Saturday, May 5, 2012

Dear fatheads...

Apparently, some of the lovely ladies reading this blog, and making a habit of leaving their anonymous hate comments, took exception to my recipe for Strawberry Shortcakes

While I rarely publish their comments, I chose to do so just to show their insanity. Here's my favorite one:
Goodness gracious, that is terribly unhealthy. There are approximately 1284mg of cholesterol in that recipe and 640 grams of fat. (20mg of cholesterol in a tbs of cream, 5 grams of fat in a tbs of cream, 16 tbs in a cup, 4 cups in the recipe) The cholesterol is equal to 16 Big Macs.

640 grams of fat?? Are you a mathematically-challenged registered dietitian? HAD I used a full four cops of cream, that would be the equivalent of 64 tbsp. 64x5=320, NOT 640. That would be third-grade level math. I understand it may not be your forte, but in your case you may be better off not leaving smart comments.

For the record, I used 2 1/2 cups cream total (1 1/2 for the recipe, 1 for the topping), which works out to 40 tbsp (or 200 grams of fat - less than one third of what you are claiming).

By comparison, the original recipe I adapted mine from calls for 1 1/2 sticks butter for the same amount of dough, totaling 132 grams of fat, plus the fat in 1 1/2cups of milk. My dough has almost the exact same amount of fat (144 grams) - but using cream instead of butter and milk is much quicker and easier. Where are all the negative comments on the Family Fun site, exposing this life-threatening recipe? Especially since their recipe uses white flour, and sugar?

In all, we made 21 shortcakes - and when we were done eating, there was cream left over. So each shortcake came out to about 9 g fat each. As a pregnant adult, I had 2, and was full. And yes, we did drink milk on the side for added protein.

By comparison, a strip of bacon has 7 grams of fat. Anyone on here want to get upset about people eating three strips of baking for breakfast - and nothing else on the side???

Obviously, we don't eat this every morning. But even if we did, it would still be a lot healthier than boxed cereal. As the knowledgeable nutritionists you ladies are, did you hear about the study where the lab rats who were fed the cereal boxes lived longer than the rats being fed the cereal itself?

As one of the other commenters said: it's not the fat that's bad. It's the artificial fat. Evidently, neither my husband nor my kids need to worry about their weight, as they are all in the normal to low weight range (and believe me, it's not for a lack of food!). 

And may I ask, how many varieties of fresh fruits and vegetables can be found in your fridge? Let me give you a run-down of what was in our house on the day of the breakfast from hell:

Three types of onions, garlic, russet potatoes, yams, celery, carrots, cauliflower, leeks, beets, kohlrabi, four types of squash, Jerusalem lettuce, romaine lettuce, two types of chard,  arugula, mustard, peppers, apples, bananas, oranges, kiwis, avocados, mango, honeydew melon, lemons, roma tomatoes, tomatoes on the vine, mushrooms, and fresh basil.

That would be 35 varieties of fresh produce - all organic, and most of the greens and veggies come from a local ranch. Sadly, today we only have somewhat in the high 20s of the above list left, because our kids have eaten the rest in the last 24 hours. By next weekend, almost all of it will be gone.  

One of these days, I will have to put a lock on the fridge, because the kids regularly spoil their dinner by grazing on produce all day long. "No, Johnny, you can't have a third apple today - you need to save some room for pizza tonight!"

By contrast, there is not a single "food" item anywhere in our house using the words "hydrogenated", "artificial", or "high-fructose" in the ingredient list. 

Clearly, someone just got their underwear in a knot over the fact that I insinuated they may be feeding their kids junk, or failing to ever provide a cooked breakfast. Or maybe they are mad that their kids demand junk food. Or maybe they don't have a life beyond stalking strangers on the internet. Hey - don't feel bad! The bad food you put into your children's bodies is not nearly as harmful as the dirt you are feeding their hearts and minds with. If you must prioritize, feed them cold cereal every day, and read the Bible to to them as you do so.

Here's an idea to make your life more interesting: take a math class instead! Make strawberry shortcakes for your "loved ones", even if it's just your pet, or your alter ego. Remember to take a breath once in a while, and stop gritting your teeth in anger.

And, as always, thank you for the laughs. Reading your comments is much like browsing through a copy of "Parents" magazine: an immediate confidence boost for us normal parents with even half-way normal kids.


  1. Can the apparently 'OMG SO MUCH FAT' shortcakes be frozen for later?

  2. Ahahaha! Wow! Welcome to the great Uneducated States of America! Thanks for that post! Currently I am ready "Real Food" by Nina Planck. Ever since Americans started eating non-foods about 100 years ago, they have become fatter and more and more unhealthy. I thought your strawberry shortcake breakfast was a wonderful idea! Whole grains, whole milk product, and fresh fruit! Sounds delicious!

  3. Honestly, is this kind of attitude worthy of a pastor's wife? Be gracious, even in the face of adversity. There is a way to address those who may have made mistakes in a way that is consistent with a child of God and then there is the way to respond like the world. Honestly, "Dear fatheads" is very much like the world. Instead, "To my concerned readers" might have been a bit better and a bit more Christlike. Remember the concept of giving them food and drink - thus heaping coals on their head. It's not for us to heap the burning coals but instead to graciously respond. A soft answer....

    There is no need to post this if you don't want - I don't have any other way to contact you to say this so I will do it through the comments.

  4. How could anyone say something bad about the wonderful deliciousness that you posted? It looked like one of the most beautiful food creations I've ever seen... I was drooling! I'm going to have to make it one of these days.

  5. I guess it's all a matter of wrong targeted hatred. They want to hate you by all means, and even if there is not a single reason to insult, they still fuss and pretend there is.

    Well, of course, it takes less than a minute to see your children are totally healthy and well fed. But that's a minute too much for this person, I guess.

  6. With all that controversy, I will for sure have to try these!

    Just a note - When you do a recipe post, would it be possible to add a reprint of your recipe at the very bottom of your article, i.e. just the words without the pictures? That way after I read the article I can copy the recipe into a Word document without needing to delete all the pictures afterward.

    Can't wait to try them!

  7. I'm just amazed somebody has the time to break down and analyze a recipe they find on your blog. I have only one young adult child at home and I am BUSY!. Who has that knid of time?

    I admit I would find the time to eat strawberry shortcake, but count somebody else's fat grams and cholesterol? Nah. I'd rather take a walk to work off the dessert.

  8. Zsuzsanna... guess where that comment came from : ) A forum filled with out of shape, unhealthy, jealous, bored geese. You make them feel like they have a life and they matter matter. Every time you respond one dumb, jealous, bored person who spends HER time reading here and googling for info just to use it to start an argument instead of hitting the treadmill, cleaning the house, doing her job, raising her kid etc, you make that fathead feel important. "Yeah, I matter, my comment got the green light on a blog I don't like but I keep following" - pathetic. You are a good cook and don't let stupid, jealous women bring you down. God bless!

  9. "Dear Fatheads" ~ Bahahahahaha! This one had me splitting my sides laughing, before I even clicked the link! I do NOT think it is un-Christian to call someone a "fathead"...especially if it is true! ;)

    Seriously who cares so much about a recipe, to even go through the bother of leaving a negative comment? If it seemed so unhealthy to me (it doesn't) I simply wouldn't make it for my own children...leaving a comment would just seem like a waste of my time.

    I understand how frustrating some of these hateful commenters can be. I'm know that it is almost as frustrating (or more) to read the "That's not very Christian" comments also. Most of the time I think those comments are secretly from hate site followers too.

  10. I've been following your blog for a few years and I think the hateful comments come because people feel guilty when they read these types of posts. I think that is why your most innocuous posts garnish so much hate mail. It is the "if everyone is a coward/lazy/godless/slop..etc., than no-one is." The fact that you work hard at being a wife and mother makes the others who are taking the easy way out feel guilty so they lash out, trying to bring you down to their level.

    Personally, I thought it was a great breakfast! Certainly less fat and much more nutrition then Dunkin DOnuts or McDonald's!!

    in His peace,

  11. WOW! Honestly when I read the first post I was thinking it was a healthy fun breakfast. Where we live strawberries aren't in season long. Even if it was unhealthy you didn't say you serve every day!

  12. I wouldn't respond to anyone that is annoying, especially in a blog post. They just aren't worth mine (or your) time.

  13. It's true that the recipe does have fat, but it's fat from a good source and not hydrogenated junk that is in those Big Macs. Personally, I see nothing wrong with the occasional treat of strawberry shortcakes, even for breakfast as your family already eats healthy most of the time. One "terribly unhealthy" breakfast isn't going to make your children obese or cause them to develop type 2 diabetes before they're 18.

  14. To the 2nd anonymous: First off, I don't think anyone from the forum posted that comment. Second, we aren't all that out of shape. I generally run between 2 and 4 miles every day (and walk at least 1 more mile during warm up and cool down), and am trying to tone my muscles using a combination of weights and Pilates. After I'm done with all that, I do dishes from the night before, figure out what to do for dinner, get any ingredients needed, clean, and if I had kids I'd be taking care of them at the same time.

  15. Well, I am just sad that there is not enough for ME to have some for breakfast! :))))))

  16. Personally, I wouldn't respond to comments like that. You chose what you feed your family and what someone else says really doesn't matter in the overall scheme of things.

    Why waste your time feeding the negative when that time could be better spent reading a story with your kids or a number of other things that are much more fun.

  17. These same people would happily serve pancakes for breakfast drenched in FAKE maple syrup and whipped butter right? Or if they're canadian, maple syrup and bacon, even better for the fat content. I really don't think your recepie is much worse than pancakes, it's probably better but I really don't have the time to do the math. They'd be horrified to know I gave my toddler a triple chocolate muffin for breakfast last week! Of course, I gave her a mandarin and fruit museli bar this morning (NOT one of those awful sugar glazed ones, one that is actually mostly healthy) this morning. It's called moderation! One morning she might have deep fried hash brown and bacon, the next she might have a green smoothie. If you try to drink green smoothies EVERY day and never allow yourself a treat, you're soon going to get sick of it, and switch to the less healthy food regularly.

    As for making the point in a nicer tone, yeah, I think you could say the same thing without so much 'nastiness', that phrase about catching more with honey than vinegar, and there's really no need to stoop to their level, I would have said this very differently myself. But I think you're already well aware of that perception and advice, there's no sense in repeating it, it's between you and God now, and it dosen't change the fact you were correct.

  18. I am from the evil forum, and just want to say I have a math degree and agree that math classes are fun! I hope you have fun teaching math to your kids and they have fun learning. Math education is my passion and I would love to hear more people say they enjoy it so thanks for saying math class is fun.

    To be a teensy bit critical, I must say 320*2 = 640, so whoever did the calculation (maybe a forum member nitpicking, maybe some other anti-fat crusader) made a tiny little error.

    I'll keep my more critical comments on the forum.

    *"Strive for peace and love for one another"*

  19. Well, your family certainly doesn't look as if the would be overfed with junk. Actually while I disagree with you on a lot of topics, i admire the way you feed your family.

    Just one Question related to the topic: Do you think obesity is a sin? Isn't it an addiction after all and doesn't the Bible condemn eating too much?

  20. FWIW, I'm a nurse and the breakfast looked delicious and sure beats cold cereal with milk. If it was served everyday there might be a problem but as an occasional treat, no problem. And, as others have said, the fat is not hydrogenated, which is the worse fat. I grew up on whole raw milk, real butter, and no hydrogenated fats. I was a skinny minny. There are people in northern Italy with very high cholesterol levels, over 500. But they don't have the cardiovascular disease we have. Nor do they have obesity. If we returned to more natural foods and walked more we'd be healthier.

    I do think honey gets more than vinegar. Better to love one's enemy as Christ commands us, hard as it is to do at times.

    Besides, why even pay attention to anonymous posters?

  21. While a kind answer does turn away wrath sometimes calling out an idiot is necessary. Picking apart and shows the level that these foolish women will stoop too.

  22. I made strawberry shortcake for dessert tonight - with real BUTTER. I also made enough to have for breakfast tomorrow in your honor :)

  23. i don't believe you owe anyone an explanation for your recipe. You certainly do not need to defend yourself and what you feed your family--I personally have always admired the diet you feed your family. You eat healthy and everyone looks healthy.

    I only use butter in my home. No margarine. No low fat stuff. No sugar-free. No fat-free. We eat healthy and yes we do indulge once in a while on something as delicious as Strawberry Shortcake, and I make my shortcake with real cream. it's not as if we eat this everyday, it's a once in a while indulgence for us and it tastes very good.

    I don't understand the need for your naysayers to be so critical of you. They do not have to read you if they don't like you. I would suggest you to ignore and delete.

    three or four years ago I followed a mommy blogger, Jennifer McKinney aka McMama. Due to a series of false statements, and tax evasion, and scamming on her part, readers became very critical of her to the point of being mean spirited and hurtful. Although I had come to not like Jennifer McKinney I was bothered that so many could be so cruel towards her. I do not want to see what happened to Jennifer McKinney happen to you. You are nothing like Jennifer McKinney, I simply am concerned that naysayers are taking their hatred too far towards you and this is so wrong.

    I am standing in your corner :)

    Blessings, Mrs. Mari

  24. Belle,

    I don't know if they could be frozen - we have never had any left over! :)

    They are similar to biscuits, though, which can be frozen, so I'm thinking you probably could.


    great idea - I just don't know how to add a link to a separate printable document. :(

    Mrs. Mari,

    I read about the whole McMama thing on another blog some time back. That was the only time I have looked at either the real blog, or the one devoted to her haters. Both were boring, and why would anyone go online looking for more bickering? Clearly, they must not have kids.

    Don't worry, the haters never bother me. If I ever talk about them, it is only to amuse and expose. I get dozens of hateful comments per day, and publish almost none of them, much less respond to them.

    Misc. others,

    this post was not intended to catch flies. For one, the honey is what brought the angry flies in the first place (I should have used sugar in my recipe instead...). Secondly, I would much rather drive flies away, not attract more (although I agree they thrive on the attention). Thirdly, the post was mostly intended to poke fun, and be entertaining.

    We all have time for hobbies. One of mine is exposing stupidity every once in a while when it is rubbed in my face daily.

  25. I know I'm off topic, but I've got to ask why Vegan Momma is using butter and cream. Isn't the definition of vegan not eating animal products at all?

  26. RE: comment May 7, 2012 12:47 PM
    Haha, I ended up backspacing some of my comment so now it is incomplete and you posted it anyway, oh well that's what I get for not proofreading before I submit :-D.
    Now I can't even remember what I had said that makes that a complete sentence. It was something about the ridiculousness and immaturity of picking apart a recipe post.

  27. I find it amazing how those female beings (I don't want to say women) get offended if you don't let them get away with their stupidity and stalking just because you happen to be a pastor's wife. So, because you happen to be married to a pastor, you should put up with all those trashy beings and be happy you are given the privilege to do so? Really?
    All they do is team up, then mob, stalk, harrass people on various websites, on facebook pages and youtube channels. My guess their average age must be between 45-50, yet they act like a mob of mean, horrible, rotten teenagers. They are very careful not to cross the line so that they won't be able to be held accountable for their stalking, because, as an admin warned them "the site couldn't afford to hire a lawyer should someone sue them". So they do their mobbing very carefully (oops, I almost said "cowardly"). I am sorry that you are a target to a mob of awful, cowardly, miserable people (did I just say people?). I can't imagine what I would do if they'd cloud over my family blog as a flock of mosquitoes.
    A good idea would be to shut down Anonymous comments. I'd rather register so that I can leave comments but you are not the only one fed up with that mob of angry beings stalking you, your readers don't want to see their comments either. We don't read here to see their stomach turning stupidity. Please think about that. I look forward to reading more lovely posts, that's what most of us are here for. Recipes, ideas, thoughts and some sweet posts about happy people. After all the misery splashed all over the internet, it's a breathe of fresh air to us. Pretty please, don't let stupid, bitter people ruin that for you and your readers. Have a nice days and God bless, we hope to hear from you soon! @)-'--

  28. I have two things to say:

    1) I thought the "dessert" looked awesome! Yummy! What in the heck is wrong with making a breakfast (or any other meal for that matter) every now and then that is not 100% good for you?!!!

    2) I read a study recently that stated that if you were going to eat sugars/fats etc., breakfast is the BEST TIME TO CONSUME IT! For obvious reasons... You have plenty of time to burn the calories throughout the day.

    Good job Zsuzsanna! I thought it looked great and I'm sure your littles loved it. That's all that matter.

  29. LOVE LOVE LOVE the recipe!!! Thanks a lot for that.
    I love your cooking anyway and I tried quite a few of your recipes and they are always brilliant and my family loves them.
    Thanks a lot!


  30. I'm new here and I have to say I find this entire post seemed to be filled with uneeded drama. So the poster mentioned the breakdown of the recipe and that they thought it was unhealthy. Does it really matter?? It is all about balance and a treat now and then doesn't hurt at all! I thought it looked good :-) It wouldn't be a breakfast food for me but that is because sweet foods don't settle well on my stomach first thing in the morning.

    As Christians we are to be Christlike and to turn the other cheek.We also should give people the benefit of the doubt. For all you know it was just somebody who breaks down every recipe they look at and didn't mean to come across as rude.

    Anyways, just my two cents for what it is worth. :-) Have a wonderful rest of the week! :-)


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