Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 2012

Hope everyone had a delightful time with their families! It's been great around here, though certainly busy.

Yesterday, my dad and I went to McCormick Stillman Railroad Park in Scottsdale with the kids. My husband stayed home because he had some finishing touches to put on the windows he replaced a couple of weeks ago.

For dinner, I made T-bone steaks with gorgonzola, oven-baked potatoes, grilled vegetables, salad, and garlic bread. 

I also did all the possible prep-work for today's breakfast of quiche (with broccoli, ham, and cheese), and cinnamon rolls. On the side, we had fresh-squeezed blood orange juice from a dear friend at church who dropped some off for us this week. Well, I guess technically she dropped it off for my dad, but there are times like this when his language barrier comes in handy... ;)

For Easter, the girls got matching new dresses, and the boys got new trunks. I think this may be a great solution for Easter gifts from here on out, since this is about the time each year we start swimming season, and while the girls love new dresses, the boys really do not need new suits just to "settle the score" - they are much happier with new swim trunks! My Dad also gave the kids a bag of chocolate eggs he brought over with him from Germany.

After the morning service, we went to a beautiful spot near our house and took the obligatory family pictures. Let me tell you, it gets harder each year!!! Thankfully, by taking well in excess of 100 photos, I was able to get a few good ones. Whatever did they do before digital cameras??? I guess that's where professional photographers come in. 

We are doing the big Easter dinner tonight, before church. I have been working on it between loading pictures for this post. We are having ham, baked in puff pastry, with a side of German potato dumplings, gravy, and asparagus with hollandaise sauce. But not just any ham, oh no. My dad cured it himself, then smoked it over mesquite, cooked it, and we will now bake it in the pastry for dinner. We started the process THREE WEEKS ago. Definitely NOT fast food.

Good times, good times. Especially once I drop into bed tonight for some much needed sleep!!! :)

Edited to add some pictures from dinner:

 Becky's favorite part was the asparagus. She just kept asking for more and more. At the end, there was almost nothing left of the 3 lbs I had made for dinner.

 Anna LOVED the dumplings, and would eat nothing else. I think she had a total of four!!


  1. Looks like you had a fabulous day!! The girl's pigtails are a riot too...I just LOVE pigtails! Everyone looks great. :) Happy Resurrection Sunday to you and your family! :)

  2. Wow, beautiful children there. You are really lucky to have that many beautiful, healthy kids. The boys are really handsome and the girls look fab!

  3. Your six children are so beautiful, and the last picture of you with the children--you too are so beautiful. Pregnancy definitly agrees with you :)

    I can imagine that your husband's sermon today was fantastic.

    Your ham sounds delicious. We were going to have ham, in fact it is still in refrigerator, but my rocket scientist isn't feeling well (effects of radiation treatment) so we kept it low and I made a simple and his favorite casserole. We'll have the ham later this week and then soup from the bone.

    Have a wonderful week.

    Blessings, Mrs. Mari

  4. Anna is so beautiful ! She really is the cutest little girl ever.

    Seems you had a great time :)

  5. Hi!
    Beautiful photos! It can be quite a challenge to capture all the children looking at once not to mention no one crying or crawling away!

    I have a non-related question. Is your pool heated? April seems early for swimming. Also, are your girls allowed to swim? The reason I ask is because of bathing suits and remaining modest. If your daughters do swim, is it just at home with family? Would they be able to swim some place public like the beach? How will you handle this when the girls grow older? I'm just curious and certainly mean no harm.

  6. I can't believe that littlest GIRL in your pictures is Anna!! Where did the baby go? My baby is 11 months goes so fast. :(

  7. I am so glad to see that you all had a wonderful easter , your pictures looked great , I know what you mean about having to take so many , it is sometimes hard to get Leah to sit still much less look at the camera .

  8. You have a beautiful family, but why is only one of your girl's wearing a head covering in some of the pics?

  9. Oh Annie, Annie, Annie, I think I might just eat you all up!!! ...Too cute with her little pigtails!

    Lovely pictures of your beautiful children, Zsuzsa. Glad you all had an enjoyable Easter weekend.

  10. Haha I LOVE the added picture of Anna at dinner how adorable!!! Of course all your children is precious! I'm glad you had a good Easter and especially happy you get to spend it with your father!
    Karen E

  11. Such a beautiful family! Are your kids bilingual? (Sorry if that's been asked already; I'm a bit new!)


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