Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Random blurbs

- Almost 20 weeks pregnant, and the morning sickness still haunts me some days. Also, the fatigue is still there. But - I can feel the little one squirm around now and then, which is precious.

- The goldfish from Isaac and Miriam's birthday party are still alive. If they died, I could strike "cleaning the fish bowl" off my daily to do list, but these fish are hardy. 

- Still no rain, just more wind that stirs up all this dust. I'd just as soon pack up and leave the area for a while, but traveling with kids is a hassle when you don't like to eat junk along the way.

- Isaac is doing well considering how dry and dusty it's been. 

- My chickens screamed me awake early this morning when a large bird tried to attack them. The dogs scared it off. It was pretty cool.

- My dad will be here in a little over a week. We're all looking forward to his visit.

- Today, we bagged up almost 100 library books to return that the kids had finished reading since checking them out three weeks ago. People behind us in the drive-through book return hate us - and that in spite of the fact that I usually loop around several times and never return more than like 20 books at a time. Once, a woman started honking behind me seconds after I pulled up, and then walked up to my window and cursed me out.

- Anna stopped saying "mama" months ago. If I tell her to say it, she grins and says "dada". Just this week, she started chanting "mama", but only in church during the preaching. She understands it's a time to be quiet, but apparently thinks I'll let her get by with that one. Little stinker!

- Registration for the Arizona Homeschool Convention this summer is now open. If you have never been, they are for the first time this year offering $10 admissions to first time attendees. Regular admission is $65, so this is quite a bargain! How I wish they had offered this a few years ago when I started going!!! Offer is limited to the first 500 respondents; please click here for more info.

- Read this very interesting article today. So sad, and so true. I could relate to so much in that article, having been raised to think playing with dolls was stupid, being a housewife was worthless and demeaning, and that mothers were at their best serving others beside their own family. 

- Discovered this place for an after-chores Saturday treat. Surprisingly good considering it's vegan AND soy-based. Also, very inexpensive for being almost completely organic - the 16 oz servings come out to $5 after tax. Cheaper than Coldstone, and the kids said it tasted better, too.

- Becky today walked up to me and announced in the cutest little voice that she wanted to marry Solomon when she grew up. He was flattered, but politely declined.

I'm off to bed where Anna has been warming my spot for me. Nothing like waking up and going to sleep each day with a squishy little one to make for a happy life.


  1. I often need to catch myself when I find myself becoming frustrated with waiting behind someone I feel is taking to long at the toll or drive-thru (Starbucks). When I catch myself I pay for the person behind me and say a prayer over everyone in the line. Paying for the ones behind me may sound silly, but for me it is an act that really makes me think about my patience level and increasing it.

    I hope it is OK if I ask the following question(s). How is your relationship with your family now that you are a Christian and a SAHM? Being raised in the family you were and being taught to not play with dolls and prepare for motherhood I am curious as to how they perceive you now and if your lifestyle and beliefs have caused a change in your relationship with them? How do your govern conversations they have with your children? I hope I am not being too nosey? You are so open in discussing issues and I am curious as we had problems with my in-laws who are Unitarians and did not support our faith beliefs. While they will attend church with us, they will not participate in communion, which is fine, but they always manage to visit on communion Sunday and it makes me so nervous I don't feel as if I am in a good and honest place with God to even participate myself.

    My last question for you, are you familiar with Steve and Teri Maxwell and their parenting and homeschooling books? I admire the Maxwell's so much and I wondered if you had attended any of their workshops when they have been in AZ?
    --Mrs. Mari

  2. Thank you for linking that article about Alice Walker's daughter. so puzzling. If you believe that women deserve equality (and I do believe that) why doesn't that include having a choice on how you want to live your life? To me, that's the whole point of equality.

  3. Very interesting article - thank you for the link.

  4. The article was very sad that her mother made her feel unwanted and just a burden. I was taught something similar. I had always wanted to be a wife and a mother from a very early age. I had lots of baby cousins so had lots of practice with babies and toddlers. When asked what I wanted to be when i grew up that was my answer. My father would tell people that was all I was capable of. It made being a mom and a wife tainted to me and I struggled with my hearts calling and what the father thought was my only capability. Luckily my heart won out and I have two exceptional daughters. I unfortunately am not a wife any longer. My husband was abusive and threatend to kill me twice and produced a weapon each time. He was charged with these offences and I am alone.
    Zsuszsanna, I wondered your opinion on a divorce in my situation. Also is remarrying a sin because I was once married? I am currently single as it was only a year ago that I left my husband and not in any sort of relationship as I need to center myself first. I value your opinion on this matter. Clare

  5. I always want to ask you this when I read about little Anna sleeping in your bed. I am not trying to pry, or be gross or even trying to get bmy commentpublished - Don't publish it!
    I'm a new mother and my husband and I co-sleep with the baby but he is now starting to feel that she should be moved into her own room because "this is our marital bed" and we obviously do not do THAT with her in our bed.
    I know that you and your husband are obviously active while still co-sleeping so I am just looking for some sort of advice. Do you put the baby elsewhere and hope she doesn't cry, or leave her in the bed and try another room. I'm just not sure. I'm not ready for her to leave our bed obviously, she's only 5 months old.
    I know this seems a little crude maybe? I'm not comfortable asking any ladies around church or even my mom because I have to see them al the time. Eeeek! Too uncomfortable.
    You don't have to answer if the topic is uncomfortable - I just thought I would ask.

    Beautiful family by the way - such inspiration!

  6. Clare, I thought I'd just voice in on your question, I don't know what zsuzsanna believes, she may disagree completely, but I know a woman who was in a very similar situation to you.

    The biblical law would call for stoning for many offenses that, today, hardly get jail time. I don't remember for certain but I believe abuse came under these offenses, you'd have to go through and study it to know the exact biblical reprocussions. But assuming it is a stoning offence, in an ideal, biblical world, he would be dead for what he did to you, and you would be catagorised a widow, not a divorcee. Of course, we live in a fallen world, and the ideal world of the bible dosen't always play out, but I don't believe God wants a woman to remain submitted to and trying to love a man that God would see stoned if we lived biblically. Because we live in a fallen world we are, at times, forced to sin, to prevent an even worse case from happening. For example Christians in germany were forced to lie to prevent jews they were hiding being killed. That dosen't make their lying non-sinful, it's still a sin, but in our fallen world, sometimes we need to choose the lesser of two evils. I belive this applies to your case.

    Just my two cents worth. That friend now acts as if her ex husband is dead, she does not communicate with him in any way (though the children are allowed to see him if they choose and she tries not to pit them against him). As a widow, she decided it was biblical to remarry, which she has done, and lives a christian life homeschooling her 3 youngest children (the other 3, all from the previous marriage, are adults now)

  7. Traveling with kids can be a hassle period. Not always, though. Some things that help us reduce the junk and processed food when traveling is loading the cooler up at whole foods and packing all sorts of sandwiches or wraps (mayo packets separate.) I brink a crock pot and dixie cups and plates if we're staying in a hotel for a few days. If you are brave, you might try Korean or Indian food or shop at their markets. They seem to have less HFCS stuff and if the meals are cooked in front of you, they're not fatty (assuming they're authentic and not Amercanized.) Agree with almost none of your religious, or education views, but I hope you get to travel. I understand the pressures of vacationing with kids. Still, it's good to get away.

  8. I seem to get that your husband is voting for Ron Paul? I would like to know why your husband is going to vote for Ron Paul when he think sodomites should be able to marry, wants to legalize drugs, and was a male OB? I know how you feel about male OB's. Isn't there something wrong with someone who has done that for years? That is always what you stated before. Now you are wanting that person as president?

  9. As I tell my children- marriage is a lifetime covenant. I think that if divorce isn't an option then people would really consider who they are marrying. It isn't an option in the KJ Bible. Separation is allowed in the Bible. I'm so glad my parents and grandparents weren't divorced. I knew a few widows(with children) when I was growing up. They never dated or remarried. Second marriages can turn into difficult marriages. I knew of a marriage that everyone thought was perfect but I knew the reality. I recently read a memoir of an actor/dancer. He and his wife decided to forgive and forget the past. Everyone thought they had a perfect marriage. He is now deceased.

  10. I was just reading about sleep-sharing in a book about babies from birth to age 2, written by a pediatrician and his wife. We always had a port-a-crib/ pack and play in our room. We would put the baby in that first, when they fell asleep. The book has a few suggestions.

  11. Mrs. Mari,

    over the years, I have been able to win a handful of my relatives to the Lord, and we generally get along very well, even if they do not live the way we do. Other relatives that hate God, or have made a god in their own mind that has nothing to do with the Bible, despise our family for our beliefs. We generally never leave our children alone to be babysat by anyone, including relatives. But with these types, we would be extra careful, as they seem to be on a continual crusade of trying to undermine us as parents at every opportunity. Evil people have a desire to defile the pure minds of innocent children. In the end, our priorities are to please God, and support our own family first and foremost.

    I have heard of the Maxwells, and even own a copy of "Homeschooling with a meek and quiet spirit", but I have never gone to hear them preach. Not sure of what exactly they believe doctrinally.


    so true. Feminism promotes the freedom to act, dress, and work like a man. It should be called "Masculinism". No thanks, I prefer to be what I was born: a woman.


    I am very sorry to hear of your situation. Sadly, in any case, the Bible makes it clear that divorced people may not remarry until their former spouse dies. It is a very unfortunate situation to be in. But if you bear the burden yourself now, your children likely will learn from your situation, and (knowing the consequences) hopefully pick a more suited spouse, sparing them your heartache later. Marriage bears inherent risks, which we cannot entirely eliminate, only reduce by making wise choices. I disagree with the commenter that you are a de facto widow. For one, the Bible does NOT command the death penalty for abuse (it would be, eye for eye, tooth for tooth). Secondly, you are not a widow unless your spouse dies. The Bible is very clear that you are bound to your husband as long as he lives. Again, I am very sorry you are in this situation. :(


    your question is one I hear often. I will try to answer it discreetly. Please bear with me.

    I would never suggest, or personally be able, to have a baby in the same room where my husband and I are being intimate. Regardless of how young or fast asleep they are, or even if they are on the other side of the room and out of sight. Mentally, I just could never relax enough like that.

    Let's agree that baby needs his/her own bed, in his/her own room. Yes, they do, right from the start! But who says that has to be a crib? We have never used one. So for our family of 8, we have 8 beds - none of which is a crib.

    Our boys share a triple bunk bed in one room, two of our girls have their own beds in another bedroom, Anna sleeps in our big bed in a third bedroom, and a fourth bedroom has an empty bed in it that nobody uses, unless we need privacy. So I guess in a way you could argue that my husband and I sleep in Anna's bed, and let our own bed go empty most of the night because we'd rather go snuggle up by her side.

    Or you could look at it this way: Instead of one room for baby, and one for the parents, we have two rooms for the parents: one they share with baby, and one they don't share.

    When Anna goes to sleep at night, we put her in our "shared" bed. If we want to have "alone" time, we have our "private" bed for that purpose. But when we are ready to go to bed and sleep ourselves, we join her in the big "shared" bed.

    Does that make sense?

    Anon, thanks for the tip with the crock pot!!

    Other anon,

    Ron Paul is running for president, not pastor. Our government has no right to dictate which adults can get married. Of course, homos should be unable to get married due to the fact that sodomy should bear the death penalty. Same-sex marriage is such an joke of an issue: we let them adopt, collect benefits, live together and be deviant perverts, but oh oh oh oh oh, don't have a paper saying they are married? Typical neocon garbage.

  12. I like Voddie Baucham's article(gracefamilybaptist.net) on why he is voting for Ron Paul.

  13. Zsuzsanna,
    Thank you for your response. My husband and I where married for 22.5 years for most of it it was good. The last 6 years before we split things seemed to be going wrong. My husband removed all intimacy from our marriage even hugging and kissing. He refused to so affection to either our children or me. It was the last year of marriage that the manipulating, controlling and the abuse started to happen. I truly believe there was Satan involved in all of this because when my dh was angry/abusive his eyes would turn almost black and you could see the rage floating in his eyes. His eyes were normally green so the different color was very noticable. When I left he denounced God, said I made him get baptized and that I dragged him to church when he didn't want to go. It makes me laugh sometimes because he is a big guy (300 plus pounds) I couldn't make him do anything he didn't want him to do. I pray for him everyday that he turns back to God and lets him back into his life. I appreciate what you said about not remarrying. Right now I am content to get myself better and live singly. I was just wondering your take on the situation. Thanks, Clare

  14. YES! That helps a lot actually. We only have one child at the moment so yes, we could go else where for private moments but hopefully we have more and I was over-thinking the future I guess and never even thought of how your house is set up and how it works out!
    Thank you!

  15. You didn't post my comment but responded to it? Is it because you don't want to answer the question about him being a male OB? It would go against everything you have ever said about them to want one of them to be president. That would just be sick of the president seeing that many naked women, gross. I could never vote for that pervert. If it doesn't matter because we are not "electing a pastor" then why do you tear down our current president and other candidates? Why is it excused because you like Ron Paul.

  16. Anon,

    I meant to publish your comment, and thought I had done so, otherwise I would not have responded to it. I'm notorious for accidentally deleting comments instead of publishing them.

    I'll take Ron Paul any day over cult members like Santorum and Romney, who want oppressive big government.


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