Thursday, March 8, 2012

Are you smarter than a 2nd grader?

Because I'm NOT.

This morning, I was cooking up some greens as a side to our breakfast of toast and eggs. 


Johnny walks up and asks, "Mom, what are you cooking?"
Me: "Just some kale and tomatoes for breakfast."
Johnny: "Mmmh, I love kale! But Mom, isn't the one with the red stems chard, and not kale?"
Me: "Uh, yes. Yes, you're right, it's red chard, not kale."

Surely, every 7-year old loves kale, chard, and knows how to tell the difference between the two?

 red chard

On a related note: Yesterday, I was serving soup, with a side of salad and buttered toast. All kids but one had to be bribed into finishing their soup by promising I would let them have more salad if they finished the "real" food first. 


Later today, as we were sitting down to eat our breakfast, Johnny asks me: "Mom, is Babylon a good place, or a bad one?"

Me: "In the Bible, it is always symbolic of a bad place."

Johnny: "Because Dad will be preaching on Babylon in two weeks."

Me: "Really? How do you figure???"

Johnny: "Well, yesterday, he preached from Genesis 9. Since he preaches through the book of Genesis on Wednesday nights, and Genesis 11 talks about Babylon for the first time, it will be two weeks until he preaches about Babylon."

Indeed, he is right. Genesis 11 tells the story of the tower of Babel, which later became Babylon. Again, I wonder how many Christians are that familiar with their Bibles? These little people are like sponges - stuff goes in their heads, and it never leaves again.


  1. You love showing off don't you? You must read FJ. Every post is like your tryng to prove something they are saying wrong. Please stop it's not working.

  2. That is so sweet! Isn't it satisfying to know what they are learning! I love it!

  3. Why don't they like soup? Most kids like it. Are you sure it's a good idea to bribe them to eat things?

  4. I think your children are amazing! You and your husband have done such a good godly job of raising them. I do the difference between kale and Swiss chard, but only because I grew up eating them and my dad grew them in his huge garden. I could not have told you about Genesis 11.

    --Mrs. Mari

  5. Anon,

    I never have, and never will, read FJ. Once, a concerned friend sent me a link to an article. I clicked on it without realizing where it was taking me. I had read all I ever need to in less than 10 seconds. Talk about cantankerous, bitter hags!!! They have time to be tattlers and busybodies as the Bible says because they are failing in their roles as wives and mothers. No thanks! I am more likely to climb into a sewer tank than to visit their websites/forums.

    If things I talk about on my blog resemble their subject matter, it is because they exist simply for the purpose of talking about bloggers like me. They feed off me, not the other way around. Duh!

    No, this blog is not for showing off, it is to preserve family memories. I thought Johnny was being hilarious, but unless I write it down, I will never remember. There are dozens of similar incidents like that daily at our house, and very few make it onto the blog.

    Please stop reading here. We'll both be happier.

    Other Anon,

    what could be the harm in bribing with salad??? I know plenty of kids who don't like soup, but that's not even what I said. The kids asked for seconds on salad before their soups and bread were gone, and I told them they could get more salad if they finished their soup and bread first.

    Mrs. Mari,

    By the grace of God, our children are more than the sum of my husband and myself. It's not anything we can take credit for.

  6. This makes me remember a story of when I was a little girl. I have always liked vegetables, and when I was going to school, my mum used to put some raw vegetables in my lunch box : carrots, peppers (the sweet ones of course), tomatoes, cucumber, etc.
    I was the only one eating such things. Can you imagine ? A little girl eating vegetables at primary school ! I remember one day the teacher asking me "Are those EDIBLE?" pointing at the peppers... Raw pepper must be the sweetest thing on earth next to chocolate. This lady doesn't know what she was missing !

  7. Thanks for sharing. Happened upon your blog and spent a good part of my morning browsing around. Just gave birth to my first LO and am happy to welcome many more! Keep up on loving those babies.....God bless! Will try to send a postcard soon too for the homeschool project. :)

  8. I'm embarrassed, I didn't know the differnce either.
    By the way, the jealousy your blog posts trigger clearly shows that you're doing something right.

  9. First of all, please allow me to say good job and congratulations on your child having such a deep understanding of the Bible!

    And showing off??? I think NOT! It's called bragging on our children. Maybe you weren't bragging, b/c you stated that you use your posts for journaling puposes, but I say BRAG!! Knowledge of God's Word is certainly something for you to be proud of!

  10. I don't it's ever good to bribe kids.

    If you are setting limits, though, and saying they need to eat bread/soup first, then that's different.

  11. Had to laugh at the comment about whether it is wise to bribe someone to eat.

    The great thing about bribing them to eat soup and rewarding them with salad is that salad is then, of course, seen as a reward! For so many American kids, it would be seen as a punishment. Even if you just praise your children for eating salad, that means eating salad is something hard to do, or something they need to be praised to do. Using it as a reward is perfect!

  12. Sorry, but don't you think it's kind of unChristian to call people "cantankerous, bitter hags"?

  13. I have a daughter who hates soup and never eats it period and one that loves it and begs me for it. I have one who doesn't care for salad and another who can't get enough. I have a son who loves brussel sprouts (yuck)and another who loves squash (double yuck) all things I grow in my garden. Kids all have different tastes and there is nothing wrong with bribing them with something with something they like to get them to eat something they don't especially if the something they like is healthy.
    As for those hateful FJ people, their sole reason for reading here is to make ugly hateful comments about the Anderson family. They are the most hateful, judgmental bunch of people I have ever come across and I'm sure Mrs. Anderson has better things to do with her time than muck around in that cesspool of filth.

  14. That's wonderful! I have a hard time getting my husband to even look at something green! I hope to expose my kids(when I have them)to a variety of healthy organic veggies. I think you set a great example for your children!

  15. Anna, Jesus called people: vipers, serpents, evil, harlots, faithless, perverse, children of the devil, and compared them to sepulchers - beautiful on the outside, and full of dead bodies on the inside. I could go on.

    No, I do not think it is unlike Christ to call someone a cantankerous, bitter hag.

    Do you read the Bible much, or have you just made up your own ideas about who you think Christ is?

  16. May I ask, why you keep allowing comments from FJ-ers? Whenever you post anything, it's always a FJ-er to respond first, by the time your friends arrive to comment, there for sure will have been an entire thread dedicated to your latest post, thoroughly chewn, or a thread dedicated to one single comment of yours. "Feedest ye notte yon trolles" - I wish Jesus had said this, too! Every second comment on here is from a FJ-er, and you even respond them. Rest assured it won't stop. All the intimacy had been stolen long ago, whatever you say they'll bite like hungry sharks tasting blood in the water.
    There ARE people out there so bored that all they do in life is watch out for new entries in complete strangers' blogs. Like dogs for treats. You decided to respond them, it always turns into an orgy somewhere else. Good luck communicating with your trolls. Why? God bless.

  17. What is it with people this week? Sheesh!


    Firstly your breakfasts sound delicious. We love both Kale and Ruby Chard in our family too! We usually grow one or the other...but last year our Kale died??

    Way to go Johnny for his Bible knowledge! Little kids really can soak up an amazing amout of information without even trying! We had a similar story recently with our 4 year old. Amy and I were working on our "Books of the Bible" memory. Amy was just reciting the OT when she got stuck after Isaiah, then Dylan piped up from the hallway..."Jeremiah, Lamentations" I didn't even realise that he was listening to us!

    Thank you for sharing your stories Zsuzsa! :)

  18. Jen,
    FJ stands for freejinger a forum of a bunch of women that spend their time searching out what they call fundie blogs so they can pick them apart and make fun of them. The like to leave nasty comments on these blogs when they get the chance too. They especially hate Mrs. Anderson because she speaks out against sin. They say the nastiest things about her family yet they claim to be open minded and tolerant people. They are as Mrs Anderson put it cantankerous bitter hags who live for making fun of Christianity, they are bottom feeders.

  19. Zsuzsanna, I think it's pretty clear in Scripture that we should be careful what we call people.
    Matthew 5:22
    Jude 1:9
    James 3:7-12

    Jesus knows what is in people's hearts and has the authority to say such things, but Christians do not. Personally, I strive for a more compassionate heart so that I can face criticism with kindness and not bitterness; I think it's a more Christian approach (Matthew 5:43-49) (Lol, can you tell I love Jesus's Sermon on the Mount?)

  20. Anon,

    sometimes it's hard to tell who is from FJ, and who is just disagreeing with me or leaving rude comments because that's just what they do.

    It may seem like I allow their comments, but most questionable comments get deleted, because I'm not here to debate. Sometimes I publish one if I want to address their question/comment anyway, such as the first comment on this thread: I wanted to make clear that I NEVER read websites like that. Other times, I publish rude comments by accident, and delete others I meant to publish.

    Certainly, I have better things to do in life than feeding the trolls. Maybe I do need to tighten comments up even more.


    my point was this: you said it was unChristian (i.e., unlike Christ) to speak that way, when in fact it is very much like what He did (i.e. Christian). You cannot show me otherwise from the Bible.

    Besides, Jesus left us an example that we are to follow, so I don't know why it would ever be wrong to act the way He did. While on earth, He was human like us, even while being God.

  21. Have you ever posted the kale recipe? I looked and didn't see it. Thanks :)

    Kale grows like mad in our fall garden. It's not as good (imo) when planted in spring.

    Just my 2 bits: I bribe my kids from time to time. For example, the other day the van was a whopping mess and I promised 2 extra quarters in Ethan's allowance money if he cleaned it out. Guess I'm a bad parent.

  22. May I ask how you prepare the greens for breakfast. I tried with spinach and thought it was gross. I might have to stick with green smoothies to get the greens for breakfast. My two year old son loved the cooked spinach I made but of course he also likes to eat dirt. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

    1. "My two year old loved the cooked spinach I made but of course he also likes to eat dirt."

      SOOOO funny! Life with toddlers is never dull, is it?

  23. Here's my few little hints how to tell an FJ-er apart from other commenters.
    1.) They are mostly anonymous. I'm too but I hate those bitter, miserable hags so definitely I'm not one, why would I bash on my own self.
    2.) They are miserable, bored, lonely in theri relationships, failing in socializing so they watch out for new entries like they had established some sort of a radar. They'll be among the first ones, if not the very first ones.
    3.) Sometimes in a kind manner, sometimes quite openly, they attack your entry, your methods, your choice of words. (Even though they use the nastiest words on you, your family, your kids even. No pity!)
    4.) Further anonymous comments interpret other FJ-ers opinions on a particular issue they might bring up in their comments. Rest assured, it had been thoroughly chewn, semi-digested and barfed up before it lands here.
    Now you may or may not let this comment on, but you better keep it as a guide.
    And remember: a good example is extremely offensive to people who are nothing but failures. They want to drag you down into the mud and destroy you, so there won't be any succeeding mothers, wives in sight, only sad, bitter losers like them.
    P.S. You can call them whatever you please after all the things they said about you and your family. You said you have no idea. Well, lot of people here do. In this case, ignorance is a bliss, but beware of the vipers, and better take a good look at this comment, it can help you filter their comments.
    Keep "showing off", at least you DO have something to show off, unlike them with their failed marriages, cold homes, obnoxious views on men.
    God bless. Keep this note, I took the time and energy to compose it for you. You have helped me so much with recipes and teaching methods, this is the least I can do for you.
    A worldly reader of yours - with respect, nevertheless.

  24. As followers of Christ, not Christ Himself, we have certain limits. Jesus said that He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and also that He has the same nature as God the father. However, it would be blasphemous if Christians said the same thing. This is an extreme example of course, but hopefully my point if clear.

    You know, instead of trying to justify your rudeness, you could just accept this admonition from a fellow Christian (Proverbs 12:15).

  25. Gosh, that Swiss chard and kale looks so yummy. I am sitting here debating whether to join my CSA again (they still have summer shares available) and they have THE BEST kale and Swiss chard. I'm torn. On the one hand, I love, love, love their greens. On the other hand, I just planted 66 tomatoes and may not need the duplicate and 10 times the cost. ACK! Decisions. Decisions.

  26. Hello, haters, my kids know what Swiss chard and kale is, too. They won't eat it, but that's MORE FOR ME!

  27. Ohmygosh, it's me again. Good grief. I can totally see hating on you for your views on gays or birth control or IVF, but are people seriously hating on you for VEGETABLES??? What in the world??????!!!!!! Do not make me smack you with a collard green people!

  28. Elizabeth and Amanda,

    you inspired me to do a blog post with photos on the kale/chard recipe in a couple of days.


    better order that CSA if you want to smack all my haters with greens! For every comment of theirs I publish, ten go unpublished, so there's no shortage of crazies.

  29. Looking forward to that blog post. How are you feeling lately as your pregnancy progresses? I keep thinking of you and hope your doing well. Have a wonderful weekend.

  30. "Marley" is from FJ for sure she brags about posting here under that name.

  31. Mmmm....that looks good, and is probably a great nutritional boost in the morning! Unfortunately, I'm usually sleepy/hungry/in a rush for breakfast and don't take the time to prepare something like that.

    Have you tried adding a little fresh lemon juice after cooking? It adds a nice flavor to green vegetables.

  32. what on earth is Nevermind I don't want to know =). Precious memories are not showing off. I don't know one parent who doesn't share the wonderful or silly things their children say or do =). You are very nice to post the rude comments people write......=).


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