Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day

Hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday weekend. 

The kids said that they did not want to do school work yesterday, but would rather catch up the lost day during the rest of the week.

It could have been a relaxing day, if I had not decided to first tackle the laundry monster, which had gotten entirely out of control last week. That done, I decided to just completely de-clutter and reorganize their toys and books, most of which are stored in our room, not the kids' bedrooms. My preferred method of cleaning is with a big garbage bag, and we filled several of those by noon (some were for donations). 

Needless to say, this was very tiring for me. I was about as graceful as an elephant getting up and down off the floor. But by the end of it, the room was in perfect condition. Watch, that will last about 24 hours.

John and Miriam had been sent off to clean the girls' room, while Solomon and Isaac were helping me, and keeping an eye on the littler girls. When I walked out, I found John had taped this sign to the girls' room door:

Now hiring! Please help clean room. RSVP to John or Miriam - or else!

John is a very artistic type, and as such, takes great creative liberties with spelling (or letter formation, for that matter). I should mention, also, that he was offering to pay 1 cent per minute for those helping him. Talk about slave wages!

After lunch, the boys were glad to get some quiet time to read while the girls' napped. Since I was on a roll, I told them we would also deep-clean their room once the girls woke up. 

However, I got tied up making dinner, so I just sent the boys to do it themselves, and told them to do a thorough job. As in, clean out under the bed, straighten up the closet, etc.

Miriam helped me cook dinner, which was pork gyros in pita pockets. I finally found a fantastic recipe for seasoning the meat - definitely a keeper. It was on a German website, though, so I'll have to translate it before sharing it here. 

 Apologies to my vegetarian readers. This smelled SO good!

Miriam helping - such a sweetie!

 She also rolled the dough out for the pita pockets

 Anna just watched...

 ... while Becky was busy making pretend smoothies out of eraser fruit and sweets. 

The boys told me they were done with their room, so I let them go outside and play. Miriam left to join them. After a few minutes, she came in crying. She told me she had fallen off a wall, but it was all the boys fault for being so wild and distracting her: "I was focusing on them, so I didn't see where the wall ended, and I feel off. I even told them to stop, because I was so preoccupied watching them, but they didn't!" Well, say it isn't so! The world can be such a cruel place, what with three big brothers to steal the attention of little girls who climb on walls.

Dinner done, I decided to run to the grocery store that night, knowing today would be a busy day. With all the cleaning, the kids had missed out on swimming, so for a special (and very rare) treat, we drove through Krispy Kreme first. John and Isaac were scandalized I would even eat anything from there, much less offer it to my poor, unfortunate children. Says John: "They probably use egg product in their dough!" (as opposed to real, fresh eggs). I just laughed - I figured either the smell would get to them, or there would be more doughnuts for those of us who were able to shrug off this one little trespass of our otherwise wholesome diet. 

Sure enough, Isaac buckled first. Mind you, he usually doesn't. When we went to Old Tucson Studios last week, neither him nor John would even consider having a scoop of ice cream with the rest of the kids. 

Then John asked for a "teeny tiny smidgen of one piece of doughnut" - only to end up eating two of them.

I am happy to report, all kids are alive and well today. However, they all agreed (as did I) that the doughnuts were much too sugary. I have once again cut out all sugar at home, for going on two months now, and I really do think it affects their palates.  

Giving the kids a sugar high before shopping with them late in the evening may or may not have been one of my better ideas. Usually, I don't let the kids take one of the kiddie carts, unless I only have one or two kids with me, but it was late and the store was practically empty. Even Anna grabbed a cart, for the first time ever, and had a great time with it. 

Look, it's the Duggars!

Anytime I would take anything off the shelf, Anna would come running over to me, beg for the item, and then run it back to her cart. It was hilarious, but I am worried it created a monster. Will she ever be content to ride in the cart again?

In the car on the way home, I told the kids that once we got home, they would need to get ready for bed quickly - 15 minutes until lights out. When Solomon was all done, he came to me and asked if I wanted him to straighten up the boys room before going to bed.

Straighten up the boys room???? I thought that's what they had been doing all afternoon, except for when they said they were done and went to play outside???? 

Their room, needless to say, was not anywhere near what it should have been. I put the girls to bed, and then made them clean it with me until past 11 PM. It is now spotless, and all their broken junk and clutter has hit the trash can. Kids can be such hoarders.

I guess sugar highs work for Mom, too.

Time to get back to the grind today after such a lazy, relaxing holiday weekend. :)


  1. I enjoyed reading about your weekend- mine started out great but did not end well at all with the in laws. Perhaps you can offer some advice or write a post on how to get along with unsaved family members who find your lifestyle disturbing, offensive, judgmental basically crazy. My M-I-L barely said 5 words to me (because how dare I be pregnant again with our 4th child) then all that pent up anger exploded..not pretty. How can we honor and obey our parents when they hate God and the Bible who alternate from not speaking to us and yelling at us for our choices.

  2. LOVED this post...so sweet to see the everyday stuff, and the children! Those are cool grocery carts! I can only imagine allowing all my children to have their own cart, I'm sad to say I dont know how they would behave...haha. Everyone is looking so grown up lately...guess it's getting close for sweet baby #7 to come :)

  3. Loved this post too! I love the note hiring help! You are raising some wonderful children that are normal in the old fashioned sense...not modern normal. It is always refreshing to stop by as my littles are big now, and visiting reminds me of yesterday with them!


  4. Karen, all I can recomend, as the daughter of unsaved parents, with saved in laws who don't much like our choices, is that as adults we can make our own decisions, so honouring our parents takes on the meaning of giving them respect as far as possible without placing your children in risk. As hard as it is I try to bite my tongue, turn the other cheek. I tell them what's happening for us in a very matter of fact way, making it clear that it isn't open for discussion, but still sounding polite. The sinful nature of others sometimes forces us to sin, it's part of living in a fallen world, so while it would be sinful to not honour your parents, if they are not christians then they do not nececarily deserve that honour. I offer it as best I can, but in some cases for the safety of our children we have to draw a line, I have no contact with my mother for that reason, and should I ever gain contact, I could never see myself leaving my kids in her care, in fact when, inevitably, contact is made between us I won't even involve my children or let her meet them until she can gain some trust from me.

    My little one loves those shopping carts too, she thinks they're the funnest thing!

  5. Zsuzsanna, your children are just beautiful! Little Anna inherited Steve's eyes but other than that, she TOTALLY looks like you in the cover picture! She's your mini me.

    To Karen R. ... sorry I cannot resist. I would just hang a sing over the entrance door which says: "My door is always open for you. If there's anything about me that bothers you, you're welcome to leave". I would MAKE them leave, since I'm not there to put up with mean people under my own roof, inlaw or not. And that's about it. What is the point inviting them if even some of the neighbors LOVE you more than them?!

  6. For Karen,
    This is a hard situation. Probably you mil blames you for all the "weird" choices she sees her son participating in. She can't imagine that the boy she reared would make these choices. Anything you do or say will only make it worse. Your husband is the only one that can do anything to fix this. He must make it clear that these are his choices and that attacking his family (the mother of his children) is off limits. Otherwise the battle will rage on.
    Peace and blessings,

  7. Poor Miriam...those awful brothers, back at it again!

    Glad you enjoyed your productove day. We have been clearing out like that here too. I had put off my spring cleaning since I was too tired...but now that I don't need to nap each afternoon I have made a point of decluttering! Such a BIG job!

    Lovely photos! :)

  8. I love John and Miriam's sign...so funny! I have been decluttering, too. I am wondering if I am starting to nest..that sure would be early. Too bad my energy supply is pretty low and I am tuckered out just a few minutes into the project. ;)

  9. Thank you SO much ladies for your kind and wonderful advice. Patti, boy did you hit the nail on the head! lol We have decided to leave the door open for future communication but we will not pursue them any longer or try to to make them see our POV. Like abba said we will politely talk in a matter of fact way of what is going on and not accept adult temper tantrums, especially those made in front of the kids. I like what was said about realizing we have to protect our kids and honestly we have to protect our own minds too because it has affected us a great deal in energy and spirit. Thanks again!

  10. abba 12, my situation is similar to yours. I don't have children yet, but if I, by Gods grace should have a child, I have already reasoned like you when it comes to having contact with my mother. I would never leave the child alone in her care. Too much has happened. Unfortunately I can't trust her, my brother has died because of her unability to watch him properly.


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