Friday, March 23, 2012

Today at my house...

... my husband started replacing our old, old, OLD, single-pane, drafty windows. There are six total that need to be done. The noise and dust are making me throw up, but this will be a great improvement as far as cutting down on how much dust and pollen get in the house, as well as cutting our electricity bill by better regulating the temperature in the house.

... two of the three boys are running a low-grade fever and feeling nauseous. Thus, they are in bed resting, drinking Reed's ginger soda, and snacking on freshly fried corn tortillas. (Yes, that's the only think they are able to keep down - beats me!) I am sorely missing the two sets of helping hands.

... I am having to can the 50 lbs of Roma tomatoes I bought a couple of days ago, in spite of the chaos of a construction site, and the sick kids. Either that, or toss them - something I am much too cheap to do!

... we have four new chicks chirping in their box in the school room. We just bought them yesterday, which makes them three days old today. Anna is all over them.

... our pool is in the process of refilling. A very nice, very competent, Christian pool man spent this last week draining the pool, fixing everything that was broken (including the filter), and then washing it down professionally. He is coming back on Monday to get the pool chemicals in. He did all this, for FREE. This is an unbelievable blessing to us. I am not sure we would even have been able to use the pool this summer if it had not been for him offering to get it up and running for us, completely out of the blue.

... it is nap time for the three girls right now - we'll see how long that will last with all the noise going on. At least I got to catch my breath for a moment.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! I am turning twenty-thirteen this Sunday - eeek!!!


  1. Happy birthday! I just turned twenty-seventeen myself. =)

    Jamie in TX

  2. Busy day! Sounds like a lot is getting done :)

  3. Happy "Twenty-Thirteenth" Birthday Zsuzsanna!!!!! We hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow! :)

  4. Happy Birthday!! How exciting to be getting NEW windows. That should be helpful in lots of ways. :)
    Sorry to hear that some of your children are sick. That is never fun but makes us extra thankful for good health the rest of the time.

  5. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!!!

  6. I will be twenty-thirteen Easter Sunday.

    Happy birthday. :-)


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