeth before we go to church, so that afterward they can just change into their night clothes and go straight to bed after a quick story if there is time.
Anyway, just thought I'd share. I love seeing other moms' daily schedules, so I thought someone might enjoy this.


  1. I'm amazed by this organization, and I think it's the perfect occasion to ask a question I had always wanted to ask, if you don't mind.

    This is about prayer. How exactly do you and your children pray ? I have already heard Mr Anderson pronounce a little prayer at the end of his sermons, and this is of course orally and for everyone to hear (I assume it's part of the sermon). But what about yourself ?

    Do you speak your prayer ? Do you do it silently, inside your head ? And is it something for which you feel an answer ? Maybe hear it ?

    I don't remember having ever prayed and I'm extremely curious to hear about it. I just feel silly talking inside my head when I try.

  2. I love reading other mothers schedules too, and I really liked reading yours! I'm always intrigued as to how "mothers of many", accomplish all they need to in a day.

    I really feel that I need a full hour nap when I'm expecting; at least 4-5 times a week. On the days that I don't nap, I catch up on all the stuff I got already behind on!

    Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. I could never have operated my home without a schedule. Good friends of our family, Steve and Teri Maxwell have a great scheduling book for homeschooling familes. You might enjoy reading it, and you can find the Maxwell's at Titus2.com

    --Mrs. Mari

  4. I loved reading your daily routine. It does seem to help seeing how others do things. :)

  5. I also enjoy reading daily schedules. I am curious - what is your schedule like on weekends or other days without school?

  6. Love, love, love your schedule. I, too, have dinner on the table at 5:30 pm on the dot. If I'm late by five minutes, my husband starts prowling the kitchen like a rabid animal.

    When mine were little, I had them scheduled down to the minute. Multiple moms do that to survive and you've practically got Irish triplets these days! You REALLY need the Runabout triplet stroller. Best built stroller around, made right here in America.

    What are you going to do about a car now? I'm shopping for a car right now because my mini van is a gas pig. I thought of you when I'm shopping because you're going to need one of those big old church vans or an airport shuttle bus soon. LOL!

  7. Sibylle,

    good questions! I almost always pray in my head only, usually first thing when I wake up, last thing when I go to sleep, and throughout the day as I am confronted with needs. In addition, one child prays out loud at the table before each meal, and we go around all praying out loud at the end of Bible time. I share certain prayer requests with the kids to give them ideas of what to pray for. I also remind them to pray on their own at night in bed, as well as soon as they wake up.

    I don't feel like I am talking to myself because I know God is real, and I have seen him answer countless prayers. I never hear answers, I just know they are there when I "get" what I asked for.

    Hope this helps! :)

    Mrs. Mari,

    Yes, I have heard of the Maxwell's. In fact, I had ordered two of their "Managers of..." books, but found myself thoroughly overwhelmed by them. I think we only had four children at the time, and while I had a schedule, it was more a pattern, than based on a certain time on the clock. Over the years, I have stuck to certain times more and more, but it is something I grew into over time, adding a piece here and there, rather than spend a week trying to make up a "master schedule", while my house and kids came apart at the seams all around me. But I have lots of other people say they love the book - I guess it's a question of personality.


    I'll have to do a different post on that. :)


    the day before I found out I was pregnant, I bought a triplet stroller. For one, all three girls tire easily, plus it didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out we might soon be adding another baby.

    When I found out I was pregnant, I immediately SOLD the stroller, because it was such a behemoth to haul in and out of the van. Instead, I bought a new, tried-and-true, Graco double stroller. I always come back to them - so easy and predictable. Plus, I bought a boogie board (?) to attach to the back, so a third child can hitch a ride, or even sit down on the basket in the back. So much easier!

    As for a new family vehicle - I HATE HATE HATE 12- and 15-passenger vans (think: Ford, Chevy). We have rented them for church activities and they are absolute death traps, very uncomfortable, and such gas like you wouldn't believe it.

    Our Sienna has 8 seats. On the freeway, I get about 26-30 miles/gallon, in town about 22, which I think is really good for a van. With seven children, it will be too small for our family. But it would not be too small for just me and the kids (I let the oldest two ride shotgun). 99% of the time, my husband is not in the van with us. For the remaining 1% of trips, he could either drive his own car, or we could put the oldest three kids (all out of car seats) on two seats on the back bench. Not ideal, but definitely better than those horrible church vans.

    We could buy a larger van anytime, and may do so, but I want to wait on that until my husband's car dies and he takes over my van for work instead (would work well with having to haul parts, ladders, etc).

    My absolute dream vehicle would be the 18-passenger sprinter shuttle bus. Talk about riding in style! Sadly, it comes with a $70,000+ price tag.

    The 13-passenger sprinter is the one we will probably end up buying. I am hoping to find one used for a good cash price. And yes, they are used as airport shuttle buses, because they are walking height inside. :) They also get better gas mileage than those Ford/Chevy vans.

  8. Zsuzsanna - thanks for this article! I love seeing other moms' schedules! Mine is very similar to yours, but better - I am still working on getting an earlier start (can't seem to get school going before 10a). And I have so many questions - way too many, as a matter of fact. Can you tell us something about how you orchestrate quiet time? Do the kids know what they need to be doing, or do you have to directly supervise them during this time as well? Is it mainly reading or independent work? Over here, our quiet time is still nap time for the two little ones and "reading" or independent play for the 5yo.

    Still plugging away at trying to get our homeschool organized - sometimes I despair of ever getting to the point you guys have reached, but I will keep at it.

  9. Ack - I just re-read my comment! It was SUPPOSED to be "Yours is similar to mine, but better" - NOT "Mine is similar to yours but better." Oh, my goodness!! Sorry about that!!! How embarrassing is that?

  10. Just found your blog & wanted to let you that I am thoroughly enjoying it! Best regards!


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