Friday, February 3, 2012

You couldn't pay me to do this

Teaching, that is. I know sometimes I sound like I hate teachers, but the truth is my problem is mostly with a system that thinks it takes a village (and billions of tax dollars) to raise a child rather than the parents. Most teachers no doubt think they are following a noble calling by raising other people's kids.

Me? You couldn't possibly pay me enough to take a job like that. I teach our children at home because I love them, and because I want to keep them safe from perverts like this one. But teaching and raising other people's children - forget about it!

Just like any teacher would tell you, working with kids and teaching them can be the most frustrating and mind numbing job. Sure, there are innumerable benefits and rewards, too. I guess it's like any other part of parenting, ranging from the dirty diaper smeared across the wall to the sweet love notes. 

This week, I have taught Miriam (4) and Becky (3) simple patterns in their K-level math. John (7, 2nd grade math) learned about adding 2-digit numbers by "carrying the 1". Isaac (8, 4th grade math) has been learning and practicing long divisions, while Solomon (10, 6th grade) just finished up working with algebraic equations using negative numbers. 

And that is just ONE subject. Each day, I teach four to five different grade levels (depending on whether Becky and Miriam can both work together, or not) in the core subjects. I feel for each of the kids when they get frustrated or tired or bored or lazy or all of the above. I need four (or five) sets of eyes, and brains, to keep track of where everyone is both physically (won't you know it, they try to sneak off sometimes), as well as in their school work. My detailed weekly lesson plans help a lot, especially when they older ones use it to check for themselves where they should be at each day, but ultimately I am still having to stay on top of it all. It makes me tired, and now that I am pregnant, also ravenously hungry. 

Like I said, it's a labor of love. Being a mom is the hardest, yet most rewarding job there is.

This week, we finished up week 19 of 36 in our homeschooling year. Which means we are more than halfway done, and STILL on track as planned at the beginning of the year in all subjects. YAY!!! I don't think we have ever had a record this good. 

If we keep up the pace, we should get done about a month before baby comes, and then have another month off after the baby before we start up again in September.

I'm off to catch my breath and get a bite to eat. 


  1. So glad your appetite is back!

    Other Sally

  2. Yes motherhood is well worth the late nights up with a sick child. My two girls are now 20 and 19. My oldest is finishing her last year of college to work with disabled people. My youngest was just accepted to college to work with small children. I am going to brag a bit about this as well. Both my girls are virgins, don't drink, don't smoke or do drugs. In this day and age that I consider a huge deal and with the help of God they have made this there mantra. I am so proud of both of them. Clare

  3. There shouldn't be men teachers in the younger grades or men school bus drivers for elementary schools. I dread our grandchildren going to government(indoctrination centers) schools. If I could do it over I would home educate through high school like I did with our youngest child. I wouldn't even put our oldest in a Christian high school(1988-1992) like we did-after home educating him for 3 years.

  4. Have you seen the movie, Courageous? I wonder what you thought of it. Our church is showing it this month. I want our 3 married sons to see it. Someone recently asked me if our sons "drink". I told them that they don't and our third son(31) has never tasted alcohol. They are great husbands and fathers. They never smoked or did drugs. They are KJ Bible believers. Our fourth son is following their examples. Anyway, the movie, Fireproof encouraged men to be good husbands(and sons) and Courageous emphasizes being good fathers. The Duggars were in a church scene in Courageous. It was very sad, very funny, and rated PG-13.

  5. anon,
    If there should be no male teachers for the younger grades then there should be no female teachers for any grade above 5 because there have been several women in the past few years who have had sexually abused male students as young as grade 6 (Mary Kay Letourneau). Perverts come in both sexes and prey on children of all ages.

  6. It is amazing that many people think that the life of a stay-at-home mother is easy or luxurious. What a noble calling to give of yourself and spend every day all day nurturing their minds.

  7. I am a special education teacher and I have never felt like you HATE me or any other teacher. I personally believe that if you are confident in who you are and Who guides you then there is no need to take offense. We believe differently on MOST subjects, but I have never taken offense to anything you've said. We are all different people with different views. I respect you for your beliefs.

    You are right, teaching is THE HARDEST job there is (besides motherhood). My hat's definitely off to you for being a homeschool mother of so many children. I know they will each grow up very blessed and rich in knowledge.

  8. anon above:
    I am wondering please what male teachers have to do with anything? I have read many stories in the recent years of perverted women teachers sexually abusing their male students so this kind of horrible behavior is not at all limited to male teachers (or male bus drivers either)

  9. I agree that both MALE and FEMALE teachers can be predators, which is why I think we should have NEITHER. Each parent should teach their OWN children. I know I'm not a pervert, nor is my husband, but beyond that I really cannot vouch for anyone, especially strangers.

    Someone is bound to say: "Oh, but some parents abuse their own children!" Sadly, this is true. However, such children would still live with those same parents even if they were in public school during the day, so the argument that public school will protect them doesn't hold water.

    I have not seen the movie "Courageous", and do not care to do so, either. From what I have heard, it sounds like a bunch of emotional sap to me.

    I did watch "Fireproof" on YouTube a couple of years ago, only because I could not imagine that anything with the apostate Kirk Cameron could be good, yet all these Christians were praising it. Of course, it was total nonsense. The moral of the movie: be a limp-wristed husband who bends over backwards to please his wife who is trying to pursue an adulterous affair and justifying doing so. I wanted to do a whole post on what was wrong with Fireproof, but I am ashamed to even admit I watched it.

    I can't imagine Courageous being any better, especially since the central character is a cop, and these neo-cons worship anyone in uniform.

  10. Zsuzsanna, thank you so much for your insight. My 3 married sons told me today that they don't intend on seeing either movie. A man in our church told me yesterday that he will not see Fireproof for the same reasons you stated. I agree with everything you said in your comment.

  11. i haven't seen fireproof. could the moral of he movie instead be to show Gods unconditional love to those he loves?? In marriage what are grounds for divorce. i think i was taught adultery and abandonment, then i think i was taught adultery wasn't really grounds?? also if the other person wasn't a believer that wasn't grounds. you were to stay, hoping God will save spouse and children. what does the Word say about how a spouse should handle adultery?? What does God say to do?? In the movie was the character limp-wristed (i guess implying effiminate or weak??) Or was he doing what God would have him do?? Should he have warned his wife or been harsh with her telling her she was sinning or should he show her love?? Israel didn't follow God at times, right. i know sometimes he warned them, but did he try to show them his love other times?? i guess I'm thinking of the prophet Hosea and how God told him to marry a prostitute Or "whore" as you and the WBC probably prefer to say. Hosea was to be loving to her, even though she strayed, i think. this was to show whathod was like to his people. is this right?? i haven't seen the movies. my guess is that they are over emotional sally. I'm not a fan of kirk Cameron and his style of evangalism. I'm not a devotee of the Andersons either. still trying to learn truth. anyway, was there anything in the movie that was biblically incorrect?? what are the main points of the movie that were wrong?? can you be brief here and not do a whole post, since you've just stated your opinion of it. like i said, i haven't seen any of the church movies this, including facing the giants. are they all by the same people or was one or more done by achurch in GA? or were they all done by that church and kirk just acts in one or more. thanks!

  12. i just watched fireproof. it started out sappy, but i actually thought it got better. the themes i picked up on are: true love, gods love, salvation through Christ, God loving through us, forgiveness. they didn't delve into theology, so I'm still not sure why you consider it total nonsense. a 40 day plan by any man wont save or change anyones life or marriage, but the movie even said this book, which i think may be a real book, was just a tool. all the themes presented in fireproof seemed biblical to me. what's your specific problems with the movie?? why have you not posted my earlier comment. this is a differing opinion, and its a side track from your original post about produce, but its always good to have good discussions. my comment was kind. did you think it unconstructive?? he did things in the movie to try to love his wife and to try to show her he loved her. do you think your husband is limp-wristed for doing nice things for you? she didn't have an affair, but even if she had, there's forgiveness. i think that's the whole point. id love to read your post about this movie. I'm sure it would make for good discussion and learning. they, especially he, was selfish when they first married. humans are selfish. he did nice things to show he loved her. then he realized he really did. and he even put aside hisdream for a boat to help her parents. he put away his selfishness, another theme of the movie. honor and respect, other themes were addressed in the movie. not the deepest movie, and yes a little sally, but i didn't se anything biblically wrong with, and authenticity were other topics in the movie. she wanted to know his love was real, not that he was doing all this just for himself. love as a free choice was also portrayed in the end when they were recommitting their marriage. true love is real and God wants our love for each other and even him to be real. not forced or contrived. he wants our devotion to him to ne real. once again not the most in-depth movie, sally, and kind of dumbed down, but i couldn't find anything wrong with will you please explain how it is nonsense??
    still waiting for a response.......thanks. nice fruit! glad you arefeeling better. glad you are being a good teacher. many things in life are mundane and a labor of love. glad you are loving your children well. have a great rest of the day.

  13. School official says parents don't know what's best for their children when it comes to education. This idiot woman is one of the reasons I teach my children at home.

  14. anon,

    I did not publish your first comment because I do not live on the computer. Usually, I only publish comments once a day - just now, there were 6 comments besides yours waiting.

    Maybe I will do a whole post on Fireproof. Until then, I am afraid your questions will go unanswered simply because my time is severely limited right now.

    Other anon,

    that clip made my stomach turn :(

  15. thanks. didn't know if i said something wrong. i know you are busy and this was a side issue. injustice didn't see any thing unviblical with it. to say it was nonsense, ithougjt you'd elaborate toback that up. i sows you once about end times issues, because I'm still seriously wanting try answers. i understand you disagree with Camerons theology about salvation and end times. i probably grew up mote with teachings like his, but I'm open to understanding actual truth whatever that is.when i asked you once about end rimes issues, you directed me to your husbands sight and said you didn't asribe to any of the pre-trib "nonsense". then you said you were busy and didn't have time to explain. i found the site lacking in explanation...but maybe i just need to look more. if something is really nonsense, and you are going to discuss it on your blog, i wish you would take rime to explain. especially since you are a pastors wife claiming to speak truth on your blot. I'm trying to understand the truth. if i have questions am i allowed to send to you or someone else at your church. i grew up with a lot of end time teachings, and they were pretty scathe and confusing. if you guys are going to preach on the net to reach or teach or persuade people, where can i send questinns i have. id appreciate that. i know this was a side issue and one you did not bring it up, spill let it go...its just nice to know peoples opinions ate based on facts and not prejudgements. thanks again.

  16. The very funny scene in the movie, Courageous, is a result of the Christian cop lying and he encourages a Christian man to lie and deceive. In one scene the latter refuses to lie and deceive but then he does just that with the encouragement of the cop. Are they saying it's alright to lie and deceive,as long as it's funny to do so? I don't like to see babies or children in movies-that's another thing that bothered me. My son had a teacher with twin daughters that were in a famous movie about a single career woman who inherits a baby after someone's death. He regretted allowing his daughters to be in that movie and expressed those regrets to every class he had. The baby in the car seat in Courageous was really crying.


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