Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Just me and my sweeties

It's been a long time since I last had a day alone with just me and my girlies. To be exact, it was just before Anna was born

My husband is often able to take one of the boys on work days for his fire alarm business with him. If he is just doing a fire alarm inspection in a store, he can get by with one of the older boys inconspicuously tagging along silently. But taking all three is a different story altogether. 

Well, with my Dad in town, the guys thought it would be fun to turn a short work trip into more of a fun day out. My husband is only doing two jobs while my Dad keeps an eye on the boys, and then they will be spending the rest of the day "playing". If you can call driving all the way from here to the Pacific Ocean and back in one day playing. Gah!!! It wasn't a difficult choice for me to decline that trip. They all left long before daybreak this morning.

But the boys? They LOVE long car rides. Beats me! My Dad has never been to the Pacific, so I'm sure he will like it. Last time we drove along the coast (on a week-long trip, thankyouverymuch), we saw dolphins playing right near the shore - super cool!

So, just me and the girls today. Yay! Sometimes I wonder how I ever thought having 3 young kids was hard. Nowadays, when I "only" have three, it's a breeze! Then today, it dawned on me it's only because my older kids were here helping yesterday, and will be back to doing their chores tomorrow. I can neglect the housework for one day, and them make them pitch in with cleaning up the aftermath. But if I had to always do without their help? That would be a lot more work. Another parenting enigma solved! :) This truly is the best of both worlds - only half as many kids to be responsible for today, and getting all the manpower to work back tomorrow. 

As of right now (and it is almost 10 AM), Miriam is still soundly asleep on the sofa. She was so excited to see her brothers off and tell them "bye" that she woke up even before the boys did, and then waited on the sofa for them to leave. So cute! It's funny to see her mother her older brothers, and lecture them about staying safe. 

Becky, her usual exuberant self, woke me up bright and early by climbing into my bed with her icy little feet. Right now, she is singing loudly and putting on a Playmobil circus show for Anna.

Annie, still in her jammies, is just entertained by it all, while talking the whole time about her favorite person in the world - "Dada!"

 Anna and her "green smoothie face"

So, a quiet morning. All girls still nap for 2-3 hours each afternoon, at the same time, so I will get a nice long quiet break then, too. I've been doing a lot of reading on China lately, and should do some book reviews when I get a chance.

Maybe I'll have a chance to take the girls to get their hair trimmed again (they badly need it), but in any case, they are insisting on taking leisurely baths and getting their hair curled. Miriam also told me yesterday she wants to make her special birthday smoothie for breakfast to go with the lemon poppy seed muffins I baked yesterday.

Once she wakes up, that is... :)


  1. Hahaha! Love Anna's "green smoothie face"!

    Enjoy the day with your precious daughters! :)

  2. Girl days are sooo much fun! You should put up a picture of all the girls with their hair curled...I'll bet they looked sooo cute! :) Glad you had this special time with them.

  3. Aww..Have a FUN girls day!!! I, too, LOVE the smoothie face. Pure sweetness :)

  4. What do you think about prepping? Alex Jones talks about a collapse and the need to be out of big city's because they will be so unsafe.


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