Saturday, February 4, 2012

Yummy Produce

In the winter, it seems it's much harder to get a good deal or selection of organic produce. The last couple of weeks have been good, but not as great as what we can get in the summer.

Well, today was a really good basket, and I am so excited about it! :)

We got 

three bunches of spinach
two bunches of kale
5lb bag of potatoes
4 lb bag of oranges
2 red bell peppers
2 celery roots
1 lb of green beans
4 lbs of pears
3 lbs of tomatoes

All this was 100% organic, and cost $21!!

For breakfast, I made omelets with eggs from our chickens, fresh orange juice, toasted sourdough bread with fresh-churned butter, and braised kale and tomatoes. Mmmmh, it was so good.

I am super excited about having found the celery root! It's almost impossible to buy here, whereas in Germany this is an everyday staple like carrots are in the US. I will use one to make chicken soup with the fresh, organic, locally raised chicken I got yesterday from a CSA in Casa Grande I just discovered (more in a separate post on that). The other celery root will wind up in a pot of goulash soup cooked in a kettle over an open fire. It is a key ingredient in that dish, and yet I can almost never include it because it is so hard to find. Yay for me!!!

Have a great rest of the weekend! ~


  1. This post just made me hungry for some REAL food.I love it when our garden is in season and planning it makes me hungry too.:)I loved the picture of all those pretty colors together.

  2. Wow...what a great deal on all that amazing produce!

    We call celery roots, "celeriac" here in Ireland. You can pretty much get them anywhere, BUT, it is almost impossible to find them organic. When we used to buy them, we would mash them up, about half and half with yummy! I hope you enjoy yours! :)

  3. Celeriac, our name for celery roots here in Australia, is now available in the supermarket thanks to it's high usage in the masterchef TV show making it 'in demand' - but I've never seen it to buy organic.

    My problem is I HATE celery!

  4. How do you use the celery root? What does it taste like? I've never seen that before and am very curious now!

  5. I live in Massachusetts and we call it celeriac as well. We got three or four of them three weeks in a row with our CSA this summer.

  6. Since you are a homebirth advocate I thought you might find this story interesting, maybe you can share it.

  7. Were you for real about the whole kettle over the open fire thing? I'm impressed.


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