Friday, March 30, 2012

33 Random facts

As you may have guessed from my lack of blogging, it's been an interesting week around here. My birthday was not as uneventful as I had hoped it would be. By then, four of our six children had come down with whatever virus was spreading amongst them. During the night, I was awoken literally every 15 minutes by one of them needing attention of some kind. My husband was taking turns with me getting up and tending to them, but at some point Anna (who was running a fever) decided to sleep on top of him, so I thought it best not to wake her by him getting up every half hour. Naturally, I was beyond tired and exhausted all day, while my sick kids still needed lots of TLC.


By Wednesday, the last of our children came down with it, while John and the girls have since completely recovered, and only Isaac and Solomon are still feeling pretty sick. My guess is that what they have is roseola, or another one of innumerable, nameless childhood viruses. Each of the children, to varying degrees, had a fever, nausea, congestion leading to earaches and conjunctivitis, and finally a mild, painless rash that didn't itch. While sudden and severe, the symptoms only lasted about 3-4 days total per child (but times six makes that really drag on!).

With my brain being little more than mush after so many nights with too little sleep and too much throwing up, I thought I'd share 33 random facts about me in honor of my turning 33.
  1. I hate noise. As in, I really hate it. Not good with six very loud, very busy kids in the house.
  2. I have always wanted to have a large family, although I didn't think it was possible to have one any more these days.
  3. Growing up, I wanted to be a flight attendant. Later, I switched to wanting to be a doctor, simply because my (Hungarian) maiden name sounded like the German word for "dead", and I thought it would be funny to be a physician named "Dr. Dead"
  4. What I actually ended up going to college for was journalism, plus cultural anthropology and political science. I figured since it was no longer possible to have large families, I was instead just going to pursue a journalistic career and travel the world.
  5. In the very first house my parents had in a tiny village in Hungary, there was no indoor plumbing. We got our water from a water pump down the street, and used an outhouse. 
  6. Even after we moved to the city where we had a "modern" apartment, I continued to visit my grandparents who lived in the tiny rural village. No running water, no refrigerator, wood-fire stoves, laundry done by hand on a washboard - the whole thing. I loved it all, except for the rooster who would chase after me whenever I had to go to the outhouse. 
  7. My dream would be to live completely off-grid, subsistence-farming on a family farm. Alas, I'm married to a city boy.
  8. English is my third language. 
  9. Way back, in another life before kids, I used to play the piano. Now I never have an opportunity to play any more. One day, I hope to take it up again.
  10. I can always tell if I am having a boy or a girl, because I feel so different during pregnancy.
  11. Even after six kids, all of which were born "naturally", I still dread labor. It's the pits.
  12. After every single baby, I have a fear I will go bald. My postpartum hair loss is that bad. Thankfully, it always comes back.
  13. For pretty much every day for the last 10+ years, I have woken up to see one of our babies when I first open my eyes in the morning. I dread the day that phase of life will end.
  14. I hate talking on the phone.
  15. The worst sound in the world to me is that of a child throwing up in bed in the middle of the night. It makes me leap out of bed in an instant, with my hair on end. 
  16. I don't drink coffee, and have never cared for it. 
  17. I think seafood is disgusting, although I do like fish.
  18. If only I could find the time, I would love to blog daily. Haha!
  19. I am absolutely terrible at gardening.
  20. My dream vehicle is an 18-seat Sprinter shuttle bus. 
  21. I never change purses. I just use one until it falls apart, at which point I replace it permanently.
  22. When it comes to special baby gear, I am a minimalist. In fact, I don't even use a diaper bag.
  23. I never wear make-up.
  24. I have not worn jewelry since Solomon was old enough to rip on my necklace, earrings, etc. Just not practical when there's always a baby in the house.
  25. I am severely allergic to perfume. If you come to my house, please don't wear any, it makes my nose itch terribly for the rest of the day.
  26. My favorite color has always been a deep yellow.
  27. If I get at all tired while driving, I must pull over immediately, because I have a narcoleptic tendency to go from tired to asleep in an instant.
  28. My favorite flowers are fresias - they smell so nice. 
  29. When we were first married, my husband used to bring home flowers every Friday night. Then his job switched to doing direct deposits instead of writing checks, so he no longer needed to stop at the store to put in his checks after work, and the flowers stopped. :(
  30. I don't like milk, but love any and all milk products.
  31. My earliest childhood memory is a bad car accident my family was in when I was not quite two (according to my Dad, who said it happened in December of 1980). I remember the car landing on its roof, and us kids having to crawl out through the broken back window. I also remember sitting in an "ambulance" of sorts, and waiting at the hospital for my brother whose eye was cut by the glass. 
  32. My dream vacation would be traveling the US in a motorhome.
  33. I have every intention of continuing to have babies until God puts a stop to it. Our kids are too great of blessings to willfully pass up!
Whew, glad I'm not older than I am, because this list was hard to come up with! Have a great weekend, everyone!


    1. Great post! We have so many things in common! :) Hope your next birthday is uneventful and boring compared to this one. lol

    2. Happy birthday!!! I'm with you on #8, 10, 16, 19, 21 (though I do switch off for winter and summer) and 30.

      As for the other ones, can't help you there ;-)

      Hope all the kiddies are back to 100% soon.

    3. This was a pretty neat list. My thoughts?

      Your #17-People who don't like seafood are weird. Period. (spoken by a life-long Floridian)

      Your #7 (the farm life)-I am so there too.

      If it is okay with you, perhaps I will borrow this idea on my blog since my birthday is next week.

    4. Hi Zsuzsa!

      I hate noise, I hate talking on the phone(except to my sister) and I am severely allergic to perfume too!!! Funny how alike we are. The noise thing is really funny because we both have all these loud children running every which way!!! Chad is so different. He hardly notices the noise while I am about to pull my hair out!!! Hehe. Sorry about the sickness. That is always tough. So how are you feeling? You said something about throwing up, and I could not tell if you were or kiddos? Hope your pregnancy is well. Mine is and we find out what we are having in a few days because I am so bad!! I can not wait and am so glad my midwife bought an ultra sound machine. Well, take care and ell Pastor A. we are still loving his preaching and learn and are fed so much from him.


    5. Great list!! I loved learning more about you. Can't believe you don't like milk!! HA!

      Happy belated birthday! :)

    6. I don't wear makeup either but I use moisturizer, I hope you do also.

      I'd borrow your idea but I'm twice your age, don't know I I can come up with a list that long!

    7. Happy birthday! You've seen and done a lot in 33 years.

    8. Oh dear, I see something I missed in my comment. I mean to add a little :-p after I said that "people who don't like seafood are weird." I was, of course, completely teasing. After all, both my brother and his wife hate seafood too.

      Have a great weekend. :-D

    9. That's funny, all the way over here in Australia my daughter had roseola, baby measels, the same week as it started in your kids. It's the first time she's ever really been sick and it got pretty scary, a fever of 103 in a 14 month old is much scarier than in a 5 year old! And we confirmed yet again that the hospital is useless! But that's another story.

      The doctor told me it's almost never seen in kids over 3 years old though, so it's interesting that your older kiddos had it.

    10. Teasing is no fair!!! Are you having a girl or a boy?!?!

      in His peace,

    11. Elizabeth,

      the idea of a list like this is not original with me, either - I just saw it somewhere. I'd love to read yours!

      Elizabeth O'Bride,

      I don't use moisturizer on my face, because it never gets dry. My hands sometimes do, so I use stuff for them.


      maybe it was Fifth disease, not roseola, hard to tell. Hope your little one gets better, quickly!


      boy :)

    12. Haha, Dr Dead!! Too funny!!

      I'm with you on #22 though, I HATE lugging around a huge changing bag. I simply take some wipes and 1-2 nappies in my bag...and that's it!

      Hope your kids feel better soon! :)

    13. I can't believe how much we have in commom I to hate talking on the phone and I have allergies to perfume and certain types of laundry det. , fabric softner . I have always wanted to have a large family to , can't say that I hate noise unless its a radio or tv :) . Happy Birthday !!!


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